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    Her being mobbed like that was really fucked up!! Photographers acting like that doesn't surprise me at all but you'd think fans would know better.
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    This is screaming a set up for press and not on Britney's end. It's fucked up they're using her like that, especially considering how scared she is (as anyone would be when they're getting MOBBED) in situations like that. Those fans should be ashamed of themselves, and I'm glad that Britney will be seeing the children anyway. That's what counts.
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    BoA's album was a disgusting mess tbh. Utada's This Is The One >>>>>
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    Yeah I think she's/her team is doing the right thing: say it was a false story, visit the kids, keep it moving. The video of her being mobbed is terrifying. I honestly couldn't do it, I'd have a panic attack.
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    Very true. I know Britney has always been a super kind, thoughtful person, but I feel like post-2007 breakdown she has super focused on what's actually important and cut out the negative and stupid stuff. I know she's repeatedly said her kids have been a huge help with that and I think it's awesome. She takes a ton of criticism for stupid shit, but neither her nor her team give into it and I love that. Focus on a person's actions, not their words.
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    Even though the entire situation was fucked in every way, once again Britney handles it with true class. Seeing the sick kids in the end is what it is all about. Britney is such a kind and down to earth person.
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    You didn't know about this? When Boa was set to do her english debut that song was given to her. The Britney version leaked later on. The album is great, there's a song named Did Ya that was also meant for Britney.
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    That's fair and I shouldn't have been harsh in my response so I apologize. You're right, I shouldn't assume it's just smoking. I was just surprised, but the life celebrities lead is also intense and taxing.
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    Are people for real? They are making something of a comment about food? I'm glad Britney is firing back on this stupid ass shit.
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    Are you fucking serious? get out of here...better yet delete your account . She looks amazing for 35 ! Please how how should she look? Also this is her private time. I can't with "fans" like you giving her un realistic expectations .
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    Setlist: Work Bitch - Womanizer - BTI - Piece Of Me - ...Baby One More Time - Oops...! I Did It Again - Me Against The Music - Gimme More - Scream & Shout - Boys - Missy Elliott Mix - Do You Wanna Come Over - Get Naked - I'm A Slave 4 You - Make Me - Freakshow - Do Somethin' - Circus - If You Seek Amy - Breathe On Me - Slumber Party - Touch Of My Hand - Toxic - Stronger - (You Drive Me) Crazy - Till The World Ends - Youtube Video's:
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    I just got my bottle a few seconds ago, and I already love it! It's a very hard smell, it like... Hits you in the face! In a good way, if that makes any sense
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    I like tragic messes. I'm a trashy person when it comes to musical tastes
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    I wish we could get a full performance recorded like that, even if it's just Work Bitch or any other song
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    Fucking love Utada!! Devil Inaside
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    Yep, I heard that too. I heard she didn't want to get married, but to have more kids,
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    I actually wasn't sure if Britney still smokes but here's the proof. Kinda hoped she had quit tho
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    I pleaded with my Mom to quit and it was a struggle for her but she ended up doing it. I can only imagine how hard it is. Just keep taking it day by day.
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    Britney should put down tobacco... and pick up marijuana tbh 100% natural, doesn't hurt your lungs or singing voice, and gives you better insight on life If Team B is reading this, roll Britney a fat swisher at least 2 g's
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    I know she's mentioned wanting more kids and they would have such beautiful kids if she so choose haha.
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    Oh yeah, as someone who has smoked for years (casually but it's still smoking/not good) and sees a primary care physician and dermatologist regularly I know for vanity and health reasons why I need to stop. I can see in pictures what it's done to me and I hate it. Even for all the good I do (vitamins, drinking lots of water, exercise, etc.) I still am aware of the negative effects it's had on my body. My doctor also alerted me to recent studies that reject the common thought of "at least you don't smoke a pack a day." Turns out the health effects are the same even if you're a casual smoker. :/ I am trying so hard to stop. I should tell Britney we can be best friends and we can quit together lmao ??
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    @MakeMySugarFall it kinda is and the medication she has, I started studying skincare and skin for about 5 years now and I corrected my skin with supplements and skincare and saw a major different when I stopped hanging around people who smoked or drank. For her its just the stress and her having to smoke to relieve her anxiety. She looks great, it's just at time she looks tired. I'm glad you understand my viewpoint tho
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    I'm trying, man, but it is fucking hard. I got laid off about 3 weeks ago and even though I HATED working there with a passion, I'm not rich or even close to it so I need to find something soon before I blow through my savings. The stress has been killing me and I'm trying to avoid touching a cigarette. It's hard af. I get why Britney potentially smokes, but I do, as a fan, hope she's able to break the habit because it's not good. Same as I feel for myself.
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    I think she fucking Slays it Go BOA
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    Good for you,keep it up.
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    Nope, I really like horses.
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    I understand and even tho I quoted you I wasn't trying to single you out in my response. I'm more or less responding to the fact that you mentioned it has to be the smoking, and I know you're not the only one who feels that way. I don't think the smoking is the only factor nor do I know how much of a factor it's playing in her aging. I just figure can't be smoking that much to make it be the only reason she's aging and if it was she's have to be a heavy smoker which wouldn't make sense because she probably would have a lot of trouble breathing, running around, and her speaking voice would be altered. She should quit but it's ultimately her choice to stop when she wants and I (again not towards you specifically) really don't think it's appropriate for this to keep coming up on this forum.
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    Same. I think I'm at about a month right now and I don't think of it everyday, but in stressful situations I want a smoke so bad. Trying to quit for health and vanity reasons.
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    Britney looks great but that video is fucking terrifying. I HATE when fans act like this, especially, if you're any kind of fan, you know Britney hates being in that kind of a situation. Are you trying to be funny or? He's been on the whole tour.
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    I really hope you can eventually kick the habit for good when the time is right for you.
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    Yeah, as a smoker I can say that stress is the 1st thing that keeps you from quitting permanently. Last time I tried quitting I managed to be about a month without smoking but eventually the stress was overwhelming
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    I really think you hit it on the head with the stress thing. You see a lot of actors/actresses and musicians who smoke and I think it is because of the stress the media puts on them.
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    And he gets to have her gorgeous body all night long as well.
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    Try to play it to Google Translator
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    Right, it's a version after the "acoustic guitar" intro demo, but before the final album version. I'd honestly say this is probably the version used on the answering machine message. All I'm saying is the final chorus doesn't filter out the album version's vocals, only the demo version's.
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    She is a true artist in front and behind the camera.
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    No I'm not, and what does my gender have to do with anything
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