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    UPDATED: Britney confirmed in her Australian radio interview that the video theme is now "me and my girls auditioning guys." Sounds like the video was indeed reshot.. According to multiple trusted sources at PopJustice, the Make Me video was at least partially reshot. Apparently Britney was uncomfortable with the original edit, including the sex scene with G-Eazy and some other things. Sources say that either the entire video was scrapped or David Lachapelle removed his name from the project when her team tried to do some editing. Either way - fucking mess. Y'all know I'm the first to tell everyone to calm down and not to bitch before we know anything for sure, but this just screams Team Britney. David Lachapelle is fucking amazing, and Britney should never have agreed to film anything that she wasn't comfortable with in the first place. Why would any director want to work with her on a video again? She'll have a reputation as being difficult - first cutting scenes from Work Bitch and insinuating that everyone pushed her to do things that she didn't want to do, then totally scrapping Perfume and editing it into a boring mess, and now this. Joseph Kahn and David Lachapelle are two of the best video directors working, so it's a real shame if she's burning bridges with them. I hope that this isn't true, but it seems likely. I'm actually really bummed.
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    This whole Britney & her team scrapping & editing the videos thing is seriously draining me to the point where I'm no longer excited. It's just like u said Britney clearly knew what she was doing & if she didn't like something she definitely spoke out on it just like the tractor scene. what's worse is that Britney teased fans with pics so we're all clearly expecting sexy. If she did reshoot then it was obviously rushed which means the new video could be a mess. This is definitely gonna ruin her rep with directors & she's gonna be left with shitty directors. Hopefully I'll be excited again once she releases more stuff. I'm not upset or "having a meltdown" I'm just drained at this point. Britney and her team have been such a mess since the BJ era I just can't. One thing that I noticed is that Britney's team is good with other artists such as 5h , Nicki minaj, Miley ..etc but when it comes down to Britney there's a problem. It's either Britney or her father doing this tbh
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    Mmm that seems weird, Britney doesn't seem to have a problem with the super sexual, provocative concepts anymore, I mean, V Magazine, the Private Show commercial, BOM and TOMH performances... Even the BBMA's outfit! If this is true my only complaint is that they should've realised that they didn't like it back when they were discussing the script of the video or when they were actually shooting it, because now the release date of the MV will be delayed! Anyway, we'll see, hopefully we end up having a good quality video either way
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    So is her team censoring Britney once again or is it really Britney that was uncomfortable with the final result? I'm so confused right now
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    This is where both Britney & her team dropped the ball, because if this ends up being true. This whole era has been about reintroducing Britney as the prototypical, sexy, princess of pop so them hitting the panic button now is ridiculous.
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    Apparently the entire thing was reshot. I hope it's not true... all of this started out as rumours because the video was taking so long, but now reliable sources are saying that it really was scrapped and redone. So we may never see the red paint scene, the bulldozer, throwing the TV out the window, etc.
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    I think it is, sis. This isn't coming from Timothy, but other reliable posters who are on PJ all the time and have absolutely no reason to lie / make stuff up.
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    That's ok. Hopefully the video is released soon so it can have a little more exposure, i don't get why they wait so long. That article is too childish tho. Britney is only #65 it's not like she broke every records or whatever, i mean it's not bad but there's nothing to brag about and no need to shade Katy Perry for that.
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    The video was always slated to come out in August. David takes a long time to edit.
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    i don't know what to think anymore all i hope is that if they end up doing a new video or making change to the original they come up with something good and not a fucking mess
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    Ain't we Britney fans the luckiest? Our sex life is the best of all the fan bases because we get fucked up like everyday.
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    On another note, I agree with @I_need_me Although it is true that she shot all those raunchy / graphic scenes during the BJ era, but she was in a completely different place in her mind at the time. Currentney really looks like she has no fucks left to give anymore. Hopefully they're just making two versions of the video: Explicit and clean; one for TV and one for Vevo. But given how much they've taken to release the video... It just makes it easier to believe this kind of rumour. It's been over two months since the videoshoot. There's just no way on Earth the video isn't ready
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    Well,Britney is a pop girl from the 90's tho. So if she still manages to compete and do better than some current artists is surely something to brag about even if she's not #1. You couldn't really name more than like 3 artists from the 90's who still manage to do decently in the digital age.
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    This was a moment I wouldn't have changed and glad happened. I definitely agree about "Gimme More," but I would have replaced either BOM or TOMH.
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    Why wasn't Gimme More 2.0 Used in the BBMA show? ITS SO FLAWLESS!!! She needs to perform it to bring justice to 2007 VMAney!! it easily could have replaced ILRNR. like right after womanizer, she could be like "Its Britney Bitch" and gimme more starts then she does that bridge moan and it goes into BOM. Like WHY DID ILRNR GET PICKED AND NOT GIMME MORE?!?!?!?!?! </3
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    I have a hard time believing that she was uncomfortable with a sex scene after she released the music video for Criminal tbh. And Britney was a lot more timid back in the FF era.
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    I'd be really annoyed if this is true it's so unbelievable to me that one of the biggest pop stars in the world has Such problems. I think her management team is a mess. its spanned over multiple albums now. always issues always re edits its annoying
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    If this is true I just wish they'd officially release both versions, they can have a clean version and the original version with an age restriction or something, that way she could also have extra streams since she'd have both videos and the people that watched one version would be curious and check the other version! I mean, that's what I'd do and I think that's what makes the most sense, but yeah
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    What is Make Me? All I see Britney promoting are rainbow pancakes on IG.
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    I'll be honest, I completely forgot about the song and video since there's a lack of promotion and majority of the hype has been dying down. If we get it cool, if we don't then I ain't even mad...
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    Thanks for the Information yeah.... the song is dropping like a rock on iTunes now. But i think we have to wait a week or 2 for a release
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    I can't. I just can't. If only she / they would tweet something about it. At least she was pushing Ben Mor for WB on Twitter and asked us to push him as well. But now it's just complete silence.
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    Apparently the needed reshoots are already complete.
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    IF... it is true, then maybe since there were so many leaks a few weeks ago of video footage, we'll get lucky and the original David Lachapelle Edit will leak and we can basque in it's glory!!!!! Someone out there obviously has it, right!?!?! Now I wish they would LEAK IT! LIKE NOW NOW NOW!
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    But wait, during the tumblr QA someone asked her about the video and she said its about female empowerment. There's no way she did a reshoot
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    Mess. Maybe that's why the video has been delayed for so long and that we've heard nothing about it. I feel like Britney was in sort of a sexy, confident phase when shooting the 'original' video and coming up with ideas and now she may be regretting it and wanting to change it. I can understand, she's taken risks with her music videos before so meh. Kinda sucks to be honest, hope they atleast keep some good bits in.
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    awesome! i'll finally know what her favorite skittle flavor is and that the new album is coming pretty soon
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    Maybe's she's saving it for the VMA's mashup.
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    Omg, fuck no. Gimme More is by far the worst choreography/stage routine of the whole show. It's choreography is awful, and she is never timed right with the dancers. It's a mess routine I do not want the world to see. Original Break The Ice though please!
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    this, she better give us details about the new album/video i swear if they ask her more "what do you like to do in your free time" questions i'll throw my computer out of the window
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    And skip the backflip in front of the GP ? Insane
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    I honestly prefer the original version, but this one is good too. Oh, we uploaded this to AudioBritneyBeats !
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    98% of the promo is made by the army. just sayin'
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