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    I have a feeling that "Glory" will be the last Britney album that plays up to her past image as a pop star and that album 10 if she has her way will be a much deeper record. She has too much to say and I think part of her sadness is because she's silenced under this pop star image. So if my instincts are right her next album will be more freeing for her and hopefully turn the tide of public opinion back on her as a singer instead of on this mental illness she has.
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    And thankfully they can't fool the people who matter in this situation and that's the judge and whoever is appointed to evaluate Britney. Those people aren't going to look at Britney and deem her fit to be "free" and then suddenly change their minds because they read TMZ. So, TMZ can do the most to try and ruin Britney's character and reputation when it comes to the GP, but they can't fool a judge and other professionals in charge.
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    I can only imagine what she’ll say when she finally has a voice again, whether it’s music or a good, mysterious book. If they’ve been doing her dirty this whole time, she deserves to expose them all, take em all down!! I hope the Lou part happens, that bitch esp. needs to go down!! But I can understand fear of her reverting back to 2007 when free, I don’t think fans want that either, hopefully she learned her lesson with Lutfi and knows u can’t trust anybody and to be extremely careful with who she lets in. She needs to be more street smart this time around.
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    Once she hopefully becomes free, she has got to drain that swamp, she needs people who are gonna actually listen to her and let her do what she wants with HER career. Also her current team are stuck in the 90’s with the way they market her, she just needs freshness all around her. She fired his ass twice for a reason!! Fuck him!! Plus it’s kinda funny, they had no problem pushing her back on stage after two 5150’s and when she was actually displaying troubling behavior, but now suddenly she’s not capable, such bullshit. I honestly believe the reason this happening is cuz she’s fighting for herself and to have her life back and they don’t like it!!
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    I think the only truth to this is that she hasn't called him for months. And that's a good sign, in my opinion. Larry can say he's not involved in the conservatorship all he wants, truth is Britney fired him twice and was only rehired after Jamie was in charge. It's time for a completely new team.
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    This is a VERY interesting video regarding the whole #FreeBritney movement. Take aways: -Conservatorship is NOT about money, she's not a cash cow. It's about ego, pride, and control. Jamie and Larry have a real fear that if freed Britney would choose the wrong people and lose everything, thus making them failures in the process. -Britney spoke to us and will again. This video was on April 25th, and if you believe the speculation about her Instagram post emulating Janet's control, that was May 3rd. -Again, this video was April 25th, he predicted Lynne would become involved. -He thinks that Sam "snitched" on Britney, but not in a malicious way that led towards the mental facility. -He predicts the conservatorship will end and it might be because of a pay off on Britney's end. -He predicts the downfall of Lou, that she has been meddling in everything from the beginning, and that she will lose everything. He says this woman basically amps up everything, for example, if Britney is sad she'll tell Jamie that she's suicidal to make her seem worse than she is. -He also predicts a huge album/song, saying Britney will leverage her music meaning she won't do anything until they let her go and Lynne will be on her side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sbqp75eSj0
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    Yeah, this is a reasonable conclusion given what Larry said today. Trying to save his ass might have just cost him his job, as information he told is not his to tell. Really hope he's fired for the third time. He and the rest of Team B need the boot.
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    Oh I completely I agree with the pride thing and the fact that they are now currently destroying her character in the media is proof of it cuz let’s be real, who else would TMZ’s sources be, it’s gotta be them. Their panicking and trying to make her look bad, so people don’t learn about their shadiness and they know non-fans will just swallow it whole and not question. Well they can’t fool the fans!!
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    I think if she didn't learn who she can and can't trust through the disaster that was 2007, she's definitely learned it in the last 11 years. I definitely think it's a pride thing with Jamie and Larry and not money. Britney is Larry's only real successful client, because of Britney his career as a "manager" took off and she's made him MILLIONS. As far as Jamie, I think he wants to be proud of his daughter and be proud that HE helped her. Her rebelling and "disobeying" him can be seen as a failure on his part as both a father and conservator.
