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    well, i really want to have the opinion and being vocal about it! btw, no negativity or any bullying towards other opinions from others. but tbh, i would love to read all of your opinions as well, because i belive everyone has one right? as you know britney (thank you so much god!) did get the primary custody over sean&jayden. and i'm BEYOND fucking happy for her! well now it's time to be serious: i know most of you were upset because of her billboard interview, and i know that you want the new music&stuff, BUT: i think right now it's more important that britney tries to repair some things she did as mother. i don't blame or judge her or anyone. i think britney is an amazing mother, and even if she was struggling in 2007, i belive she tried the best she could to be a good and loving mother. and it pisses me off that some fans are so selfish to only care about her music instead to think about britney's needs, feelings or even her wishes. and i have a question for everyone: do you care for britney as famous world pop star OR for britney as human being? i want the honest answers. my answer is: i care for britney as human being. and i respect her feelings and the fact that she has 2 kids.
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    Britney never said anything about album 9 being released this year. Britney never said anything about the Iggy collab. Now that we have the truth from Britney, some of you are acting as if she lied. Britney said back in September she was going to take her time with this album. She is not lazy nor is her team. You all have no one but yourselves to blame because you went off of rumors and alledged sources.
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    i don't remember britney said anything bad about anyone
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    I think I would change the theme of the Onyx hotel tour (not sure to what). Or maybe make the stage look different and film less cheesy interlude scenes. Where she did the ABC special, Gotham Hall, had a cool atmosphere. Sensual and mysterious. Onyx tour kinda had that feel but at times missed the mark with production, imo. Oh, and add Early Mornin' & And Then We Kiss to the set list.
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    Well, then...don't let the door hit u on the way out because it's not gonna go the way you want it. Your that fan who thinks Britney owes you something...guess what, Britney owes us nothing. She has given fifteen years of her life to the world and finally wants to take time to do what she wants. Britney wanted Vegas, point blank period. It's not an excuse, it the truth. This is the life she wants and i can't with you trying to play this as if she was forced. I dont care if she half asses every move, lips every goddamn song, goes on some shitty tv show to perform or tour around the fucking world, after what she has been through because of her "Job", her showing up with a smile and energy is good enough for alot of her fans, because after all this time, for her to still want to get on that goddamn stage and perform for, what some of you are, a bunch of ungrateful blood sucking bastards, is a miracle....do YOU get it now? ....prob not or ever
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    Britney released An Album in December 2013. It wasn't what you all wanted. Some of you even whined and wished that Britney released Work Bitch as a promo single. Circus was released in December 2008 and Femme Fatale wasn't released until March 2011. Then BJ was released in December 2014. I just Don't see why everybody is bitching. Look at the time between ITZ and Blackout. Releasing songs and singles during the waits has been a pattern for years with Britney. Only between BO and Circus was there no break and off shot songs/singles..
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    At first I just loved her as an artist, like how she slayed me with her musics, videos and performances... until I got curious about her and knowing about her life story, and at that time I started to love her as a person too, I mean she is humble, sweet, beautiful (of course) and strong in facing all her problems... how can I not love this side of her And at that time too, I started becoming a stan till today! And to know she is in the happiest place rn, make me even happier, and can't wait for all the singles she will release this year
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    If the Circus outfits were tacky, then so were the ones for DWAD and Oops tours.
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    you, my friend, understand! If J.Lo, Beyonce and Shakira want to raise their kids on the road, thats their thing, Britney doesn't and why should she want to?
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    She's Serving up all kinds of face again!She looks so much like Primeney! I am slayed https://instagram.com/p/0LPjzLB4vU/
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    Both but she has give us her whole life ....I think it's time for her. I would be happy with some singles and her just enjoying her life
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    I think people often forget the truly horrific things Britney went through because she's doing so well and has overcome so much. I will always care about Britney the person before the pop star. And seeing her shine now and so incredibly happy with her family AND her career is all I could wish for her. Britney is the sweetest, most kind and genuine celebrity out there, and deserves to do whatever it is that makes her happy.
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    Not to mention, a career that contributed to destroying her life....fans love to compare her to other artists, esp. other artists that are mothers...but has Madonna ever had a public mental breakdown, that resulted in losing custody of her kids and 2 stays in a pscyh ward of the hospital?? J LO??? Celine??? NO!!! But, Britney did, the fact that she has made such an amazing recovery and still wants to stick with this career should be appreciated!!
