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    Notes The version of The Beat Goes On is the reissued version without the preview for another group. When Your Eyes Say It has the spoken outro The BOMT vinyl is covered in slightly raised flowers, covered with sparkles. (Nice!) The OIDIA vinyl isn't marked Side A or Side B, the only difference between the two is the color gradient. Excuse my vape being in some pictures lmao. The images that won't display in this thread, click on the links to view the images. Not sure why that happened.
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    There's more debate on the Universe facebook post, to which I've pointed out there's no credibility to this "news article", and it's just speculation and fanwanking. Honestly it's EMBARRASSING to even have to point that out... https://www.facebook.com/absolutebritneycom/posts/2686049954770196?comment_id=2687037348004790&notif_id=1557779694766293&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
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    The TMZ article was posted here first, then this article was posted later. I assumed that TMZ was the source; didn’t catch that it was an secret source; anyway, still speculation and if Britney did say that, why is her Dad still in charge of everything? Unless he was able to produce that something was seriously wrong with her and she needed to go. To me, this all feeds into what TMZ posted and this produces a story to why she was committed.
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    Personally I love the added flowers on the BOMT vinyl, and that it's a clear vinyl - that shit is BEAUTIFUL. The OIDIA vinyl, I love the color of the actual vinyl. Excited to order Britney when I get my paycheck in a few days. Hopefully we'll get the rest of the albums later.
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    Precisely. If Britney said she went to the facility against her will that is a direct violation of Jamie's conservator power, and regardless of the new judges knowledge of the case, an emergency order would have been in place.
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    No prob and honestly even though there can be sometimes negativity and disagreements on here, it’s no where near like Exhell, that place is a fucking cesspool!!! I don’t know exactly who writes the main page posts on here but I’d sure like to know who this source is, considering the writer acts like he/she is some personal insider. As for your thought, we don’t know exactly what Britney said, whatever she said about the situation may not be as dramatic as what fans are saying. If the judge felt she was in some serious danger, she most likely would have made some kind of change until the evaluation is done. In the meantime though, between Lynne and the relentless fans, her dad/team would be really fucking stupid if they tried anything now that all these eyeballs are on them.
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    Thank you for giving a clear and polite response to the sub; my stomach seriously turned when reading the main page post about this; I get that people are angry, but keep the negativity out until something is confirmed; I thought this site thrives on being the positive Britney site; I felt like I was reading an article from BH 2008. A thought; if Britney did indeed say that, then why is Jamie still allowed to be her guardian? Why didn’t they temporarily remove him and launch an investigation? That is some serious allegations.
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    "She didn't want to do it she wanted a break" "Her ideas weren't being considered and she was shut down" You also said in another post that your "source" said the hearing was about custody of the kids. Truth is no fans know the truth and the evaluation ordered will only bring good things for Britney's future.
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    I hope this is true, and that she is taking a stand for herself. The scary thing is that we know for a fact that Lou Taylor was the one pushing the cship, and she did it to many others as well, but Britney was the only one she was able to tie down because she had kids. If it all really does go this deep, it's not that far off to think that when she was committed, it may have been choreographed either by Lou Taylor or someone involved. The reports are that Kevin showed up early to pick up the kids and she refused to let them leave, locking herself in the bathroom with them. The court needs a good reason to put someone under a conservatorship, and It would be very simple to tell her "Kevin is picking up the boys tomorrow" and then send Kevin over earlier than expected. Who knows. I'm just glad there is a new judge on the case who specializes in conservatorships, and that she has ordered the 730 evaluation so that if she does remain under cship, we'll at least know there is a current, valid reason for it.
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    Did this yesterday, can't wait to add to my collection and make this number 4!
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