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    I hope the part about Lou Taylor's world collapsing is true.
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    He definitely overstepped his bounds with that interview, here’s hoping this is true.
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    This is excellent news and exactly what I think all of us want.
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    Agreed, it's about time Britney gets to have her creative freedom, maybe then people will finally respect her as the artist she deserves to be recognised as
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    She really needs a new team; but I still think something bad has happened to her mental health.
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    I wonder if the third to speak up might be Lindsay. She went through a similar experience with Lou trying to place a conservatorship on her, and there are receipts. It would be very damning. A lot can happen between now and September, but I'm glad it looks like the stars are aligning for Britney.
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    At first he says they are 3 industry women, and guesses that they are pop stars (or people who have been through similar circumstances.) Miley and Courtney Love definitely fit in with that, and they have both made a lot of noise about #freebritney recently. I wouldn't be surprised if another one comes forward between now and September. Both Miley and Courtney have been involved with the same players like Sam, Adam Leber, Larry, etc. I'm guessing the third will be someone involved with them, as well - esp. Lou since she seems to be the catalyst. What did Demi do?
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    This was interesting to watch. He says 3 women pop stars who have been in similar positions and are connected to her in some way, as well as her mom are coming to save the day. Which 3 pop stars could that be? Madonna, Janet and Mariah? Demi, Christina and Miley? Who knows... Also seems to be saying Lou fucked her dad or Larry (eww).
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    https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/05/britney-spears-manager-larry-rudolph-fired/ It *is* Radar Online so definitely keep that in mind, but she has dumped him before. And that interview he gave was entirely unnecessary. I could see people being angry or annoyed with him about it.
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    She's been working since she was a small child, so part of me hopes that she does just go into some form of retirement, save for posting Instas of her working out and singing covers and inspirational messages and whatnot. But the timing of this "announcement" seems a tad coincidental...if what she really wants is control of her life back, and LONG AWAITED control over her creative destiny...well, as a longtime fan, that's very exciting. Either way, as usual I wish her well and want to support what is best for her.
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    Britney's life might as well be a TV series, there's been so much stuff going on with her... let's hope that like most series this one also has a happy ending
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    My husband, who is not a big Britney fan, but surprised me with tickets to see her twice, stated that something big is definitely going on. I sincerely hope that her Dad does come out of this unscathed because I am just hoping he is doing all this “overprotection” because he really loves and cares for Britney. That would hurt me more than the rest of team, who can just go away and never come back. But, if Brit’s Dad is doing her dirty, then he needs to put to the curb too. More twists and turns than a soap opera.
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    he knows he's going to get fired, why the hell would britney talk to a man who shit for her mental health and just cared about selling a product?
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    Excellent, can't wait for this sittuation to finally have closure
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    If this is true, and it happens, I understand, but am devastated. I have loved her since 98. It will truly be hard to adjust.
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    I definitely agree. I think Britney has a lot to say, a lot she's been sitting on, and we won't hear it til she's good and ready.
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    I'm so sick of everyone and their "sources" trying to spin narratives to their favor. Until anyone names their source with proof, I'll choose to follow common sense.
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    That thank you to justin without saying his name always stuck with me, so sweet. Sad they couldn't make it work. Anyway that's a dope vinyl, love that its clear.
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    I mean there's not necessarily any point of ripping the vinyl because we already have the album on CD in the vinyl quality is going to be far lower than an actual CD rip whereas with the vinyl you would have the turntable noise. Plus myself I can't exactly rip vinyl that well and I've only done it accurately with one song from a vinyl single by Björk. I have my glory vinyl to, the one I pre-ordered. I keep them all in the shipping box and in plastic sleeves. Thought about hanging them on my wall but think I would actually play the records a little bit too much. I'm just here for Blackout. I'm kind of salty that they aren't doing anything with the bonus tracks but I can kind of understand. It would be kind of nice for some vinyl exclusive tracks
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