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    You all have nothing to worry about and we aren’t closing, more than that i can’t say. Don’t makeup any rumors this forum also is not going to close. His case has flaws. People seem to forget i own everything.
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    I never feared the site would close, tbh. Do I think there are flaws with Jamie's case? Sure, I've mentioned plenty of times how hard defamation is to prove. Do I think Anthony is in the right? Absolutely not. Agree with @MonaLisa613 this is a lesson I think Anthony needed to learn to STOP confirming "rumors" without legitimate proof to back up his claims. Fact is he made false claims about Britney's IG comments and he needs to own his mistakes, pay the price, and move on.
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    Unless he has rock solid evidence proving that they were doing something wrong, he should just wise up, give them what they want, which is stop talking shit, Jordan played Jamie’s game and Exhell is still here regardless of the cesspool it is.
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    To be honest, I think he'll probably lose this one. He might not have made the claims KNOWING they were false but when it comes to proving defamation, Jamie can easily prove that's what Anthony did. The criteria for proof: The defendant (Anthony) made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff (Jamie); The defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party; and. The publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication Sorry, pal. But many of us here asked you to STOP and you refused, insisted you knew what you were doing/saying, and well, here we are. Jamie will also have to prove his damages regarding Anthony's statement and as far as some speculation online, I'm not sure what "damages" (this usually means money when it comes to defamation) Jamie suffered.
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    i think he will lose and then they will close this site.
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    She looks great and I love that she got a little personal in her caption as well.
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    Agree with everything except the part about her career. The results of the investigation will be very telling about what direction her career will go in. No matter what Britney does she won't please everyone, she could be "free" and do a tell-all and it STILL wouldn't be enough for some people. And on the other side there's still comments on every IG post "that's nice but we want new music". There will always be a place for Britney in the music industry, as long as she wants it. I think she does, but I also think she wants to do it on HER terms. I don't know if that means with or without the conservatorship behind her, but I also don't think she needs to come forward about anything in order for her career to continue.
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    Totally beautiful and enjoying life. I'M SO HERE FOR THIS!!!
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