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    AMEN. and it is sad let's be honest: she worked her ass of 15+ years straight for US to be happy and i think after 15+ years of hard working it's time that britney do something that makes HER happy even if that means have another baby. but i think she's on a good place right now
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    I care about Britney both as a person and an artist, but i put her as a person first. I think Britney has the right to do whatever the fuck she wants, if she wants to wait awhile before putting out her next album, she should, sure as fan a long wait will suck, but oh well, that's life. Plus, let's be real, there will ALWAYS be fans who find something to bitch about. She could release the album next week or 5 years from now and certain fans will find something to knit pick to death. As for SP and JJ, THEY SHOULD ALWAYS COME BEFORE US, her boys and her health are what's most important, she's not 20 years old anymore, she has more important priorities besides her career and it's sad that some fans still can't accept that!
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    Can't wait to hear this. And will they stop with the 'comeback' stuff. Britney never went away. Her entire career has been pretty damn consistent.
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    Let the woman do what she wants. It's been 8 years of this. Give it a rest.
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    2014 / 1,287,000 2000 / 1,319,000 Of course it's not important anymore A gentle reminder he's the guy behind "Britney Jean is Britney's Ray of Light" and "Britney sings live in Vegas" #LarryIsTheBestHeDeservesARetirement Let's trend it!
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    No wonder why she gives a shit about B9! She's finally considered capable of being a responsible adult. Slay, mamaney!
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    I don't like the pic they chose for the cover. I like the other one better, the one where she's leaning against the wall and covering her smile or something cute like that.
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    You guys are making myah more famous than she ever should have been
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    I'd rather wait 2 more years for a good album, then wait 6 months and get some mess. Remember when we waited 4 years for Blackout and we were slayed?
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    STOP BITCHING! Jeez! I'm not even making an excuse, but all of you who are complaining are killing me. First you're not happy with a rushed album. Then you're not happy when you see Britney look bored and out of it. Then you are happy when you get to see a 15 sec clip of her killing it in Vegas but then you're upset because she's still in Vegas. You know her by now, obviously she needs some time to get fully back into it if she ever will and she's doing this on her own terms. The album is coming at some point just not this year and probably not next. But you ARE getting new music soon... stop acting you like we all go out and buy the albums when a lot of fans are dying for a leak, aka free music. Larry and her team know album sales are on the decline and at this point singles are FAR more important and lucrative than a whole album. As fans you don't have complete control over Britney and her team's decisions for her career, only they do. Yeah her kids aren't with her all the time and they're getting older but maybe she actually wants to be there for them and not have them as accessories to her life to make her seem more human like some of her fellow famous people. I think being there for the boys is important. Just stop. If Britney is transitioning to a semi-retirement or a hiatus of sorts its deserved. Let her be and be patient.
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    Yes, completely agree with this and your other comment. I'm so sick of fans bitching constantly, it's like well don't be a stan anymore. Go stan for Gaga or Katy Perry who have their careers first now since they don't have children.
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    Britney's job is want ever Vegas and RCA expect from their contracts. As well as Elizabeth Arden and Chance. Telling her to retire because you aren't getting what you want is childish. Like I've said a billion times, if she's not an artist you can suport don't and find someone who gives you what you want. Britney's living her life.
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    but her career is her hobby now. She is doing this because she enjoys it, not because she has too. And again, Britney never said Album nine was going to be released this year and yes when there is a contract involved, it will always be about vegas. Another thing is if you don't like the what she is doing, why stick around? Britney is gonna do what she wants. Vegas included. Her career is a side note in her life right now, not the main thing. Britney loves performing but now she does it for herself more than anything else. Yes, she gets paid to do what she loves but it's on her terms. And sorry but being Britney Spears does make her priviliged. She has the luxury of being with her children and never having to worry about their financial well being.....so sorry but you don't get it
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    i don't know whats the pi day is but eh..
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    (i watched all the 5 movies and i liked them ) Mte , but they are used to miss opportunities so i won't be surprised it they release if once that little hype is dead
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    Wow Britney even has her fave song from 1989 I can't even finish to listen to dat album. Maybe I need to listen to it too cuz Britney did.
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    I'm bored so what would be your idea of a previous tour? Try to steer away from redoing the Circus tour, POM, or doing a Blackout tour since there's been threads about it already. I'd redo the Crazy Tour setlist cuz it was too short. I haven't thought about the concert concept but this would be my setlist: Crazy Thinkin' About You Born To Make You Happy I Will Be There Girls Just Wanna Have Fun The Beat Goes On Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Oops I Did It Again From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Heart/ Walk On By Rhythm Nation Sometimes Deep In My Heart Baby One More Time
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    I think its definitely legit too he has a track record with these things and he said he got the exclusive. He also said an announcement from Team Brit is imminent!
