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    Everybody is amazing, repent your sin It goes without saying. Radar was the worst bonus track. The circus version was even at a lower volume level. Other than that, I dont like rock me in. Or most of the BOMT / oidia bonuses.
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    Don't EVER talk negatively about The Answer Yes. Except for Oops Rock Me In is.... There. Selfish CAN be a bop but easily the weakest bonus track.
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    Ok, that’s what I thought, that only OOTW was on the track the US didn’t get. I checked the deluxe album I have on Apple Music and Everybody is on there. I did buy the Japanese track for OOTW, though. I fucking LOVE that song.
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    if I remember correctly there was a special Target edition that had both everybody and get back but was lacking out of this world. I think one of them had a remix of gimme More on it as well. Special Target edition if I remember correctly.
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    Wasn’t Everybody on the US version, too? Anyways, I agree with @HeadstrongWolf, that song is great. I didn’t mind Rock Me In, but it’s not great ... I didn’t like most of the bonus tracks for BJ.
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