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    Could have had a solo release and a remix with a feature. Could have been a big hit but that’s none of my business.
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    Truly heartbreaking news. I hope he will have a quick and full recovery. I'm happy Britney had the opportunity to spend time with her father and her family. Family first! To make some nonsens conspiracy theories out of this is just pathetic and sad. You know the shit about low ticket sales are bullshit when Wendy Williams(!!) says it bullshit and defends Britney (source). Even if she didn't sell "enough" tickets, she would still get paid for all shows. But now she won't get paid for any shows at all. Use your brains, it doesn't make any sense
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    When the news first hit, it was just called an illness. Details of what happened were not released until later that afternoon. Please chill. Whether or not it is called a ruptered colon or illness, does not really matter. Jamie is sick. I hope he gets better soon. I hope that Brit is handling her dad's illness as well as she can. It is my speculation that ticket sales were down from articles I have read and what I have seen in the group. I speculate investors were pulling out or talking about pulling out. Maybe her heart was not in it. She did not get excited about the original reveal. Jamie gets sick causing more upheaval in a project that was already lagging. Show gets cancelled. Britney releases a statement saying it was cancelled due to her dad being sick. Time to move on folks. Maybe she will take some much needed time off to focus on her health, her boys, and her extended family including Jamie.
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    So gutted to hear about the show cancelled, Seems like the time her team get it together and all the right parts seem to be falling in to place nature feels the need to mess it up, bless her. Feel so bad for Brit but I wish her and her family all the best, sending my love. Having lost my Dad two years ago I know how quickly and horrible life can change :/ so you gotta put your family first and make memories before you loose the chance too
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    I hope Jamie has a full recovery. I didn't expect this to be cancelled over family issues. I'm glad this was cancelled though, Britney should take some time to focus on family, and then new music, so she can come back strong and ready.
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    I lost a brother the day before Christmas Eve, so i unfortunately understand the mindset she’s in now, she’s doing the right thing, family always come first!! Shame on any fan who is more concerned with the loss of music and a concert when she almost lost her dad.
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    And then the show was canceled. Those songs are doomed to be left out forever...!
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