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    I swear to god we have the best fan base of all time. I'm dead.
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    UPDATED: Britney confirmed in her Australian radio interview that the video theme is now "me and my girls auditioning guys." Sounds like the video was indeed reshot.. According to multiple trusted sources at PopJustice, the Make Me video was at least partially reshot. Apparently Britney was uncomfortable with the original edit, including the sex scene with G-Eazy and some other things. Sources say that either the entire video was scrapped or David Lachapelle removed his name from the project when her team tried to do some editing. Either way - fucking mess. Y'all know I'm the first to tell everyone to calm down and not to bitch before we know anything for sure, but this just screams Team Britney. David Lachapelle is fucking amazing, and Britney should never have agreed to film anything that she wasn't comfortable with in the first place. Why would any director want to work with her on a video again? She'll have a reputation as being difficult - first cutting scenes from Work Bitch and insinuating that everyone pushed her to do things that she didn't want to do, then totally scrapping Perfume and editing it into a boring mess, and now this. Joseph Kahn and David Lachapelle are two of the best video directors working, so it's a real shame if she's burning bridges with them. I hope that this isn't true, but it seems likely. I'm actually really bummed.
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    Seriously stop. Nothing will ever satisfy everyone. I like the cover. Why do you have to change it for your opinion when others like it how it is?
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    Are you always this positive or just right after good news are announced?
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    This project is developed by @AudioBritneyBeats and myself (@Louis) The setlist is a complete idea by @AudioBritneyBeats and the designs are by me. It's pure fantasy so have fun and Come And See My Private Show LOGO SETLIST COSTUME SKETCHES OVERVIEW Thanks for your attention NB : Please respect our job, don't steal the images but add credits http://louisroheillustrations.tumblr.com
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    Britney and her team finding out that touring instead of being in Vegas helps with sales
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    It's what really strikes me the most. Gay, straight, man, woman, black, white, brown, blue, fat, short, young, old.... at this point, in the U.S, no one is safe. It's gay clubs, it's elementary schools, it's movie theatres, it's college campuses. These are all attacks on everyone's freedom. Places that should feel safe no longer are. It's truly a sad and scary time.
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    I'm just going against the norm and say this - I'm actually kind of glad it was cut, and here's why.... It was WAY TOO MUCH sex, and something Britney has never been is TOO MUCH sex. Yes, Britney is sex, but the way she uses sex is not vulgar, it's not in your face, it's done is a way that makes you question how sexual it is. It's done in a way that's always elegant & classy. Plus, Britney's image has become a lot more wholesome & grown up, and not so centered around her sex appeal. Not to mention, the execution of the product placement was not well executed either. From what I saw of the video, it was trashy, and it painted an image I don't think Britney wanted for herself. Do I think that scrapping the video entirely was a good idea? No. They should have used the original dance scenes, and somehow blended the two versions together. I think what the Make Me video we have is missing, is an actual dancing scene - one with actual choreography & fellow dancers. I also do not think the one we have is bad, but because we had images of the other, we were disappointed. The new one is cute, quirky, and fun. It's very Britney.
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    How are 3 super low quality pictures of a scene Britney already posted pictures from ages ago ruining any surprises tho?
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    In a interview for People Magazine, she said: “I haven’t been to Europe in a while. I’m adding a couple of new songs in the show. There’s so many changes,” she says. “I have a month-and-a-half before I go, so I have a little work to do but I’m really excited about it.” So guys, prepare yourselves! (Can some Main Page this? I hate seeing news threads being ignored)
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    Hello, Universe! @JonHardy! asked me to write an essay about why I love Britney so please, read this! Hi everybody! I'm sairaannopee99 and I'm a 17 years old male from Finland. And in this text I'll explain why I love Britney. So, here it goes... I started listening to Britney in 2012. She's one of the first artists I started listening to. And I've been listening to her the longest. It all started when I saw her Femme Fatale world tour performance on TV. I was like: "OMG she's good! Who is she?" Then after the performance I went to the internet and found a lot of information about her (including 07). I immediately fell in love with her and she got all my sympathies! Then on 8th grade I went through a lot of trouble in my life, I was even put to a foster home for some time. It was hell on Earth! The only thing that kept me from going completely insane was Britney's music. And I thought: "If Britney made it through 07, I can make it through this!" So, eventually, I got out of there and could start a new, better life! But there was just one problem... my friends HATE pop music. Like really, really much! So, of course I was too afraid to tell them about her and kept it a secret for over a year. One day, I decided to join this forum and ask this community for advice about what I should do. So, some people said things like: "Wait untill they're more mature or find a good moment to tell them". And others said things like: "Tell them. If they are your real friends, they'll accept who you are". Eventually, I first told my mom about this (Why didn't I tell her earlier?). And she gave me all her support. Then I wrote an essay like this to our Whatsapp group. Of course, without the mentions about my past since they knew already. So, I spent a long time trying to find the right words and finally sent it. Then I put my phone in my pocket and went to a shop nearby. When I came home, I started reading the responses. I was so nervous! And guess what... THEY ACCEPTED IT! Well, they still don't understand why I love Britney's music but I think they understood why I love her as a person. And all that matters is that they accepted me as who I really am! So, what I've learned from Britney is that you should never be afraid to be yourself and no matter how badly things go, it will be better one day. She fell to the bottom, then rose back to the top! She has really inspired me both with her music and with her words. And that, everybody, is why I love Britney Spears
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    And I'm so f*cking excited!!! im gonna hang it on my wall soon and I will put it next to the poster that came with it
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    hopefully they won't redo the video and not make it about britney going shopping with her dancers trying to figure out what kind of pjs she should get at target
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    Selfish? Trouble For Me? Liar? This thread should ban you instantly tbh.
