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    You know, I came here after Breatheheavy announced that they were gonna focus on other celebs, and then they started charging for memberships and premiums. Over the years I've grown on this forum and have earned a (bad) rep for (making a lot of edits that don't sound very good) and being a go-to for files and rarities. I've been a stan since I was three years old. I used to steal my older sisters baby one more time CD and learned how to operate a 90s stereo because I wanted to hear the album. I've always loved Britney like a religious deity. Never questioned my loyalty to her. I have a rep in my own town for being THAT person who comes to mind whenever someone hears about her. Even online friends in different states and countries agree - I'm a hardcore Stan. A lot of users here know that I went to Vegas and saw our girl for the first time, and she grabbed my hand during Alien - I've always said that this was the best moment of my whole life. Now, I've had no other forum I could find to talk about her. Other forums are DEAD dead. This one barely kicked for a while. I became a mod because I wanted to make sure anyone slandering her, trolling, etc., I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be people tarnishing her name. For months now, myself and several other users have been BEGGING Anthony to stop posting things we all know were untrue. So many counter arguments, and all he could come back with is "you'll see : )" and making those click-bait-y articles with no substanance. Do you know how ashamed I feel? To know that Britney's dad is aware of what's going on here, and knowing that more than likely Britney is aware... It makes me feel disgusting. She's made it quite clear she's pissed with the conspiracies and just wants people to let her have her life. That's all I've ever wanted. I've also wanted her to notice me (lol), but definitely not like this. I made a post where I had taken a window marker and wrote Free Britney on my car - but included a disclaimer basically stating I didn't believe any of the rumors and just wanted the best for her. (My thought process states "ending the conservatorship would be best".) I don't want Britney or her dad to have a sour opinion about this site as a whole, as that includes ME. I couldn't live with myself if I knew Britney was PERSONALLY angry at me, even if just by association. I don't know how else to put it. I'm so ashamed of the negative publicity this website has given to the situation and conspiracy, and the misinformation being spread. I don't want to think that I'm included, but I feel as if I am. (probably because I'm one of the key members here and no one can deny that.) I just want Britney to be happy. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin #HeadstrongWolfForNews
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    Just so you all know we are not closing down, we are actually working on new stuff. When i get the go ahead i will post anthony his goodbye letter, because he chose to leave the site. And when i can explain more about what went on the past few months i will post it in here.
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    It kills me that she sees that shit, haters are one thing but the conspiracy posts from her fucking fans is another, like why is it so hard for them to keep that shit off her pages, keep it in the forums and their personal social media, her team are the shady ones, not her. It must esp. hurt seeing the people questioning her sanity over a ten second Instagram post, like worry about yourselves armchair psychiatrists!! There’s nothing wrong with her posts!!
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    You all have nothing to worry about and we aren’t closing, more than that i can’t say. Don’t makeup any rumors this forum also is not going to close. His case has flaws. People seem to forget i own everything.
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    We been expecting and warning him about this shit and he didn't listen. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin
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    I can’t help but wonder how long some fans have been fans cuz I see some saying that these lastest videos of her clapping back are out of character and so not her, some are even finding it troubling. Heres the thing, this is Britney, I’ve been a fan since day one, I’m also her age so in a way grew up with her and was old enough to comprehend everything. Yes she’s always been a shy girl and sweet girl but she also had a sassiness to her, many times she’s clapped back at people and showed attitude. Now that vacant, closed up robotic girl we’ve unfortunately been given majority of these past 11 years is what was out of character to me, which is why anytime she would show some feistiness was like a breath of fresh air. It seems most fans are constantly crying for “old Britney”, yet they can’t seem to handle it now that she’s starting to show “old Britney”, like I don’t get it, what they hell do these people want, lol I don’t know what’s prompted those videos but it’s nice to see that feisty attitude, some fans seem to think they’ll have a bad outcome on her evaluation, I don’t see why, when she starts driving all hours of the night, wearing a pink wig and talking British, then we should worry, until then let the damn woman stick up for herself if she wants!! I doubt Instagram is a top priority in regards to the evaluators, lol
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    I definitely agree with @MonaLisa613 about this being to fans and their conspiracies and not believing what Britney is telling us. I also find it quite funny that the mainpage is once again silent because Britney is speaking directly against their agenda.
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    I miss her too but I honestly feel like she’s done coping with her situation, which she should be, she’s been doing it since 2008. Britney has always been a feisty chick, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s refusing to work until she’s free, lol, I really hope Lynne got that lawyer to actually help Britney get her freedom. I think she genuinely loves what she does, she’s prolly just over having to do it with that huge anchor holding her down.
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    Looks like Britney went to Louisiana and visited at least her sister this weekend! Cute picture.
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    Seeing everyone kiss her ass NOW and talk about how "the Britney army has her back" pisses me off as much as those negative ass comments do. Who the hell do you think was talking shit, making conspiracies and hurting her in the first place? THOSE so called fans! Now they got their tail between their legs because they realize words to do hurt and Britney does see what the fuck they're saying, so they're trying to backtrack like they weren't the ones blowing up her comments talking about how "weird" it is that she films herself in different outfits. Girlfriend needs to turn her comments off and live her best life.
