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    Homegirl aint taking shit from anyone anymore! Come thru Blackoutney!!! Bitch snapped!
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    Good for her tbh http://m.z100.iheart.com/articles/trending-104650/britney-spears-threatens-to-sue-magazine-15078313/
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    I still can't get enough of this song and I commend RCA for sticking with this track for as long as they have. The video debacle aside, pop radio sabotaged this song.
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    It was nice that it reached its peak again, but I'm afraid that this was the song's final push, now it's time to think about the second single! Make Me was a great lead single, but it's time to look forward to new, exciting stuff!
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    If the article is true then yes... yes she did
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    wtf is wrong with canada? only 6984 copies? she even gave u the femme fatale tour recording in dat country and this is how they pay to her? Britney plz leave canada out from ya next tour, i cant with that flop country first justin bieber and now this?
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    Good for you Brit!! Girl is COMING for them!!! Bitches should be scared!
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    https://mega.nz/#!V8gFGYgC!rMr4V19t9ARXOS-_5mPnAdBesE7Z4NBauLcngqk9hYQ here ya'll are @[email protected]@[email protected] Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk
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    hahahahahaha yaaaaasssssssssss i smell your breath it makes me cry. career-defining lyrics tbh
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    I want everything that has labeyed Britney on it
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    Check out DJ Hayworth's new mix, using Britney's VMA vocals and the instrumentals of MM&I (spliced with highlights of Make Me). It's basically MM&I, minus Bebe Rexha, with dashes of Make Me spliced in. Enjoy, Ya'll!
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    Who produced this because I don't want garbage on my laptop
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    That's actually great! The more it stays in a high position at the chart, the more the whole album stays relevant!!!
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    Another iconic moment from the Circus tour:
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    In my life, "Doing a Britney" = Shaving your head I don't mind it tho. Even I use it as a joke Britney doesn't know me and she won't be offended by this for the same reason
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    maybe someone can prove me wrong, but i dont think it is britney. idk but that woman doesnt really look like brit
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    you got me hooked on her I watched all her creepy videos
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    She said it herself on her Marie Claire interview, but you know, having a date =/= having a boyfriend
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    Senator John McCain literally melts when he talks about his favorite female celeb ... oneBritney Spears. Our photog got the 79-year-old Republican from Arizona at LAX Thursday, and he makes it clear ... he's not just paying lip service -- he's hardcore Brit. He also has a favorite male celeb, who's a bit more predictable. OMG LOL, so Random!!!
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    One of the good songs on the album, it still gives me Britney album vibes
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    I agree we will get nothing. But like wtf they are assholes. They can never make cash from it. Her team make me want to hit a fucking car with an umbrella too Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    i see what you did there k your turn
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    Epic... but third proves a MAJOR change in her nose... Where is that massive indent on the lower nasal ridge coming from? Her nasal bridge has always been wide and straight, Make Me video was huge proof that she had her nose slimmed, but it was straight along the lower nasal ridge and perfect! Britney you are beautiful, no more surgery... fillers and botox go for, no more surgery baby!
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    I need Original Doll and the songs from the original, scrapped, concept of Femme Fatale
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    Ohh i want a lot but i always wanted to see the When your eyes say It video its from my favorite era, it would be so cool. Some other stuff that would be nice is better quality photos of some of her old photoshoots or new never before seen photos from the bomt - oidia eras and obvious all unreleased songs there is
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    Official DVDs of all of her tours, including the mall show and her opening for NSYNC Original Doll Original director's cut videos of Gimme More, Work Bitch, Perfume, & Make Me... a big hard cover book featuring her best magazine covers and interviews an autobiography written by Britney herself a big amazing box set with all of her albums on vinyl! bluray including all of her music videos, every single one. an anthology collection for her 20 year anniversary with her best performances, appearances, videos, rarities, unreleased. basically a big celebration of the past 20 years of Britney another official calendar at least 1 more studio album, that way she has a perfect ten! World tour. Obviously all of this is very wishful thinking, but seeing as her 20 year marking BOMT is coming up relatively soon, I'd say some of this stuff is very possible.
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    Album sales don't necessary dictate the quality of the album. I don't think anyone will say BOMT is her best album even though it sold the most. For a singer who hasn't sung like in over 10 years, I think this album has performed well. Britney has lost fans since her miraculous comeback that was the Circus era. The posts have mentioned those reasons, which we all know. There wasn't even a real music video to sell the album, from an artist who redefined music videos. A mid-tempo single was very risky as a lead single. She has only performed outside Las Vegas once since 2011, so I don't think this album underperformed. Artists like Barbara have marketing plans in place to get them # 1 albums, even the album itself has on the sticker, "only artist to have consecutive number 1 albums in several decades," so her record label clearly cared enough about the charts to pull some tricks. Barbara has been touring the country promoting her album through concerts also. When you think about all the pop acts that have come and gone since 1999, I can't be disappointed with a top 3 debut. Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Ashanti, Willa Ford, Mandy Moore, Michelle Branch, etc...all these artists can't even book a spot on the VMA's to perform, let alone chart on the BB top 100. Britney has been written off since her early days, I remember during ITZ, they asked her if she was going to fade away like Debbie Gibson. Although her star has faded, Britney is a pop icon. A reinvention is severely due, although she still is putting out quality albums. She needs a "Like A Prayer," "Man in the Mirror," type of song to redefine her career, something to shock people for a good reason.
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    Didn't Pharrell Williams write this song tho? Sometimes songs are not about situations from the own singers, they're just telling other person's story/stories Who knows tbh?
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    People who disrespect people for a living don't deserve my respect.
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    This makes me feel better. Honestly Kanye has a reputation for being a dick and I guess that's what I was assuming. Thank you for this!
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    God that man is so rude! Would be interesting to know if he did that when Britney was on.. She should ox just told him to suck her toe. In other words, Fuck off.
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    How bout we bug the person who actually has it & tell him to leak it lol
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    calm down, bb. he can post about whatever he wants.. you're being rude
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    He reminded me of the dad from the movie 'metilda' if youve seen it... also i wanted him to smack those friends of hers .... I wanted ANYONE in that video to smack them
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    It was cringy, yes but it was... fun? IDK, even Britney was feeling kinda awkward while dancing with him. But it was nice.. I guess. He reminds me of that old stripper that dance for Phoebe's bachelorette party (Friends)
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