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    Make Me is the problem. I still like the song don't get me wrong but after listening to the album you just wonder why they wanted THAT to be the lead single. The album can have longevity if she keeps promoting it but right now they need to GIVE UP on Make Me asap. If they keep forcing it this era is going nowhere.
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    guys stop complaining about every thing seeing her again at the VMAs was a dream to us
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    Sometimes I wonder if people really know who they're stanning for
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    Queen of throwing shade at pissed off fans with the music video answer.
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    If you like and are enjoying the song, why does it matter if it's a "flop"?
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    None of them. That's just rude. How do you think Britney would feel if she actually saw it? There is a reason why they changed the video, respect that. Show her your support instead.
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    Yesterday at the gym I hear Breathe On Me and Everytime through the speakers, and today I hear Toxic on the radio.
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    The impact tho I'm accepting requests. Just let me know what you want to have with the Blackout hat and the background and I'll do it asap.
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    Maybe it's just that she doesn't take everything so seriously like her fans do and she likes to have fun with quirky filters because she's a normal person, I don't know, it's just an idea
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    If you want any real mic feed from POM, play ANY video you can possibly find from ANY night, turn the sound off and there you go!
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    Hey guys! Last night I went to Jingle Bash in Chicago and got to see Britney for the 2nd time this year (5th overall)!! I actually live in Chicago, and Britney hasn't been here since 2011, so when it was announced she was gonna be playing Jingle Bash I was dying to go! It took me awhile to get my money together, and TBH I was really late on buying my tickets, but I was just happy to be going honestly.. My seats were in the 200 section, so I was decently far away, but I still tried to film the entire show. Right from the beginning of the night it was pretty clear everyone was pumped for Britney. There were so many fans in Brit merch it was blowing my mind! The woman sitting next to me was even in a Circus Tour shirt lol. Any time the radio hosts would mention Britney's name the crowd would cheer extra loud. Finally when it was time for Britney the audience was going crazy! For basically all of Work Bitch the crowd was screaming. For Womanizer and Slave the crowd was screaming the words, on top of that every dance break had a huge reaction from the audience. I was honestly getting chills at how much the audience was rooting for her. Tbh most of them didn't know the Glory tracks, but they were still jamming (especially during Make Me with G-Eazy). When Toxic came on I honestly got goosebumps, the crowd was singing the iconic violin riff and going wild. They even remembered the words to Stronger and Crazy It was one of the most exciting crowds for any concert I've ever been to. To see such a huge audience show so much love for Britney was really special. I took videos of every song, but I was pretty far and using an iPhone camera so they aren't very good, but I still wanted to share them:
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    omg wow we have to wait until tomorrow to hear this big reveal? I'm sorry but you're such a troll for this
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    Mmm Papi Now see I'm mommy And that make you Papi And that makes us Luvi
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    I'm at Walmart now and they're playing Till The Slay Ends!!!! I'm practically jamming in the aisle like YASSSSS
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    If they do things right Liar could do really well! The song itself may not be the strongest track on the album, but it sounds very 90's/early 2000's, or said in other words, it sounds very classic Britney. If they make a "classic Britney" MV, with pants and crop tops and lots of choreography, all the nostalgic people will stan for it! No by Meghan Trainor did well because of that, it sounded very old school pop and people liked that!
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    #1 debut for Glory, 50 000 sold in 2 days reaching GOLD certification.....but, not only that......BRITNEY JEAN RE-PEAKS IN THE COUNTRY, RE-ENTERING THE CHARTS AT #3, BESTING IT'S PREVIOUS #4 DEBUT IN MEXICO!
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    Blackout and Glory #2 debuting Masterpieces
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    it's about what colour D she wants depending on her mood
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    We're gonna be able to listen to Private Show in full tonight, isn't this amazing?
