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    I love that she's calling out all these people making outrageous and hurtful assumptions about her, but it also makes me sad that she has to see that shit coming from her own FANS. What little she must think they think of her. So sad. She looks beautiful, I missed the fashion shows!
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    Yeah, this is a reasonable conclusion given what Larry said today. Trying to save his ass might have just cost him his job, as information he told is not his to tell. Really hope he's fired for the third time. He and the rest of Team B need the boot.
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    I am glad she is out: hope the trolls leave her alone, but they won’t. They will probably claim that they are responsible for her being let out. 😩 I would want to just peace out of show business if I was her.
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    I already tweeted a short thought on this, but I feel I need to explain. I have not been active in this #FreeBritney thing because it's been all speculation. The sources seem fishy and the coincidences make sense, but at the same time don't. It's a confusing mess that I would like to be a part of, but at the same time, don't even want to participate in. If it is true, I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time, it's putting a really bad reputation on mental health. Mental health issues already has a bad reputation and I feel like this #FreeBritney movement is making it worse, and it already looks bad on Britney because people are bringing up 2007. As a person who suffers from mental health issues, it would make me look hypocritical to say "her being in a mental health facility is bad." I've also been seeing fans wish death upon her dad and her team which is fucking wrong in soooo many ways and I don't even want to be associated with that. I only wish the best for Britney, and if this is true it's sad and I wish she was treated like a human, but at the same time if it isn't true it's going to look bad on us as fans and look bad on Britney as well. I'm sorry if my lack in participation makes me a horrible fan, but I'd rather be labeled as that, than a fan who ruined the reputation of a person they look up to and the mental health progression that has been made over the years (not saying every fan is doing this). I can see both sides to both stories, and the conspiracies for each side add up for each argument, but I'd really rather not be in the mix of it. Sorry for being so quiet about it, but those are my thoughts.
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    I was literally stunned reading what she had to say about Sam. I suspected it, but I never thought I'd see his name on her social media profiles.
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    Right! Seeing her smile and laugh is so refreshing after reading all this horrible shit all over the net. And I love her direct shut down of Larry.
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    But she’s so ill and in such a bad place y’all.......................NOT, such a cute video, I love her cracking up when the pap falls, lol
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    Not only the song choice could be a message about her current situation, but also posting a video of her dancing seems like a direct message to Larry lol
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    And thankfully they can't fool the people who matter in this situation and that's the judge and whoever is appointed to evaluate Britney. Those people aren't going to look at Britney and deem her fit to be "free" and then suddenly change their minds because they read TMZ. So, TMZ can do the most to try and ruin Britney's character and reputation when it comes to the GP, but they can't fool a judge and other professionals in charge.
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    Once she hopefully becomes free, she has got to drain that swamp, she needs people who are gonna actually listen to her and let her do what she wants with HER career. Also her current team are stuck in the 90’s with the way they market her, she just needs freshness all around her. She fired his ass twice for a reason!! Fuck him!! Plus it’s kinda funny, they had no problem pushing her back on stage after two 5150’s and when she was actually displaying troubling behavior, but now suddenly she’s not capable, such bullshit. I honestly believe the reason this happening is cuz she’s fighting for herself and to have her life back and they don’t like it!!
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    I think the only truth to this is that she hasn't called him for months. And that's a good sign, in my opinion. Larry can say he's not involved in the conservatorship all he wants, truth is Britney fired him twice and was only rehired after Jamie was in charge. It's time for a completely new team.
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    I have a feeling that "Glory" will be the last Britney album that plays up to her past image as a pop star and that album 10 if she has her way will be a much deeper record. She has too much to say and I think part of her sadness is because she's silenced under this pop star image. So if my instincts are right her next album will be more freeing for her and hopefully turn the tide of public opinion back on her as a singer instead of on this mental illness she has.
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    I hope the part about Lou Taylor's world collapsing is true.
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    I hope this is true, and that she is taking a stand for herself. The scary thing is that we know for a fact that Lou Taylor was the one pushing the cship, and she did it to many others as well, but Britney was the only one she was able to tie down because she had kids. If it all really does go this deep, it's not that far off to think that when she was committed, it may have been choreographed either by Lou Taylor or someone involved. The reports are that Kevin showed up early to pick up the kids and she refused to let them leave, locking herself in the bathroom with them. The court needs a good reason to put someone under a conservatorship, and It would be very simple to tell her "Kevin is picking up the boys tomorrow" and then send Kevin over earlier than expected. Who knows. I'm just glad there is a new judge on the case who specializes in conservatorships, and that she has ordered the 730 evaluation so that if she does remain under cship, we'll at least know there is a current, valid reason for it.
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    I think a professional conservator would be the best option in that case. They should be able to be more neutral about making decisions about their clients because they have no other ties to those people. And at least here they get paid by the state which means that they're getting the same amount of money no matter who their client is which ensures neutrality in decision making. I'd assume it's the same in USA, at least it's the most logical solution
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    it sounds like Lynne knows about as much as we do about the conservatorship, which is really sad for her since she's Britney's mother. I'm glad she wants to get the answers directly from the court instead of from Jamie, however, Lynne being a conservator would still mean Britney is under conservatorship and isn't that what everybody wants? Her to be "free"?
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    While it would definitely be bad ass and awesome, it could just be a coincidence, that is unless u give the name of your little birdie. So over the anonymous bullshit!!
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    I honestly still don’t know what to believe but I just wish her the best. Fans who think this is gonna get her released are delusional, HOWEVER, i do feel that some independent party, not chosen by Team B should investigate the c-ship to make sure it isn’t being abused esp. since it’s been 11 years now. In fact I think the fact that there’s a new judge on board who doesn’t appear to have any corruption attached to her name unlike the previous judges is a very good thing.
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    I was JUST about to start a thread about this lol. I'm just glad that she's saying ANYTHING about the sittuation. Also damn, the caption text is so calm but I imagine she must actually feel very frustrated about all this
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    Well, at least some of us will be able to say we were rational and waited for reliable information. Plus the protest didn't seem big (thank god)
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    Meds absolutely can stop working, I’m 37 and have been on depression/anxiety meds since I was a teen and my meds have been switched up a few times and new ones can have some bad side effects, that’s why u need to be vocal with your doctor. I agree they should have just been honest, the world knows she has some form of mental illness, all they had to say was...she’s been under a lot of stress lately, that combined with her meds no longer working, she just needed some time away and to be evaluated while starting new meds...that’s nothing super personal. I feel their lying and their flip flopping is a big contributor to this chaos. There’s a way to be truthful without revealing anything too personal.