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    I’m not sure it was just one article that did it. I know there were several on here that Anthony was called out on by members. I think he got caught up in the FreeBritney movement and it’s coming back to bite him. Fans seem to forget that there are real people involved in this. You don’t have to agree with their every move, but we also don’t know these people (including Britney) or all of the details of literally anything. Any “insiders” for any celebrity are willing to give away info for money, fame, or just regular ole attention, to feel important. When tabloids do this, they are incredibly careful with their language because no one likes being sued! Also, that second paragraph wasn’t directed at you, @Domino, I’m just adding my two cents to the convo overall. 😆
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    Once again, Britney hitting back to everyone saying Lou is posting on her IG and it's not really her. You think Lou would post/approve this? Hell no.
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    They are so cute together, im happy she finally found a stable and happy relationship
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    I think she'd decide to be a Mom and a dance teacher.
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    Eep, this is true. I just looked it up and findlaw.com says specifically that the plaintiff need not be named....I didn't read the original article by Anthony so I don't know how explicit it was...not that I'm a lawyer or jury and can make that determination.
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    Hahaha I remember when Oops came out I was really disappointed in how similar it was to BOMT.
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