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    "With a lot of major pop stars today" Well that's not comforting at all.. lol.. pop stars this days ar boring as fuck!! And they dont have choreos.. But thanks Im gonna watch some videos..
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    She looks fucking hot tbh, her body is so hot that i thought this picture was photoshopped at first but actually no. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
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    I'm not sure what to think. So much Britney news in the past hour and a half
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    there wasnt even an "era", lol. i wish yall wouldnt glorify that time, its iconic but not for good reason, and im sure she doesnt look back on it positively. music was ace tho, obviously
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    I like her! Finally a girl choreographer! She will get Britney's body because she's a woman herself, unlike squared flopision.
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    It is a nice change we are not used to very often for sure
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    That was so annoying. Lol hard for me to watch the whole thing.
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    The only thing i don't like is her blonde shade with her tan skin tbh, it would have been better if her hair were a little darker, but maybe it will look better in video I like the earrings tho, it's very 80's
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    Britney looks so happy and I love seeing her enjoying it! And Iggy looks great too on that Instagram photo she posted!
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    I wonder why we haven't heard a snippet yet? She seems to be filming in public?
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    Starbucksney is always the best. All we need right now is Hannah to make a cameo in the video too.
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    ................................... :moorangu: you realise that was a joke right? please say you're being sarcastic
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    Yep its done But according to his interview, Brit is not the one who sang the bridge, Will.I.RuinCareers did
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    Feel how you feel about Work Bitch but I did find the bridge to be empowering. "hold your head high, fingers to the sky, they gon try to try ya but they can't deny ya keep it floating higher and higher...now they don't believe ya but they gonna need ya..." like come on is that not empowering? Have confidence in yourself is what I took away from it. And obviously she's being sarcastic, if all you want is materialistic things that you think come easy, well surprise those things don't come easy, you gotta work for it. But honestly I don't know why I'm even entertaining you here because all you ever post about Britney is negatively coated. I know you're a fan but at the same time you sound like a permanently disappointed one and honestly it's a bit frustrating to read but your opinions are yours so I'm not attacking them.At the same I'm allowed, so is everyone else, to have some hope that we're getting something good from her. Feel how you want to feel though.
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    I hope it is full of attitude actually.. I am not here for a Meghan Trainor track - as shallow as that sounds..
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    Oh i forgot the even worse one well then it is the SECOND worse. Truly abysmal
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    Goodbye 'Bloated Joan' thank goodness it didn't touch the Holy top 10 Even though it;s flawless
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    He About To Flop Me over Slay On Tight? Stay deluded y'all
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    The next song out oh my gosh i'm crying hdu do this to ha
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    Dddddd i love it but it doesn't really stand a chance to the other remaning songs minus Freakshow
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    When it all falls, when it all falls
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    How unnoticed that picture would've passed if we didn't know the tittle of the song Anyway, I'm so excited! Whether it's for the video or for Vegas I always love to see her at dance rehearsals
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    Ofcourse its uptempo lol , Britney said its something U can play in clubs... I love brian friedman and the others u mentioned as well but U have To think about it, this is the first time ever that Britney has worked with a female choreographer. A woman knows a womens body so this will be definitely good
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    She looks great and I'm glad there's gonna be some type of choreography for the video
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    drag your mp3 onto here https://www.sendspace.com/ then copy the link once it's finished and give it to me :ooyeah:
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    That era is iconic but for the wrong reasons... You could tell she was lost and really didn't know where to go, but I agree on the fact that the album was an accurate description of Britney at the moment: Dark, angry and confused. I hope she never goes through the same stuff again!
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    No, Lucky is still one of Britney's most recognized songs. I do wish she'd sing it live but that's like asking for Beyonce to be original
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    I secretly have always disliked hold it against me :oopss: Also Freakshow and Do Somethin' are two of my favs
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    Yes Knowing them, there are 98% it won't happen tho But i believe they will release the music video the same day as the song release tho. She'll be in Vegas so they probably will release the video the day the song it's released, like that it will make us wait until the end of the leg and actual promo (and by that i mean interviews, obviously i don't expect wonderful things since she's a mom now). I wonder who had the idea to release the song in the middle of a leg tho, what a mess. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Britney herself, like that she wouldn't have to worry about promo.
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    Photos or it didn't happen https://twitter.com/QueenNeyde/status/586231832770908160?s=09
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