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    OMG, yaaaaaaaaas daddy He's so intelligent and kind and sexy, I really hope him and Britney continue to be positive influences on each other. I don't like to get over-involved in her personal life, but Charlie really finally seems to be her match. I just wish them the best of luck
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    we need a photo of Britney's back ASAP with those panties
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    MTV and BuzzFeed are the apostoles of Godney, they teach the general public who is the true Queen
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    He didnt say it was going to be acoustic or acapella...he said the original song she covered was an acapella
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    It was a metaphor, britney coming back and killing the negative press. Doing all the things the media said she would never do again and doing it with success. I wonder when you became a fan... The circus era was huge and hugely publicized. Everyone thought britney was done, her career was over, she was crazy, she was an addict, etc. She made a massively inspiring turnaround in less than a year! She claimed her throne and killed "the Queen of all media" the one who trashed her the most! Get it? It's a metaphor.
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    "will include performances so secretive that even the media doesn't know until they get there"… Can you imagine she performed LOL I mean i'm not saying I think in a million years she would but that would be amazing
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    I'm sure half of the things in the picture actually are in her bedroom, and BJ is not one of them
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    This is the way Britney deals with her haters. She's not getting on their level, she's killing them with her kindness and with being polite! She always takes the high road. And what better way than inviting your hater to film a clip with you and shoot him with a crossbow?
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    I'm always thinking in my head "You better work bitch" all the time. Maybe everyday. Everything reminds me of that song. I see Britney coming out of the gym, i think "work"
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    I just saw the video to see how hot he is Anyway, I'm so happy for Britney, Charlie seems to be an amazing guy.
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    i think its so funny nobody asked britney when we are getting new music in the DM twitter chat LOL
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    I cant at those moronic fans not even replying properly to what she's saying but just randomly spamming like retards seize the moments idiots
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    Dead But imagine Superbowl performance with Britney, Rihanna and Gaga tho. People would die.
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    MTV News continues to stan. Ken Ehrlich needs to be dismissed if he really believes her performance is one of the biggest disappointments in the show's 50+ years. Most fans don't even remember that '00 performance much less the general public.
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    "you’re not invited to my party in France." FUCK YEAH I'm using this sentence in the future!
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    I know how iconic toxic is but for me work bitch is so much better. it is always on my mind.
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    The song she's covering was only acapella, her version will obviously have some type of production since giorgio is producing it lol.
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    Love Gimme More, I find it more entertaining than Living For Flop.
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    Charlie is so sweet and really respects their privacy which is so good thing! He is nothing like K-Fed or David... He knows the business and he knows what Britney have gone trough in her life. They would make so good looking babies together! I wish they stay together
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    Are you serious? Did you even bother watching the interview? He clearly stated that the one thing he likes to keep private is his personal life with Britney. If he was using her for fame the whole interview would've been about the relationship and he would've exploited her. That didn't happen because he's an awesome guy who clearly cares a lot about her, and the privacy they share.
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    You got: Oopsney! To put it bluntly, you’re not that innocent — what you see is what you get. You’ve been tested by a few bad relationships, but that has only made you stronger than yesterday. You’re equipped to take the world by storm because you can’t get no satisfaction .
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    LOL something like Britney: *Stripping and dancing* Charlie:“I would say that's a very accurate depiction of a beautiful blonde woman.â€
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    You got: Vegasney You’re in the ~coolest~ and ~most personal~ era of your life. Because you’ve proved you’re the bad bitch time and time again, you can now relax and focus on yourself. But be careful, keep marking your territory to let those thirsty for your throne know who the true Queen is. Now get to work bitch!
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    i really don't like this video but i can play it and do something else
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    You ]got: In The Zoneney You’re in a youthful prime of your life where you can be as outrageous as you want to be. You know you’re the full package and it shows in the confidence you exude. To hell with the stares because you’ve got that boom boom that everyone wants.
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    I wanted to post this gif earlier, but the internet at my school didn't allow me But yeah, since I saw these threads I was so happy and wanted to comment about the certification. About that record, maybe HIAM wasn't certified in 2014, but if we count the date when Work Bitch was certified, it's been less than a year So I guess that counts as something
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    Yes! Madonna doesn't deserve that promo
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    Living For Love is an amazing video, I'm glad Britney loves it
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    Aww that is so sweet of her! I love times like this when she interacts with the B-army! She even acknowledged the fact the the shoot looks like Lucky music video!
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    The princess promoting the queen, I love it! Ugh, I need a pop royalty reunion in my life so bad
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    "Kinda reminds me of a video I did...."Lucky", anyone?" Oh, Brinny! She said it like a typical Barmy fan wouldn't immediately make the connection. She's so nice, though.
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    What about posting everywhere "release the 3rd [email protected][email protected] 21ud3t21uifdsjdhk" ???
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