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    Its ok , but slumber party is 10000 times better. THhis one is more than sexy, Its trashy and it doesnt fit britney that much. I Think that was the problem, britney didnt like it.
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    Wow i did not notice anything except from the body double. You have such a precise eye!
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    Wow! I love this version, honestly way better then the other one. She looks great and so natural. (The parts that are her) that body double in the beginning though, her ass was amazing lol. But im glad the video finally leaked it was way better then the other one. And i mean it may not make sense but it wasn't a finished video after all. The remade video didn't make a whole lot of sense either. And i mean sex is still what most people sell off of, and Britney has always been very raunchy and provocative she was a sex symbol afterall, but regardless of all that, i would have to say this is my fav version. I wish i knew why they really didn't release it. I wanna blame her team lol but i dont know.
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    All my non-stan friends keep saying she looks so good
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    Well, when I first came here I was still living at my mom's and my friends didn't even know about me being a fan so quite a lot has changed. I also study at a different place now and can legally smoke, drink, gamble and vote
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    Someone explained whole concept but I forgot where I read it.
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    It may have been carried from when they were still trying to save the video and it was probably one of the last scenes they had filmed
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    I appreciate your comment but honestly I'm not let down, I was never thirsty for this to leak and already didn't like what we had seen before it did. I actually would have been disappointed if this WAS the official video.
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    The best mv from the Glory era imo. A lot more things happening and I love the whole cock destroyer vibe, really raunchy but in a good way. Completely speechless when the TV flies out of the window as the second chorus hits in full volume and the model is almost killed. Britney nailed the choreography in the warehouse scene and the untouched footage of her is absolutely stunning! Ugh this video made my month
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    This video is bad. The G Eazy part especially makes me gag. The Orange Theory placement - jfc. The choreo is decent but forgettable. I can’t find a single part of this video I enjoy. And is that a damn body double in the beginning? Because that person was in a thong and Britney’s outfit, while small, didn’t appear to be a thong bottom. To me it’s unfair to compare what we got to this. Yes, the official video is boring, but they also had to pull it together last minute after ... this hot mess. KEEP IT!
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