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    stage costumes that aren't focused on being sexual and revealing everything, a better set list (new songs, removal of her overdone songs, etc), rerecorded and or live vocals (never gonna happen), less pitch shifting, ugh the list goes on.
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    It's been 84 years since she performed the songs below: Hold it against me Overprotected Outrageous and why hasn't she ever performed My prerogative which happens to be one of my all time favorites? Which ones do you want to see in the new show?
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    I asked for Overprotected, Love Me Down, and Toy Soldier to be on the setlist. 😍Can't wait for this show to begin!!😍
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    I KNOW. It's one of my favorite tracks on there, though! Tbh, there isn't a single track on Britney Jean that's underrated imo. The ones that are good (Work Bitch, Alien, Perfume, etc.) get all the love. I WANNA DANCE TILL MY BODY ACHES
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