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    Am I the only one who never really liked this song? I like the intent and everything but her vocals were all over the place. I know she only did it that one time on tour and it was a rough but it sounds like she needed to work with someone else to tell her how she should have sung it. I think it would be better if she sung it like how she did on stronger or liar.
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    Next year, Britney will mark 20 years in the industry. Very cool. Legend status. But, we must talk! She definitely accomplished so much in her career. Let us take a read. 9 albums in 20 years - She did wonderful in this department. If you say, "oh she should have 20 albums by now", Bitch, she can't release every year. Plus, she'll have 10 albums by 2018/2019. 38 singles/music videos in 20 years - Most of her albums have 4 singles only. She never released more than 5 videos in an era. BJ and Glory lack more singles. We should have more. 2 greatest hits in 20 years - We're good here. Ideally an artist should release greatest hits every ten years or so. 6 tours in 20 years - I'd say that is a lot. She maybe should have done more tours because touring 6/9 albums is a bit weak. 1 residency in 20 years - It's an achievement that fits well in this 20 year span even though it took 4 years away. Chill ok. Imagine if POM started during X-Factor.
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    They did a really good job tbh
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    I just wish she would ease up on the black eyeshadow. I know she likes it and usually in these at home shots its the only make up besides gloss that she's wearing but all she really needs to do is a thin line of eyeliner. Aside from that she looks well rested and carefree.
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    Is there some kind of law saying that just cuz we're on the same forum, we all have to share the same opinion??? I'm entitled to think she looks good and the person above me clearly agrees, you're choosing to be a Debbie downer isn't my problem.
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