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    2017ney outsang, that final belt is EVERYTHING
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    Explains why she aged so quick..
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    Wow.. she gets to have that body all night long. Bless her lol
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    I actually wasn't sure if Britney still smokes but here's the proof. Kinda hoped she had quit tho
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    I really hope you can eventually kick the habit for good when the time is right for you.
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    Yeah, as a smoker I can say that stress is the 1st thing that keeps you from quitting permanently. Last time I tried quitting I managed to be about a month without smoking but eventually the stress was overwhelming
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    I really think you hit it on the head with the stress thing. You see a lot of actors/actresses and musicians who smoke and I think it is because of the stress the media puts on them.
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    Yup, it's hard. I'd find a lot of motivation if Britney could do it despite all her stress. I bet many others would too
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    So true that final belt slayed everything in BOMT +
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    Am I the only one who feels cheated that she in fact hasnt lost her voice just doesn't use it? Then again in her art and mind perhaps she loves the dance music and that feels more ..... her style either way I love bother of her sounds ut these just make me tingle in all the RIGHT places
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    I made this because I just had to!
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    Right, it's a version after the "acoustic guitar" intro demo, but before the final album version. I'd honestly say this is probably the version used on the answering machine message. All I'm saying is the final chorus doesn't filter out the album version's vocals, only the demo version's.
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    Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it !
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    She is a true artist in front and behind the camera.
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    Princess of pop and photography
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    if i were an A lister and Lindsay or any others like her said my name in press or twitter....id sue.
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    I loved the Violins in this track especially doing the outro ...but this whole album was perfection lets be real
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    i so miss those days when you just fight someone, without ruining their lives on the internet
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    Private Show and Invitation... For obvious reasons
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