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    Well it was about time after a year of performances. Next step is to perform on tv, get rid off that residency and do a tour.
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    most of the songs on that album could had been great singles Don't Go Knockin' On My Door What U See Is What U Get When Your Eyes Say It One Kiss From You Where Are You Now Can't Make You Love Me Walk On By
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    First the song was registered in January with Iggy credited as a writer along with Little Mix. But she said she wasn't affiliated with Little Mix so could that mean somebody else is going to be recording it? Britney? http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/164558/little-mix-album-3-iggy-azalea-collaboration-confirmed And now a UK reporter for The Sun has confirmed its her comeback single. http://t.co/T50I6JYSsB Also. Same producer as Fancy? I am ready to he slayed
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    Flawless, positive thread, with no negative comments. When will exhale?
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    Those all are in our gallery here!
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    is it weird i spilled a couple of tears of happiness for her? Im so happy, im hoping all that is 100% true She deserves her kids, she's a wonderful mother #ProudOfBritney
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    Oh... I didn't know she now has primary custody of her children. That's great news and makes total sense why she wants to spend as much time with them as she can. Unlike other women of pop, they weren't stripped of their rights over their children. So it's hard to fault her when opting to stay in Vegas and just do her thing there. The focus on singles, over an album, isn't bad in theory but they need to be consistant and really good. I have a feeling we'll only get the two confirmed collabs this year and that will be it tbh.
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    yessss yees, holly shit yaaaassss thats what i was thinking yesterday, like seriously those called "fans" are getting mad at Britney because she is trying to be a good mother? those "fans" need to understand to understand that Britney is in another level she already tour the world and work almost none stop, now she has a family, if she wants to spend time with them what's the problem, and don't start with "Beyonce is a mom, JLo is a mom" Fuck Beyonce and JLo , Britney is Britney and if she wants to work that way i will be here when she is ready to release something new and for those saying that she is going to become a has been and a flop for working this way, well i rather see Britney flop because she is a good mom that find in out in the future that her sons doesnt love her or respect her because she was never with them
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    I think what a lot of you don't understand is that it's not that Britney CAN'T do whatever because of her kids but that she doesn't WANT to. Comparing her to other famous mothers or "normal" working mothers is foolish. There is no comparison, these women don't think alike and won't make the same decisions. One isn't more right than the other either. Britney's career, since marrying Kevin and having her children, is not her top priority. Her family is, her life has shifted, and that's ok. Britney is happy being in Vegas, doing her lingerie line and recording when she wants to. She's happy being a mom and supporting her kids in the things they wanna do. They're older now, they have their own lives and schedules. She can't take them around the world like she did when they were young. They have school, homework, sports practices and games, skateboarding and whatever else they're into. And Britney doesn't want to miss any of it. She worked her ass off for the majority of her life. Britney's earned this break. She's earned the luxury of working less and being there for her family more. After losing her boys completely she's fought like hell to get where she is, and I don't think she's going to let anything get in the way of her children. Including her career. For Britney her boys are first, and her job and fans are second. The way it should be. I'd also like to add that just because her career isn't her number one priority doesn't mean she should retire. Clearly she's very happy in Vegas, doing something she's been dreaming of for over 10 years. She still loves to perform and make music. Just because it's not up to some standards of fans doesn't mean she should stop doing what makes her happy. Plenty of people still enjoy her, if you don't anymore that's ok. But bitching about it isn't going to change anything.
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    Absolutely. Britney doesn't want to be the overexposed fame hungry woman she once was and that certain fans still want her to be. She's got other, better priorities that AREN'T her career and I'm ok with that. She's doing exactly what she wants to do and you can see how clearly happy that makes her. I'm glad we still get to see and hear her in whatever capacity she allows.
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    but is every artist the same when it comes to choices they make?......hmmm.
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    but Britney isn't them. She is her own person. Why must we compare other people to Britney instead of realizing she is gonna do what she wants.
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    thanks, i understand people being mad and disappointed but this is the reality. We can make fun of her saying "But i'm a mom now" yet we need to start taking her seriously when she says it. Being pop sensation Britney Spears is not her main job anymore, it's being a mother.
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    Britney said her children are the reason for her taking her time. And if she did release the album and do a shit tone of promo, i bet people would be pissed that she couldn't tour for the album. Vegas is the excuse people want to blame when in fact Britney wants to live her life and do what she loves to do, but we as a fanbase need to understand her career is no longer a major priority in her life. Her boys are and if that pisses people off, well people need to start asking if being a britney fan is worth it anymore
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