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    It's not my favourite but it's nice hearing her do something different, and I like the way the song builds. I just wish there was a little more it, especially lyrically.
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    Good lord, her body really is incredible, she looks great!!!
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    Can we seriously take a moment and listen to this song again? Maybe her french isn't that good (I can't really tell because French is only my third language and I'm terrible at it as well) but her voice still sounds very mesmerizing and there are pretty much no backing vocals covering her up. Just her and the dark instruments. The kind of robotic effect added to her voice makes the atmosphere of the song even more mysterious and enchanting, I don't really know how to explain it, but there's something just SO intriguing that takes the song to another level. I always listen to it at the end of the album because it just kind of keeps going like a ghost in your head. I put Mood Ring as track 17 and this as 18. I just love it. Maybe my favorite song off Glory.
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    Not gonna start debating about anything, just asking, "dreamer" means a Mexican immigrant in the US, right? PS: I like the shirt no matter what the message means
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    This is going to be the topic of my Spearitual Sunday sermon I’m so proud of her for standing up for dreamers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Releasing a good album, serving that hot body. Finishing that stupid and horrible residency. Plus: I've not seen any good performance in while from other artists (except Camila)
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    We’ll have to wait and see Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The beat drop gets me shook to the core every time
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    http://universe.absolutebritney.com/leaderboard/?time=year in all areas: 1. @JoshLee 2. @HeadstrongWolf 3. @Turn Ya Head (lmao yasss) 4. Celine Dijon (idk how to tag you with the stars, sorry) posts: 1. JoshLee 2. HeadstrongWolf 3. Turn Ya Head 4. Celine Dijon status updates: 1. @Miss Bad Media Karma 2. Turn Ya Head 3. Celine Dijon 4. @Ringleader Li Congrats to all of you! I'm really happy for everyone who contributed to this forum in 2017 and although there's a few days left to finish this year I'd say the leaderboard won't change much. Keep it up!
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    It's not your job, though. It's her job and she's not doing it very well. I just can't understand why she keeps changing perfectly good routines and replacing them with the worst choreography ever.
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