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    And the song turns out the same. No? They should have kept the song. So Britney could release God's Diner instead.
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    She should create "Vanilla Candle Records" so she can make a really fun, urban, cool and artsy-fartsy album
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    I don't know about creating her own record label, but she should definitely change the one she's with right now and work with people that listen to her and care about her and her music.
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    It's sad tbh. I don't like to discuss about body/face whatever, but i must to admit she's ruining her face. She looks so plastic now, the nose was one thing (who knows what she did to it) and it never really "bothered" me because sometimes i don't even see differences with before, but her lips look really bad. She has duck lips it's not pretty, the video she made recently with a denim jacket i was chocked at how different and plastic she looked. There is also sometimes i can't even recognize her, like as said LiaLovesGodney the women health magazine. But what bothers me in this is that she takes this thing too lightly, i don't know if she realizes this is a serious subject. Saying she's doing "fun stuff" was bad, it made it look like it's something cool to do, nothing serious, everybody can do it, as if it was like having a new manucure or something, but surgery/injections is nothing "fun" and must be taken seriously, it was a really bad message from her. Honestly at this point i'm scared at how she'll look in a few years
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    she should get whatever work she wants because IT'S HER FUCKING FACE
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    Those methods of changing one's appearance you listed are neither permanent nor potentially life threatening. They are trivial compared to surgical procedures.But let's agree to disagree.
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    I respect your opinion, but imo surgery is nothing like changing your haircolor or wearing makeup etc.. all of these you can do what you want, when you want and how you want to, and you can change it all the time. It feels more like wearing nice clothes that will flatter your body for example, but you're actually accepting who you are with your flaws, all you do is flatter what you think is attractive. It has nothing to do with the surgery issue which tends to be used as an easy way to magically solve mental insecurities regarding your physical appearance, which is beyond stupid (not to be rude). Surgery is a serious thing and i have a feeling that today people doesn't take it as serious as it is, as Britney said, it's a "fun stuff", but it's really not and people tend to forget it. Surgery is permanent, and even botox, even if it fades after a while it can have some irreversible effect. As i said it became the easy way for some people. Like, you don't like your nose so you're gonna have surgery instead of learning to accept yourself and work on your confidence etc.. You're a little overweight so you're gonna have liposuction because you're too lazy to go to the gym and eating decently, or even again accept yourself the way you are and learning how to compliment yourself. And list goes on. I agree with Lia when she said surgery must be for medical issues. People using surgery for aesthetic reason is sad imo even pathetic. Then of course, everybody can do whatever they want, but it just shows the person is very insecure, naive and/or doesn't want to do any effort to work on it. And if it's for fun then it's even worse because the person is just reckless, has absolutely no awareness of the seriousness. You don't do surgery because "i don't like this". I feel this society became way too superficial and lazy. If you don't feel good the way you are, surgery isn't the solution, working on how to love yourself is, because if you're ready to take the risk to mess up with your face and suffer (i never did surgery, botox or whatever, but i doubt it's an amazing sensation of pleasure) because you don't like something that's because you have deeper problems, the thing you don't like is just the surface of your insecurities. But then again, that's just my opinion.
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    I don't see there's anything wrong with plastic surgery if you get it to feel yourself better. People dye their hair, use makeup, use push up bras, color contact lenses and so many other things everyday, not only plastic surgery is used to change things we don't like of our physic. The problem is when people get surgery to like people or to fit in society and get obsessed with it. The risk is minimum if you got it done by a truly professional. There's risk in so many other things daily and people don't say anything about it. When plastic surgery is done right, nobody have to notice you had a nose job(for ex). The only thing that I find kinda ridiculous is when people get exaggerated big lips, boobs, butts... This is only my opinion, I understand there's a lot of people who doesn't like it and I respect that. I also think Britney doesn't need it but if it's what she really wants and make herself feel better, I'm completely ok with it.
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    didn't Iggy say she basically rewrote the entire song? Britney always takes rejected songs and makes them better, hello toxic. Not saying pretty girls is as good as toxic, but it's definitely better than anything this irrelevant group could hope to release
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    Her smile isn't a problem as much as her nose. I just can't get over what she's done to it, even though she only had the tip pinched. Such a small change really had a big effect on her face. She still looks beautiful, but it unbalanced her features and was completely unnecessary since she had such a cute little button nose. I don't understand why people continue to get work done. It baffles me. We all look at others and think it looks awful, so why do it? It's kind of delusional to think it's going to be any different for yourself, and sad that someone as pretty as Britney felt so insecure to have something done. They need laws tbh so that plastic surgery can only be done for medical issues and/or having to go under psychological review beforehand to determine that it's really for the well being of the patient. I don't think absolutely everyone, granted they have the cash, should be able to go under the knife.
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    Of course Britney has the right to do what she wants to her body (Idk why some of you have to point that out in a thread you could have just ignored....). Anyways, I have wondered about how many insecurities are at play when anyone (namely a very attractive person who had no medical reasons for getting work done) wants to alter their appearance, because obviously they were unhappy with themselves. And the fact that Britney referred to it as 'fun stuff' was a tad off-putting. Britney is beautiful, but she will reach a point of being unrecognizable (and through my eyes there are times when already has...ex. 2014 women's health). I have my own opinions about plastic surgery (or injecting chemicals into your face) and how risking complications just to attain this image you want to see in the mirror should not be taken lightly within society. And I'll add that I am no stranger to wishing my imperfections would go away. However, it is disheartening seeing a woman I have been in awe of since I was kid change (not just naturally/bc of aging) in front of our very eyes.
