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    Finally!!! We have been waiting for this photoshoot to come out and it finally has hit the internet! Check out these hot new pictures of Britney Spears on the cover of Women's Health. Slay us Britney!!! Looking fierce, beautiful and hot! Read it on our mainsite!
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    Hold your breathe Britney army because it looks like we are getting new Britney Spears music sooner then we thought! Iggy Azalea sat down with the radio station Kiss 108 and confirmed that her song with Britney is coming out very soon,beginning of next year. Iggy Azalea also said that she is going to vegas on new years eve to see Britney Spears piece of me show and to sit down with Britney to talk more about the song! The army is freaking out right now over this wonderful news! Who is ready for new Britney Spears slayage music?!??!? Click here to see the full interview of Iggy Azalea. Read it on our mainsite!
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    Britney just tweeted her dad doing some yoga poses up high! Check out the tweet and pictures below! Read it on our mainsite!
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    I know only 1 eye is half done, but I wanted to show you how far I was Hope u like it so far, tell me what u think
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    ITZ will most likely be the most popular answer, but in my opinion it's Britney Jean. In The Zone era already gave us SO much. BJ was just getting started when it flopped and was abandoned. It could have been a great time in her career and it's SO unfortunate how 2013 turned out for Britney's career honestly.
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    Let's just forget about BJ, alright? Cause if you really think that then I respect you and your opinion. But personally, I refuse to believe Britney really thinks THAT is a personal album. Half-produced, empty lyrics, accepting credits that shouldn't be given to her, someone else singing over her.... I mean When SHE gives something, she gives her all From ITZ to (even one of the most disliked albums by many, not me) Femme Fatale, she made sure that what was delivered was a part of her. The production, lyrics, cohersion of each of those albums really shows how much Britney was involved. Britney Jean is a slap on my face, but not from Britney, but from Flop.i.am. After giving Britney's fans a slap on their face, she needs to appeal to many of us with GOOD music; I don't care that much about if it becomes a hit or not. I want QUALITY. That said, I hope Iggy helps her regain people's respect for her legacy and move on from all the negativity BJ brought up (the whole Myah thing, Alien, etc, etc.).
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    It's not really as bad as we put it tho. Work Bitch was huge without being a massive chart success. Everyone I know knows that song and knows Britney for having that song, it's one of her most known songs (recently speaking). The Britney Jean seems like it acted as a sort of therapeutic release for Britney. Collaborating with big name artists and coming back like this may be the outcome of her releasing the personal music she wanted. Now she's happy. And Britney doesn't need to be back on the map. Britney Spears is one of the biggest names in media culture. She's mentioned every day. Her music just needs a rebound chart wise. So on the musical map, yes she needs to be brought back up.
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    This. And if something is coming soon, it's the Moroder collab, but not a new Britney song imo. MTE !!! He's always talking about her, even defending her, look what he said in another post , someone talked shit about Britney, this is what he responded : William Orbit Richard, I like heated debate. Relish it even. But I don't appreciate rancor or personal insult. It's not cool and it never helps anything. I don't want to host needless squabbles on this page. Especially bad tempered ones, full of personal insults, and particularly where Britney is concerned. You can say what you like about me, but please keep it down about people for whom I clearly have fondness and respect, even if their work is not to your own personal taste. He really likes her
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    urgh, can the word Britard please be banned? It''s so exfail. Seriously,drop dead. Her interviews have been flawless as of recently, and she's been doing amazingly. I don't like every single thing she does, I can admit when she's not performing at her best. But I give propts to her for still being out there and performing. You don't like it? Stop being a fan. Beyonce doesn't dance, what kind of delusion? I'm sure you could totally dance better than Britney atm? Yeah a lot of the choreography is terrible, yet, she shines in WB, MATM, and the Blackout Medley. She's still a far better dancer than most other pop girls. Stupid asshole.
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    I think I'm more excited about the Giorgio Moroder song, but as long as we get a new music video, I wouldn't even mind if it's SMS (Bangerz) Anyway, it's gonna be Britney ft. Iggy or the other way around?
