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    It's not vulgar, its suggestive. The new video released today is vulgar, creepy and wrong. Her friends help her pick out a boyfriend just so that they can watch her have sex with him.
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    That's so cool !! So when would that be if she's doing it ? Im kinda scared she will just let him sing tho she better do it too. Lol at people screaming already the era was terrible and promo worse than BJ era , where are they now?
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    I Love Britney. But when you're a pop star/entertainer, celebrity and public figure scrutiny comes with the territory. Britney is an entertainer but she's also a brand. If the majority of fans are disappointed its because she set the bar high with past releases. If she didn't want to release overtly sexual videos, then she shouldn't make overtly sexual songs. The new video is mediocre the original looks like it had potential...
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    I would rather not associate the Lachapelle masterpiece with this atrocity. They should have just released the original in the first place. The song never needed 2 videos. It just needed the original one. Somebody needs to leak it ASAP.
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    Don't get my hopes up!!! That would be so awesome!
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    Lbr she will be lip syncing to a prerecorded cd
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    Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1591UdxX6BlY3hmWlRNaTFVYm8/view?usp=drivesdk Video is cropped and audio fixed.
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    Don't tell that to some of the messes on this forum who think the video is the video of the decade I have been saying this in a bunch of threads now. The 2nd single has to be amazing and has to come out before Glory now. They shot themselves in the foot with this horribly edited, rushed mess of a video.
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    That is the first time I watched the leaked version or saw anything to do with it and all I have to say is what a mess it would have been. That version looks cheap, tacky and without a context. The video doesn't fit the song at all. The video that has been re shot is nothing special but has a story and fits better. Im glad the original was thrown out. This new video shows her personality more which maybe what she was going for.
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    I hope not because THIS is the official video, this one worths to be on her official channel.
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    And people are still defending what we just got?
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    No, i'm waiting for the physical release, may be stupid but i don't like buying digital albums.
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    Blackout teas coming for your weave
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    Yaaas. I know she loves a bit of Hip-Hop. I'm presuming if that tracklist was real that's why Missy Elliot is on it. I can't wait!!!
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    Many appearances since last year at awards show/events, big performance at the bbmas, a hot magazine cover, feature on a charity song, hot new perfume commercial etc.. That is how you prepare an era, promote yourself so you have exposure. And now we have promo for actual music , jimmy prank, carpool karaoke, maybe the VMAs, iHeart festival, and probably more to come.
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    -I need another Toxic. I want her to transform the sound of current pop music. -I don't care about sales, I want to see "Glory" on the best of 2016 lists at the end of the year - and possibly win Britney a grammy. -I don't care about the VMA's Britney needs to be on magazine covers and do loads of interviews/performances on talk shows this time around. These are my choices, but honestly I'd be happy with anything you listed, all the options are pretty good
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    I have a feeling theres 2 parts to the music video. The one that was just released is the 1st part where they audition the "hot guys" for the video. The second part which is what was leaked is the guys after they have been auditioned. If you look at the first video it ends with the cut scene board and the video we saw originally also has that in the beginning. The ending leads to Video 2. Bookmark Me.
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    The only way it will impact Glory is if we all act like it's shit and they decide not to put anything else out. If we demand more what she's giving us she will keep giving us more. If we demand more of what she doesn't want to give us, she won't give us shit! It's common sense and I would think people would have learned this from the BJ era! We can't control what she gives us and tbh we should just be happy there is a new era at all she could have retired tbqfh
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    Even if they release the original MV now, I think the damage is already done.
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    i think we have officially reached britney jean 2.0, even messier than before
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    The impact of @JocastaIsYoMama... Gurl you're famous now
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    Thank you. But maybe the moderators will delete this tread like the other one
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    Hi fellow stans! I am new and just created an account. I'm excited to be here! I apologize if this isn't the right place for this thread, as I'm still figuring things out. I am going to the Aug 19 POM show. Is anyone else going that day? Also what can you expect from a M&G package? I had one on the FF tour 5 years ago but I don't know if they are different for POM. I'm a lot more nervous now!! What do you ask her? How long do you get with her? Yikes! I appreciate any input you guys can give me. Thanks!
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    If the one we have now had cut scenes of choreography from the original I would think the video was perfect. Although I do like the parts where she's just free styling it too (in the version we have)
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    She's finally able to do what she's always wanted without her record label shutting it down Slay, Urban Queen!
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    Yeah, the second it was put on preorder. Just the Deluxe. Will buy a physical copy once it comes out too.
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    God her tits look incredible in that gif. They're literally all I can focus on. #jealousaf
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    Awful Quality but it sounds mid tempo with tropical influences.. So I'm totally here for that!!
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    It's suddenly blocked for me aswell, it was working right before Private Show was released, that's weird
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    I cannot think of a better, more perfect promo than Britney doing carpool karaoke. If she actually does it, I would have a lot of respect for her team. (Beyonce and/or beyonces team is stupid, Beyonce would never be on carpool karaoke, she takes herself way too seriously, it's so ugly)
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    I wanted to vote Oops that album was classic pop perfection and rlly made her explode..... But I voted Femme Fatle
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    Not really... If you read my post at the start of the thread, i was just trying spark conversation, she didn't have to follow anyone. She could follow 0 people of she wanted to. I consider myself lucky I guess.... OK
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