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    tbh that song is hot as fuck and the performance kills everyones favs career
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    Some people lack reading comprehension skills.But I totally agree with your last comment. Celebrities have made surgery popular. Surgery in every situation is dangerous and should never be taken lightly. When society makes a person going through extreme procedures seem like they are getting a haircut, there is something seriously wrong.
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    Good reading is not your best thing! It won't become less people will always judge other people. People are never perfect in others eyes. People always finds excuses and arguments to do things. And i already get judged daily for being overweight but i'm working with a group of people to lose it all on a non invasive way.
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    That's interesting. They might just take on TIDAL as well. As for the poll - she should change both the record label and the management.
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    Okay back in 2011 people were complaining that she looked old and needed work done and now people are complaining that she got work done There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. It's something so superficial, and to judge based on that is ridiculous. It's not that she's unhappy with herself, because being happy with yourself comes down to much more than what you look like and stems from within, it's just that some parts of her appearance she feels like might not be who she feels, you know what I mean? If getting fillers makes her feel more like herself, then all the power to her. It's nobody's business what anyone does to their own bodies. Sure, some people to get obsessive about their looks and go overboard, but a few fillers and a pinch of the nose obviously isn't that. Yeah maybe her top lip injections this last time looked a bit unnatural, but I think she looks great. It's her body, she can do what she wants with it.
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    I love that she is FINALLY so happy and is enjoying life and herself!! To me, that is enough. If the Vegas residency will continue for one more year, I even might save some money to go see her live! I hope so, it's one of my biggest dreams!!!! (or just saving for the PG T-shirt LOL) Just enjoy her happiness, B-Army!!! I can't get enough of her smiling face! Btw she looks more beautiful than ever and seems she has grown up a little bit as a human being. Support her no matter what!!
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    Z100 played the top 9 songs in New York at 9 pm today (pretty sure it was done by votes/requests) I was in a tanning salon getting ready for prom and i heard it at either #5 or #4!! I was so happy, i love how the radio is finally paying attention to this smasha
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    Technically they didn't write the song anyway, so why are they taking themselves so seriously? And they are basic anyway, their music is for 12 years olds who are just starting to have an opinion on things.
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    Are we still discussing this in 2015? I thought it was already clear that a grown up woman can do whatever she wants with her face. We may agree or not with plastic surgery, but discussing someone's appearance like that is so inappropriate because physical appearance is such a sensitive issue. It's not 2013 anymore, just move on!
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    IT's part of Pretty Girls promotion, duh.
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    So I just found out that Demi and Nick Jonas are launching a record label. The main aim is to be an artist-centric label that puts the music first rather than the profits. We often hear many artists having major difficulties with record companies and management. So which brings me to the question: Do you think Britney should make her own record label where she is free to make her own professional and artistic choices? I remember many of us suggested that Britney should have her own label... Also, I feel that if she does retire (which I hope will be very very far away), this would make a cool project for her to help aspiring talented artists kickstart their careers or something. lol Anywho... would love to hear your thoughts! Let's discuss!
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    Someone with body dysmorphic disorder or with an eating disorder should not be able to easily get lipo suction (for example), because psychologically their mind is constantly telling them that there is something wrong with their body when there may not be. In that kind of case, regulation is needed.
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    I've used that as my Twitter bio since 2009
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    Thank you so much for your input. I knew people would jump all over me for this post but it's something I felt and where else to discuss it than on a Britney site with people who love her the way I do
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    I could not agree with you more!
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    The only thing Britney gets is botox and lip fillers calm down who doesnt get that in the industry tbh Now about her nose , if u go to her makeup artist instagram page she is a huge fan of contouring (which is why Brits nose is looking slimmer) Britney looks amazing an shes a beautiful woman , I dont get how her face makes u sad (completely disrespectful) And how in the world does she look like a porn star ?
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    She probably listens to a lot of stuff from the 70's/80's/90's, she seems to love those old school songs!
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    Honestly, I think that besides this superficial music industry, fans are also kinda responsible for her insecurities that led to whatever she has done. I remember topics in that awful exhale where people were using high resolution pictures and were literally checking her skin pores to see how much she has aged. In other topics they were taking a bad day picture and a picture from red carpet and were discussing for PAGES how she is getting rapidly old... I think every age is special and the face wrinkles are special. It's a natural part of growing up and changing and it's pointless to try to cover them up and turn the time backwards. A person can be beautiful with or without wrinkles. A person in their 40s has a more mature wild beauty and a person in their 20s has a more raw and clean beauty. I'm a little disappointed that she tries to hide that. It is also sad that she feels so insecure with herself when she is naturally so beautiful...
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    Usually I never notice such things like nose jobs, lip injections etc. However, since one of the members commented that she is starting to develop the joker smile, I can't stop noticing her smile. It did change and for the worse. Anyway, she is still beautiful and if she wants to do things to her face it's her own decision. I don't really like it though...
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    I remember hating this song until the performance of it, then it became one of my favorites from the album
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    1: 1 2: 2, 3 & 4 3: 3, 5 & 6 4: 3, 4 & 6 5: 2 & 5 6: 1, 3 & 4 7: 3, 4 & 5 8: 1 & 4 9: 1, 2 & 4 Good luck to everyone! Vote for me please (3.5)
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    Yeah... this is sort of the general consensus. I like both equally for various reasons.
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    was this supposed to be a controversial statement? or a debatable one? Cuz it's neither tbh
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    That air conditioning thing is giving me IABJ teas
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    "I'm gonna come back very soon" so is she confirming the Australian launch of the Intimate Collection? Anyway, this was such a cute interview, and thank god they talked about Pretty Girls! The air conditioner thing was super random tho
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