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    Hi guys my name is Max this is my first post. I love Britney I even have a headset like her My favourite Britney album is Femme Fatale I would really like it if you could please follow me o k bye . Ps I am working on a website so I will post the link to it soon Thanks
  3. 2 points
    It depends on when you started stanning It wasn't acknowledged that much. I think it may have been a placeholder until the official circus single came out but I'm not entirely sure. It's all right, I already downloaded the EP off of Rutracker.
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    Welcome! My favorite Britney album is also Femme Fatale
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    Welcome in the community!!
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    I didn't find a better quality sorry, but I think it's this one !
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    oh thanks btw can u post download links on here
  12. 1 point
    Looking forward!
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    yes a lot of people hate it but it is her best lol
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    A new album and world tour would be amazing! However, it is very unlikely. She will probably just do a few shows in Europe and a few interviews maybe. I just hope she will release a single to promote the tour and she will change POM a bit. She has time to revamp it tbh
  16. 1 point
    OMG I JUST DIED IMAGINING THIS. MY GHOST IS TYPING THIS RN. Okay, no, jokes aside, I completely agree with you. It'd be a great tour opener.