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    Girl, YOUNG AF you mean! I was in 5th grade when that song came out lmao.
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    They better film some of the final shows! I want a professional DVD/BluRay so bad!
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    Apologies if this has already been shared, but YAAASSSS to the teens knowing about the Queen of Pop, Miss Britney Spears! And paying Xtina some serious dust, but ok.
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    I was a little surprised they didn't know Genie In A Bottle by Xtina (amazing how many of them thought that was Britney and the one who said her and Britney sound a lot alike O_o). And the one guy who thought Oops was by the Cheetah girls???? LMAO
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    Of course teens know about them! Bomt came out five years before me and my friends were born, somehow we all know the song and know the lyrics to it. It's kind of weird, but I think legendary songs will never get old.
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    The only people who have a problem with straight brit fans are losers and their opinions don't matter
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    I understand this, cause I'm straight. The people need to know that some britney fans are no gay. The other day, i went to Friday's in my country (Peru) and the waitress started singing when she was at my table (They were playing Womanizer) and she said "I'm sorry" and I was like "Don't worry, everytime I'm on a place I whant to sing and dance the stronger coreography of POM" and she was like "OMG, you like Britney!!!", then I told her that I was straight and she scream!!: "YOU'RE NOT GAY!!!!!". I felt like shit when she said that. They need to know that there are Britney Straight Fan's.
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    It's ridiculous I actually like that Britney has straight male fans. Be glad there are also straight guys with a good music taste
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