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    Today from 6pm-7pm est on MTV HITS it was Britney TAKEOVER!! A Full hour of Britney Videos!!! MTV ONLY does hitstakeover when they are about to promote an artist when they are going to premiere a new video by the artist or a performance on one of their award shows!!!! I think this means that the MM video is going to premiere either tomorrow or Friday!!!! ALSO (fingers crossed) what if this means she might be performing at the VMAS!!!!!???? While we're at it....I know none of this is likely...BUT...WHAT IF... -We were wrong about the Make Me reshoots? -Britney's team loved the video all along but wanted to add more dancing, so they did a reshoot.. hence those dance moves she was practicing that she posted on Instagram. -During the re-shoots Britney also filmed another video for a different song (2nd single or promo single )which will be added to POM (She confirmed she's adding 2 songs including MM).. -All these meltdowns were for nothing because we are about to get hit with some heavy promo?!?! ( I mean we already know about Kimmel) EITHER WAY... I'm soooo ready for the MM video slayage!!!! What do you guys think?!?! UPDATE: VMAs seems even more likely now.. #GLORY pre-order tonight Drops 8/26 UPDATE #2: 2 POM shows around the Vmas were cancelled... CALLED IT!! MTV is promoting Britney bc she is going to perform at the VMAs!!!
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    YOU COVER HATERS NEED TO GET YOUR EYESIGHT CHECKED AND YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. Sweet Christ on a cracker, it was literally announced ten minutes ago and you're already nitpicking? WHAT IS THIS FANDOM
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    I have a hard time believing that she was uncomfortable with a sex scene after she released the music video for Criminal tbh. And Britney was a lot more timid back in the FF era.
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    If this is true I just wish they'd officially release both versions, they can have a clean version and the original version with an age restriction or something, that way she could also have extra streams since she'd have both videos and the people that watched one version would be curious and check the other version! I mean, that's what I'd do and I think that's what makes the most sense, but yeah
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    I know, but MM doing better than WB, PG and what about to say Pefume ... something that we don't see since FF era, we also must understand that Katy is promoted through the world, is the theme song of the Olympics, something that is very relevant worldwide, lowered her single to cents, she is an "artist of the moment" and the girl is pretty hot, there's no denying, visuals always sells. That being said, even if her song was complete rubbish trash, imagine "Snooki" from Jersey Shore doing the Olympics theme (lmao), It would be doing better, with all this massive promo. Still MM is doing pretty well, for the little promo that has been given, is simply the power of Britney, or else watch other good artists like Tinashe and Demi Lovato, both with new singles and not even in the top 10... they don't have the legacy that Britney already has. So forget about sells and charts right now, she's expected to promote this, and when the video comes it will go up again! She can't just throw everything within the first days, that would be a MM killer! Be thankful for the new era, or it will end right before your eyes without you enjoying it. Peace out and stream Make Me.
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    Y'ALL THAT BODY, THAT CONFIDENCE, THAT VOOOOOOOOOOOICE I can't believe those two words sang on the preview of a commercial for a perfume posted on istagram are better than a 90% of what's playing on the radio right now, Godney saving pop music once again
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    The "2017" picture is from the Femme Fatale tour.
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    I think those vanilla candles are hanging from the ceiling low
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    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON UNIVERSE!!! So I started a new job a few months back and haven't had the time to obsessively post or check universe and it's KILLING ME! I just want all the regulars here (the ones that stay positive, always make me laugh, keep it real, or hell even some of the trolls too) to know that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Even if I don't have the time to post often, nothing will change that and I appreciate all of you amazing stans! Universe is simply the best.. PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Also the Slumber Party video is forever scalping me and I see no end in sight! After a while to process it and let it sync in, I honestly think it's her best video since Toxic! Don't get me wrong I love ALL of her videos and while some others also come close for me like Work Bitch or TTWE, she is so alive in this video and really seems into the choreo in a primeney kinda way I feel like we haven't seen in a video since Toxic! As a life long stan it's truly a magnificent moment to behold! So whenever I'm depressed my new go to is the Slumber Party video and *VOILA* I can't help but smile!! Praise GODNEY, I am truly BLESSED!!! I'm going to Chicago this weekend to see her for the 5th time this year! (POM in Jan, April, & August and then the iheart Radio in Sept and now Chicago) Charts and controversy aside this is probably my favorite era to be a stan since ITZ or Circus! So join me and put on your Merry X-Mas Bitch sweatshirts this season and have a merry Britmas everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for this era! Peace! Love you all!
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    From a reliable PJ source: There's also whispers that Sony didn't like their TV being used to murder someone.
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    she wanted to show her ass more ? Ugh I fucking love her. Girl got some ass
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