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    He's Lance Bass he was in one of the biggest boy bands of all time. Excuse me but who are you? Where is your resume and credentials? I sincerely hope your biggest accomplishment isn't being a only slightly clever troll on Universe.
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    This is more news worthy than all the shitty threads u post about combined. Have a seat & put the shut to the up
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    We got both ! I love her vocals on what you need
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    Every single track from this era is QUALITY.
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    Let's just be happy that we can jam to all of the songs, whether they're on the standard or the deluxe version Btw, I disliked What You Need at first but now I love it, it's such an uplifting song and I'm glad Britney finally did a song with a vintage feel!
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    why was this not the lead single?
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    Smoking has nothing to do with it Even on Glory, she sings about "drinking alone" and "turning" (meant to be turnin up, aka partying and getting fucked up.) They're fine. Y'all are reaching just to bash Miley. #justice4fweaky
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    Mood Ring is Fuckin perfect in every single way I don't even mind the DJ mustard tag on the intro, it adds to her aesthetic Britney is that bad bitch that runs the trap house She know everyone who come in and she makes sure she gets that money That's the vibe I'm getting I'm mad as fuck, why wasn't this on the standard but love me down was #JUSTICEFORMOODRING #MOODRINGTHIRDSINGLE I KNOW I'M REACHING LIKE HELL RN BUT I AM EMOTIONAL
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    I hope it's a whole different show than POM And some prerecorded vocals, not the CD playing on the back
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    No one's copying Justin Bieber because the stuff he's released is not original. I've been hearing that EDM vibe all over the radio for years now, especially with the amount of DJ's that have been popping out since David Guetta became famous, it's just been evolving ever since.
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    LOL. The thirst and reach in this thread. Justin Bieber is not creative enough to have his own sound. Justin Tranter,Skrillex and a host of great mostly gay or female songwriters worked with him on this stuff as well as Selena Gomez. I guess when he made "Boyfriend' no one thought of Justin Timberlake or Nsync... You tried though...
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    "Mood Ring" is so good, Glory just won't let me listen to anything else.
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    OMG!! This is amazing!! I can't stop listening to it.....I've been sooo stressed out from work, and this has just put the FATTEST SMILE on my face....That's exactly why I love Britney Spears.
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    Hopefully this means that we'll see more songs from Glory performed! These festivals should be meant to promote the album, not Vegas, so hopefully we see new, exciting stuff
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    Team Britney released their Japanese version of Glory on iTunes Japan (as they did with Femme Fatale & Britney Jean) earlier today. It features the new bop "Mood Ring", along with the regular CD order versus the regular digital order. https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/glory-deluxe-version/id1148509855 Also someone fucking leak Mood Ring in lossless.
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    OMG YES!!!!! The Original BOYS is 1000x better than the co-ed remix!!!!
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    Um sis .. This shouldn't even be a question. Blackout is obviously her best work. Glory does not top it all, it is however apart of the holy trinity between itz, blackout, & glory. in the zone & blackout gave birth to glory
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    This is a career defining track, and I'm DEVASTATED that it's been exiled to Japan. Could have easily been the lead single.
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    Yasssss honey you betta show Britney that LOVE!!! And I hope Andy keeps showing that Britney LOVE too! Love him!
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    WYN has grown on me a lot, it's one of my most listened to now
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    OH MY GOD It sounds so amazing y'all, it's not even real Btw, am I the only one that added it to my Glory playlist as track 17? I still want Coupure Électrique as the final song because it's such a perfect closing
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    Ugh no thanks. Ain't nobody got time for that flop channel, just rather stream Britney's legit music & stream in where we fit in hunty so she can get ha coint
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    Girl you think you're the shit for some reason???? I haven't seen you do shit on here besides act like you own the place because you made a Lossless thread with nothing currently on it.
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    Firstly although I will say Bieber has capitalized greatly with that signature sound. Its origin is not from him...While working on his Journals album a lot of his influence came from UK garage, garage R&B etc. a popular sound that came from Craig David. so a lot of those harmonies, melodies and productions you hear in Bieber that has the squaking or really catchy diff sounding hooks (Sorry, Company, Slumber Party, Make Me, Just Love Me, I'll Show You) are just a diff interpretation of that trend already in place
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    Does anyone have anything to trade?
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    Blackout was widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best album of Britney's career to date by fans and critics alike. I recently purchased physical copies of both (y'all, I haven't bought a damn CD in so long) and have been playing them nonstop over the last 2 or so weeks. Honest to god was ready to give Glory the crown as the best album of her career, but listening to Blackout beginning to finish made me pause. And legit - I still think Blackout is just iconic af and the best work she's ever put out. What do you guys think? Also, this is meant to be a fun perspective on a legendary artist's fantastic career, not a put down to either album. Also also, I put the last poll option there for those who want to drag my ass.
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    Tbh Unusual You, Alien, Strangest Love and Every Day can make me feel like that And Unbroken sometimes gets me when I'm singing the lyrics Edit: I forgot to add To Love Let Go and Baby Boy/Desert Me
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    The other voice in Mood Ring is the writer Melanie Fontana. It's only really noticeable at the end. I love the song but I think Malanie's higher voice is out of place on a bass and deep vocals track. But Britney has a Crazy good ad lib right at the end. I do wish the song was on the standard edition instead of Hard to forget ya.
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    Okay, instrumental versions on BJ album are better than BOMT instrumentals, but vocal and single content is better in BOMT album.
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    I like Just Like Me. I could have done without Private Show or What You Need
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    I really don't like her vocals in that song, nor the fact that it's a cover from a bratz movie Well imo if she was gonna write a song about such a personal and touchy subject and put it on an album, she should have done it more tastefully, so that it can resonate with everyone and not just people who have personally experienced the same exact thing, idek
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    Wow her vocals are beautiful. This very much deserved to be on the Standard album. What an interesting decision. :-/
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    Yay! Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk
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