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    I've never used "doing a britney" but I do say "what would britney do?" for my everyday actions and decisions in life Lucky Charms or Cornflakes?.... "What would britney do?"
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    Yeah "doing a Britney" usually refers to head shaving or lip syncing. I don't even shave my hair but I got it cut really short and people still said that and I'm just like bitch gimme an umbrella and I'll show you what a Britney really does
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    Homegirl aint taking shit from anyone anymore! Come thru Blackoutney!!! Bitch snapped!
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    "Make me" rose to no.17 in this week's billboard hot 100 reaching its peak due to the Vmas and the "Glory" release. BUT we have to work on the radio and stream.It was no.3 on Itunes but it has stuck at the radio and the stream keep falling.The new generation need to do something. But great news.
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    This makes me happy, these gossip magazines that spread false rumors about everyone are disgusting and someone needs to stop them
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    screaming, this is so me
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    WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME I have a couple of songs which i live for, but LIAR wins, with flawless victory, Fatality, Brutality, Multality... all combined in one glamorous finisher Yeah, call me psycho (?
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    So Circus was wildly successful. Obviously. I see some bitches on Twitter hating every other track tho So "Mannequin" and "Mmm Papi" seem to be the most hated, for some reason. So I want your opinion. Also, tell me your fave non-single track off Circus because why the fuck not? IMO: "Mannequin" was totally of its time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!! imo people didn't give it the credit it deserved. "Mmm Papi" is a fun track and I love the beat. Like, shit, I even heard this one on my local radio station back in '08. Why the negative reviews? Also "Unusual U" and "Phonography" is tied as my fav.
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    Good for her tbh http://m.z100.iheart.com/articles/trending-104650/britney-spears-threatens-to-sue-magazine-15078313/
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    I still can't get enough of this song and I commend RCA for sticking with this track for as long as they have. The video debacle aside, pop radio sabotaged this song.
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    It was nice that it reached its peak again, but I'm afraid that this was the song's final push, now it's time to think about the second single! Make Me was a great lead single, but it's time to look forward to new, exciting stuff!
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    Yes Britney, sue their asses girl and please make Wendy Williams be next
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    If the article is true then yes... yes she did
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    wtf is wrong with canada? only 6984 copies? she even gave u the femme fatale tour recording in dat country and this is how they pay to her? Britney plz leave canada out from ya next tour, i cant with that flop country first justin bieber and now this?
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    I know Pharrell is credited so ultimately the meaning lies with him but I also know that he had conversations with Britney about what was going on in her life so he most likely used Britney's thoughts when coming up with the songs. That being said I think Sugarfall is probably about JT or some other guy she had a past relationship with who she was feeling at that time and since she was divorcing Kevin I don't think she was feeling romantic about him. WSIBS is definitely about Kevin and Pharrell also wrote that song.
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    Good for you Brit!! Girl is COMING for them!!! Bitches should be scared!
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    https://mega.nz/#!V8gFGYgC!rMr4V19t9ARXOS-_5mPnAdBesE7Z4NBauLcngqk9hYQ here ya'll are @[email protected]@[email protected] Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk
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    I just found these pics from the Marie Claire photoshoot in UHQ ! I hope you'll like them (Open in a new page to see them in UHQ)
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    The cinema is fading away I gotta make my way through the night Holding on with all of my might And when I'm lost, and I can't the find the way I feel the pieces breaking away Hold myself with all of my might Don't let go Just hold on tite
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    Hard to forget ya is flawless and a total send up to late 90s teen pop just updated in a modern way. Plus I love her nod to poker face. It's my 3rd fav on the album behind liar and lmd. Soo good. Really the whole album is solid.
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    When will mother teresa?!?! Ughh i love this holy charitable queen of giving
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    lmaoooo bitch please.... you wish you sounded like britney youd be lucky enough to be bald headed umbrella holding britney. Be gone puta!
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    Yes everyone I've ever met refers to "doing a britney" as a head shaving. Which I got tired of and I stopped shaving my head specifically for this reason. (That, and people tend to like my Billy Idol look.)
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    hahahahahaha yaaaaasssssssssss i smell your breath it makes me cry. career-defining lyrics tbh
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    I'm going with the song that gets so much hate: "Hard to Forget Ya." Her vocals on the bridge and ad-libs gets me every time, such an underrated gem. Glory is so solid and my favorite track changes weekly (sometimes hourly).
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    I love how it's not a sexy shoot and she's very clothed it's very gorgeous
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    I want everything that has labeyed Britney on it
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    I like her outfit she should perform like that instead of all these glittery leotards its more fresh and young and modern and oh lala baby don't be shaaaaaa
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    Some person on YouTube made a "remix" of Me, Myself & I with Britney's vocals. It's actually pretty good, Brit's vocals are slowed to match the song, and it works. Although there are some noticeably bad edits.... If someone on here could make a better version that would be fantastic, but mostly just sharing because.... imagine this as an official remix! I like it better than the original honestly. What do you think? I'm just not going to look the comments where y'all complain about the editing. It's not mine
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    That's actually great! The more it stays in a high position at the chart, the more the whole album stays relevant!!!
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    Youtube downgrades the audio quality when you upload it Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk
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    She said it herself on her Marie Claire interview, but you know, having a date =/= having a boyfriend
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    Additionally - the full version or a remix version of Me, Myself & I
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    i see what you did there k your turn
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    I want the BOMT copy with You Got It All. It was an early pressing I want OIDIA recording sessions. I want HQ versions of Pepsi commercials, songs, etc. I want the Original Doll album, demos, instrumentals, acapellas, etc. I want the Blackout album instrumentals in lossless, like Femme Fatale And I want any unreleased, particularly "Rebellion" Also, a DVD of every Britney tour. I would love that. And the Director's Cut of Perfume and Make Me... Tbh I want a lot more but it would be nice if someone just shipped me every Britney CD/DVD/Cassette/VCD/other shit.
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    This makes me feel better. Honestly Kanye has a reputation for being a dick and I guess that's what I was assuming. Thank you for this!
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    How bout we bug the person who actually has it & tell him to leak it lol
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    He reminded me of the dad from the movie 'metilda' if youve seen it... also i wanted him to smack those friends of hers .... I wanted ANYONE in that video to smack them
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    Claro que no Someone guessed it right really quick... it's just that I didn't notice
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