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    Don’t forget when you called out Anthony here, @HeadstrongWolf! I’m sure Britney and her team know you’re one of the good ones.
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    I love to play devil's advocate and can actually see why Jamie is going after the Instagram thing. Anthony alleged they were deleting comments with the purpose to make Britney look bad/crazy to the public. That's a big, serious, and hurtful accusation to make against her father, regardless of how someone may feel about him.
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    It's sad and painful that she felt like she needed to edit the picture. But it's understandable though, with all the nasty comments she gets about her body. It's disgusting. She looks amazing! And haven't we all done some editing mistakes before?
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    Today is my birthday!!🎂🎉 I'm now officially 19!!😁
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    Glad I'm not the only one feeling that way, it's the first thing that came to my mind : D
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    AMEN!!! I’d love to see what the people who analyze every little thing about her look like and perhaps analyze them to death and see how they like it.
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    Yeah I can see that, I just feel fans have said worse but whatever, his life, his choice.
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    What I find most hilarious is that he gets all pissy when people don’t believe him and he like insinuates he has some kind of inside source, well if he wants people to believe him, all he has to do is two things...name the person and show some evidence. Although I do think this lawsuit does make Jamie look a little stupid in regards to Anthony cuz actual big name media outlets have been dragging and lying about his daughter her whole career, but u didn’t see her suing everyone and to sue over allegations regarding Instagram comments, I’m sorry but it’s so petty. If I was on Team Britney, I’d feel like there were bigger fish to fry. Anyone who made death threats tho, that is serious shit and legal action should happen.
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    Thank you and if that wasn’t your intent, I’m sorry for calling u out, I was just having a bad day.
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    We told him multiple times. I was an editor for a college newspaper for a year and was on staff for like a year and a half, so I know a little bit about journalism, and we HAD to fact check everything before we posted it. We HAD to have NON-ANONYMOUS sources. If it was opinion based we HAD to state it was OUR opinion. So really I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
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    Anthony, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO STOP! Now look.
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    I'm truly sorry. I meant no offense towards you!
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