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    i talked about this with my parents, both of whom are well-versed in pop culture and who experienced Janet's career. in terms of sheer celebrity and iconic stature, then yes, we all agreed that Britney's surpassed Janet (though they will contend with Janet's hella iconic RS cover, which I have to admit, is more iconic than any of Brit's -- no shade). But in terms of content, there's no contest. The Velvet Rope alone shits all over anything Brit's done content/lyric/material-wise. However, the impact of Blackout on current pop music is indelible, though the social issues and sheer confessional lyrics all over masterpieces such as RN and VR make Janet a far more substantial pop star. just my 2 cents tho
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    that's what I thought until I heard the Iggy news today. Now I'm rethinking that!
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    So scary...the picture of the two girls against the window with the flag gives me chills Praying for everyone being held hostage and their families :(
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    No personal trainer?!!!!!!! Slayney but I am not thrilled about her nose job omg y did she do it
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    you are sooooooooooooooooo flawless! I'm glad it turned out to be a good buy Anyways, I did the Reader's Poll for Pitchfork, and here's my choices y'all: VALETGIRLS' TOP 10 SINGLES OF 2014: 10. SOPHIE - "Hard" 9. Washed Out - "It All Feels Right" 8. Grimes - "Go" 7. The Black Keys - "Fever" 6. Aphex Twin - "minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] 5. SOHN - "Artifice" 4. Big Data - "Dangerous (ft. Joywave)" 3. Lana del Rey - "West Coast" 2. FKA Twigs - "Two Weeks" 1. St. Vincent - "Digital Witness" / "Prince Johnny" / "Rattlesnake" / "Psychopath" (the entire album really is the best single of 2014) Look up dem songs yo who knows, you might end up liking some of them VALETGIRLS' BEST ALBUMS OF 2014 10. Washed Out - Paracosm 9. Kimbra - The Golden Echo 8. Ariel Pink - Pom Pom 7. Tycho - Awake 6. Wand - Ganglion Reef 5. SOHN - Tremors 4. Aphex Twin - Syro 3. Lana del Rey - Ultraviolence 2. FKA Twigs - LP1 1. St. Vincent - St. Vincent flawless albums, add em all to yo libraries
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    Well think of it this way. Britney's been on break from Vegas for a while. She hasn't been in the news or really even out of the house it seems. If Britney said she wanted to collab with Iggy, and then they immediately reached out to her to record a few songs, wouldn't you think she's already been hard into the project? If that makes any sense. Like if she's already bringing in these big names then she has to be halfway through this project and is happy with it. She said she wanted to take her time with it, so maybe she's been working hard at it for a while and has gotten further than she thought.
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    I really don't mind Britney working with William Orbit. Maybe he was told not to reveal anything yet, and I think it's fine. I understand the excitement of working with Britney, but I hate how everything always leaks early. We can never have a real surprise. Britney will never "pull a Beyoncé" because all the info is always revealed before it's even confirmed, there's always lots of rumors that create high expectations, and then we can never appreciate what we get at the end. I wish that for once in our life they can keep this album 9 in secret, and not leak songs, producers, collabs or anything, unless the date of release is really close and not with a year of anticipation, when all the plans may still change.
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    (@@ValetGirls ' impact. luv it and the whole album )
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    NO. Janet's influence on music and performances are visible to so many RESPECTABLE artists to this day. Britney's image may be frequently copied, but her music isnt the blueprint for anything.
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    Everyone is pressed about Britney for some reason... Its been to cool to hate on her ever since 1998... Still whos the Queen Of Pop? Madonna or Britney? enough of the dumb questions duh Britney.. Madonna is the prehistoric queen... GOD of Pop--> Michael Jackson GODDESS Of POP--> Cher & Madonna Queen thats shits all over the world and shits all over the king Of Pop--> Britney Spears King Of Pop--> by default some ugly Bruno Mars or JT
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    Just because she doesn't want to do as much promo as she did back in her earlier years doesn't make her lazy. It shows she has her career on her own terms, and considering how overworked she was in the ITZ era, I think it's understandable.
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    Fair enough. I get for many fans it is an underwhelming album, and in some ways, yes it is. I'm not saying it's perfect by any means, I just don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. It has some great gems.