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    The comments on her posts have gotten increasingly negative and/or conspiratorial. Have your conspiracy theories if you want, but “fans” need to back off her fucking page. Haters who never loved her are one thing, but it’s amazing to watch how her own “fans” have turned on her. Makes me sick.
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    To be honest, I think he'll probably lose this one. He might not have made the claims KNOWING they were false but when it comes to proving defamation, Jamie can easily prove that's what Anthony did. The criteria for proof: The defendant (Anthony) made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff (Jamie); The defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party; and. The publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication Sorry, pal. But many of us here asked you to STOP and you refused, insisted you knew what you were doing/saying, and well, here we are. Jamie will also have to prove his damages regarding Anthony's statement and as far as some speculation online, I'm not sure what "damages" (this usually means money when it comes to defamation) Jamie suffered.
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    We told him multiple times. I was an editor for a college newspaper for a year and was on staff for like a year and a half, so I know a little bit about journalism, and we HAD to fact check everything before we posted it. We HAD to have NON-ANONYMOUS sources. If it was opinion based we HAD to state it was OUR opinion. So really I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
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    Anthony, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO STOP! Now look.
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    While I do give credit to the movement for causing a discussion on the topic of conservorships and how they can be abused into the media and gp, I also feel it’s crossed lines, such as death threats and trying to speak on behalf of Britney, we don’t know what she’s thinking cuz we are not in her brain. While it’s good to be supportive, at the end of the day, this movement will have no part in the judges decision. She has an evaluation and for the very first time in 11 years, an investigation, that’s huge!! Anyone who’s expecting a hug/kiss/pat on the back and huge show of gratitude from Britney is delusional and in this for the wrong reason. She’ll address this head on when and if she wants to, fans expecting/demanding it are no better than her team.
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    I love that she's calling out all these people making outrageous and hurtful assumptions about her, but it also makes me sad that she has to see that shit coming from her own FANS. What little she must think they think of her. So sad. She looks beautiful, I missed the fashion shows!
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    Yeah, this is a reasonable conclusion given what Larry said today. Trying to save his ass might have just cost him his job, as information he told is not his to tell. Really hope he's fired for the third time. He and the rest of Team B need the boot.
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    I am glad she is out: hope the trolls leave her alone, but they won’t. They will probably claim that they are responsible for her being let out. 😩 I would want to just peace out of show business if I was her.
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    I already tweeted a short thought on this, but I feel I need to explain. I have not been active in this #FreeBritney thing because it's been all speculation. The sources seem fishy and the coincidences make sense, but at the same time don't. It's a confusing mess that I would like to be a part of, but at the same time, don't even want to participate in. If it is true, I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time, it's putting a really bad reputation on mental health. Mental health issues already has a bad reputation and I feel like this #FreeBritney movement is making it worse, and it already looks bad on Britney because people are bringing up 2007. As a person who suffers from mental health issues, it would make me look hypocritical to say "her being in a mental health facility is bad." I've also been seeing fans wish death upon her dad and her team which is fucking wrong in soooo many ways and I don't even want to be associated with that. I only wish the best for Britney, and if this is true it's sad and I wish she was treated like a human, but at the same time if it isn't true it's going to look bad on us as fans and look bad on Britney as well. I'm sorry if my lack in participation makes me a horrible fan, but I'd rather be labeled as that, than a fan who ruined the reputation of a person they look up to and the mental health progression that has been made over the years (not saying every fan is doing this). I can see both sides to both stories, and the conspiracies for each side add up for each argument, but I'd really rather not be in the mix of it. Sorry for being so quiet about it, but those are my thoughts.
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    I was literally stunned reading what she had to say about Sam. I suspected it, but I never thought I'd see his name on her social media profiles.
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    hey guys , i know i have not posted in a long while , but , i wanted to address brit's instagram content. i feel like fans are really overreacting lately. if you think about it, the post are really wholesome and harmless. i do believe in #freebritney , but i always felt like fans/ media was hyping it up. i think it's really unfair that fans are overthinking it and making her feel terrible! the truth is , we don't know what's going on , only Britney does... i feel like the B Army is always looking for drama... and it bothers me , she will come out of this strong. i promise please don't send me hate , it's just my opinion.
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    Britney song produced by Jayden here we come Let's talk about what he's really doing tho: he's kinda clickbaiting, saying he'll say stuff after he gets 5k followers or whatever, which I doubt he'd actually do. Jayden better promoter for himself than RCA has been for Britney in the past 8 years
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    Most likely and quite frankly, I don’t know why “those fans” think old pics/videos being posted is crazy, it’s pretty fucking common, not everyone posts stuff in real time, lol
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    I swear they are pimping that Zone more than they did Glory and the fact that Britney still has not made an appearance kinda speaks volumes, I honesty feel like the reason they’re having to do things without her is cuz she’s refusing to work until it’s on her own her terms, in other words, in control of her life again. Britney IS the product, without her they ain’t gonna make much of a profit so they’re grasping at straws.
