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    I was at the show tonight and for me she killed it and I'm so angry at the "stan" on exhale for bashing her and pretend they like her ... it was very good she had great energy and it was the first time for me seeing her. I was close to the scene and I saw her before her entrance ( I had close seat very near to the stage) and she seem to be very nervous and her hands was shaking but when she appear she really killed it .. sorry I'm a little excited I can't believe she was just in front of me !
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    The shows are always pretty good. Exhale is such a sad place. It’s sad for Britney that people who are supposed to support her actually bring her down. I think it’s important that we make Britney feel loved and appreciated! She’s been giving us a piece of her for 20 years!
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    In few days I'll see her for the first time too! I am excited/scared. I can't wait though!
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    That's why you don't listen to anything from exhale, glad you enjoyed the show!
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    Hey guys I have something to tell you. I have Cerebral Palsy, so I am in a wheelchair . I just thought I would share this with you guys! xxx
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    I was at her show on Monday in Mönchengladbach/Germany!(it was my fourth time seeing her). She was freakin fantastic! She was on fire! Full of energy! She was killin it on stage and I enjoyed every single second! she looked amazing and the show itself is simply spectacular! Im happy for u that u had so much fun! I'm still full of Adrenalin too #godney #livinglegend
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    She looks beautiful and I love seeing her so happy.
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    These 4 songs tell a story that would be perfect for a video EP to be released on Valentine's Day (6 months from today)! Britney doesn't have any tracks starting with V, X, or Z - This EP would fill in those gaps in her discography! I wrote the lyrics and melodies based on titles suggested by fellow fans. Listen to these quick demos and read the full lyrics below... "Valentine (Be Mine)" Lyrics [Demo starts at 0:00] "ZiPpEr" Lyrics [Demo starts at 1:56] "X Marks the Spot" Lyrics [Demo starts at 3:39] "Valentine (Reprise)" Lyrics [Demo starts at 4:56] Let me know what you think... Any constructive comments are welcome!
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    ok, but who's gonna sue will.i.am for producing a weak-ass 2011 album and release it in 2013/2014 as if no one would notice? WHOOOO?
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