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    No one's copying Justin Bieber because the stuff he's released is not original. I've been hearing that EDM vibe all over the radio for years now, especially with the amount of DJ's that have been popping out since David Guetta became famous, it's just been evolving ever since.
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    This is a career defining track, and I'm DEVASTATED that it's been exiled to Japan. Could have easily been the lead single.
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    Girl you think you're the shit for some reason???? I haven't seen you do shit on here besides act like you own the place because you made a Lossless thread with nothing currently on it.
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    Firstly although I will say Bieber has capitalized greatly with that signature sound. Its origin is not from him...While working on his Journals album a lot of his influence came from UK garage, garage R&B etc. a popular sound that came from Craig David. so a lot of those harmonies, melodies and productions you hear in Bieber that has the squaking or really catchy diff sounding hooks (Sorry, Company, Slumber Party, Make Me, Just Love Me, I'll Show You) are just a diff interpretation of that trend already in place
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    Tbh Unusual You, Alien, Strangest Love and Every Day can make me feel like that And Unbroken sometimes gets me when I'm singing the lyrics Edit: I forgot to add To Love Let Go and Baby Boy/Desert Me
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    I really don't understand why it's something she doesn't bother doing, it's the least she can do, tbh. Don't get me started with some stans here gleefully saying they don't mind the album vocals ("I don't care if she doesn't, at least she isn't hiding it.")
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    Yeah, no. It sounds pretty unedited she's laughing in it too. Or is Miley gonna' do the same thing she did with Nicki Minaj and suddenly say, it was taken out of context. Her and the other young Disney girls can spend the next ten years trying to have a "Toxic" and "...Baby One More Time" To that I say good luck.
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    Did Andy Cohen lie? Lance Bass has gotten better looking with age and clearly he's Team Britney.
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    I love it!!!!! And Lance's continued support of Britney always makes me smile.
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    this is part of the message i sent to one of the admins who warned me by saying "be nicer to other members. this is a positive forum and you have to realize not everyone has the same opinion as you". POSITIVE LMAO! and said i was racist lol. & i asked them to delete my account but i just wanted to share this with any of the REAL FANS out there. FIGHT FOR BRITNEY all you hiding stans we love you ---------- It would just be nice to construct a place where more intelligent, dedicated Britney fans could congregate together. We don't all share those negative opinions about this project or this thing. And, quite frankly, a lot of us are hiding because of the negativity that these people spew; funny you see it as "positive"... One word answers and little GIFs of random reality stars isn't what it should be. There's a lot to discuss with this incredible woman's career and achievements and a lot to be EXCITED about! I was hoping to pull some more positive people out of the woodwork and hiding, people with intelligent discussions and stuff, but look- my thread got deleted! "Make 'The Worst of' Britney" remains... So, I just hope you know you could have a WAY better forum with WAY more members if you kept more of an eye on certain things. If certain people have weird avatars, names and make continuous jokes about Britney, well, eh.. some true fans may not want to be here. Those are the ones that aren't positive. But, this is your site, and so, have fun!
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    Honest to god, even more than new dance sets, I want some live and/or prerecorded vocals. If Britney never did anything else new for the rest of her career, I would die happy with just that.
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    Very True! Although BJ only got 2 singles so....
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    Okay, instrumental versions on BJ album are better than BOMT instrumentals, but vocal and single content is better in BOMT album.
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    Myah Joan is better than Britney's BOMT album....how shady
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    1. Blackout 2. FF 3. ITZ 4. Glory 5. Britney 6. Oops 7. Circus 8. Britney Jean 9. BOMT That's how I see it anyway
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    New Britney fans keeps forgetting he is great friends with Britney. She was the first he came out to..
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    Wow her vocals are beautiful. This very much deserved to be on the Standard album. What an interesting decision. :-/
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    What you need is in my ears better than mood ring.
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    Like, I love your channel, especially when I miss out on a leak, you are always so quick!
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    Same. I've gone thru so many fanmade album artworks.
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    Man on the moon, everytime, and just yesterday (little me)
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    Yay! Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk
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    I'm glad you're happy. I'm in a kinda sad period of my life and these songs help I guess
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    I guess I should clarify I don't get what YOUR issue is. There's no shading here. These women are not Britneys publicist. It's not their job to promote Glory. All three of them have had nothing but good things to say about Britney. You're really reaching here.
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    Soooooo because they havent mentioned anything about Glory...they're jealous and shady? This thread lacks logic.
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    already reported to RCA see ya in court srsly stop with ya flop youtube channel if ya want to help britney then stream trought a legal way like spotify, apple music, deezer, etc right now theres tons of ways to stream music legally and guess what? britney's music is there so i don't see the point in upload their albums you only make damage, is okay with unreleased songs but her albums?
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    If you call that shading, I think she looks out for Britney because Miley knows how it feels to be exploited in the industry.
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    Slay if she just repeats that performance for an hour and a half tbh I'm gonna be a bit pissed if she just does a stripped down version of POM instead of more Glory tracks since that's what she's there to promote
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    1. Love Me Down 2. If I'm Dancing 3. Slumber Party 4. Better 5. Change Your Mind 6. Invitation 7. Man on the moon 8. DYWCO 9. What You Need 10. Hard to forget ya
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    Dont apologize to such a rude person. They should be saying sorry to you. Keep working on your edits if it's something you enjoy
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    Any of these pics would've slayed for the album cover!
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