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    Everytime I see that bikini is like...you oughta know!
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    It's a sad time indeed when your own fans turn against you... I'm sure Britney has gotten perfectly used to seeing an occational mean comment here and there but normally those comments have come from people who never cared about her in the first place. This, however... I can't imagine how it must be affecting her to see her own fans write the same stuff that used to only come from people with nothing better to do than trolling.
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    We are seeing her out and about so happy lately that it is just perfect
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    Sorry, not sorry. What he did was absolutely defamation and created a shitstorm based off FALSE information. It was debunked that no, they weren't deleting positive comments, and the next day Lynne's comment had returned. If it was deleted it wouldn't magically return. Instagram was having issues that day, and he ran with it and his own fucked up belief about her family/team. This is why you need to be super careful about what you say on the internet.
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    My thoughts: it really seems like he has an ax to grind with her team; wasn’t he like going to be part of it to promote a positive website for Britney, but he realized how micromanaged everything was? Honestly, a lot of teams for other celebrities are micromanaged as well: Britney’s just gets more publicity because of her troubles; I don’t like Lou and I think she is responsible for a lot of the messes and I believe she has influenced Larry and her Dad; but still, teams for megastars have to be micromanaged to a point. I really used to like getting news from this website, but I stopped following the social media for it once it became an opinionated mess. I come for universe and what is shared here; apparently, a lot of news is not being shared because isn’t part of a narrative.
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    AB has lost all credibility in my opinion. A once trustworthy and respected website has become trash
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    If she wasn’t in the c-ship, I guarantee u people would not be questioning her sanity in these videos. But regardless of c-ship, any real fan would know this is just her personality.
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    Good for her, keep coming at them Brit, but I feel like part of these rants isn’t so much the pics themselves but that people specifically the paranoid fans are choosing to believe what the paps/tabloids put out instead of what she puts out on her insta, that’s kinda how I interpreted the first video, idk, I just get the feeling that the asshole FreeBritney fans questioning EVERY.LITTLE.THING has pissed her off. Although I personally still think she looked good in those pap pics.
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    That does look like her writing, you keep insisting fans should believe all the allegations yet no one has gone on record yet. Not all fans blindly believe “sources”, some of us are waiting for someone close to Britney (someone current not Lutfi) to actually have some fucking balls and go on record, anyone who genuinely cares for Britney would say fuck an NDA, fuck a lawsuit and go public if she is being this abused. That has yet to happen.
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    I agree with @heather , a 10 years old letter is invalid as evidence of anything that's happening to Britney now since things are not the same way anymore. Also, I can't help but wonder why she would write in third person, it seems weird to me
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    Right! Seeing her smile and laugh is so refreshing after reading all this horrible shit all over the net. And I love her direct shut down of Larry.
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    But she’s so ill and in such a bad place y’all.......................NOT, such a cute video, I love her cracking up when the pap falls, lol
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    Not only the song choice could be a message about her current situation, but also posting a video of her dancing seems like a direct message to Larry lol
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    Once she hopefully becomes free, she has got to drain that swamp, she needs people who are gonna actually listen to her and let her do what she wants with HER career. Also her current team are stuck in the 90’s with the way they market her, she just needs freshness all around her. She fired his ass twice for a reason!! Fuck him!! Plus it’s kinda funny, they had no problem pushing her back on stage after two 5150’s and when she was actually displaying troubling behavior, but now suddenly she’s not capable, such bullshit. I honestly believe the reason this happening is cuz she’s fighting for herself and to have her life back and they don’t like it!!
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    I think the only truth to this is that she hasn't called him for months. And that's a good sign, in my opinion. Larry can say he's not involved in the conservatorship all he wants, truth is Britney fired him twice and was only rehired after Jamie was in charge. It's time for a completely new team.
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    I have a feeling that "Glory" will be the last Britney album that plays up to her past image as a pop star and that album 10 if she has her way will be a much deeper record. She has too much to say and I think part of her sadness is because she's silenced under this pop star image. So if my instincts are right her next album will be more freeing for her and hopefully turn the tide of public opinion back on her as a singer instead of on this mental illness she has.
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    I hope the part about Lou Taylor's world collapsing is true.
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    I think a professional conservator would be the best option in that case. They should be able to be more neutral about making decisions about their clients because they have no other ties to those people. And at least here they get paid by the state which means that they're getting the same amount of money no matter who their client is which ensures neutrality in decision making. I'd assume it's the same in USA, at least it's the most logical solution
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    I was JUST about to start a thread about this lol. I'm just glad that she's saying ANYTHING about the sittuation. Also damn, the caption text is so calm but I imagine she must actually feel very frustrated about all this
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    Well, at least some of us will be able to say we were rational and waited for reliable information. Plus the protest didn't seem big (thank god)
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