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    Being a Princess she is so cute, more than anyone in this world, unless that we are talking about her identical son Jayden
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    Since Britney has been taking her break really private we don't have a lot of candids and news, so I took the time to collect some cute pictures of Britney. Behind that hot af body there's an amazing personality inside! Warning: I don't know if you can handle this level of cuteness. Prepare yourself! Let's start with baby Britney!! Always in the spotlight first paparazzi pic (lol) first photoshoot not sure if is JJ or Brit.. man! she born for this! Oh gosh! I can't handle this!!
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    This is so 2014ney lol when someone call her -Queen Of Pop- Britney be like... Funny cute Britney!!
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    That'd be a nice treat to hold us over for the holidays. The fans and gp respond well to Britney putting her personal life out there. And it'd be super cute.
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    I was at my parents house today and as usually I was listening to Britney songs I played ''Passenger'' first and my sister shouted from the kitchen asking me who is singing that song? I was like '' It's Britney Spears! Bitch She couldn't belive it. :ucrazy: The thing is that she is a very big fan of Beyonce and once we had a huge argument about who is a better artist lol so later that day I have showed her a numerous videos of our girl and she was like OMG she has got such a nice voice now and she can actually sing too!!! In the end she is coming with me to see Britney Queen in Vegas !!!!! I thougt I would share that with you guys and sorry for my English. If u do not like what I wrote please don't be mean lol :kiss:
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    You understand spanish? jk Gimme gimme more!!!!! yes!!!! February is in 2 months!! I cant believe that I measure my life according to Britney's music/facts :idc:
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    not to be redundant but shes the cutest person on earth .
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    Im up for pretty much any new type music, but obviously the moroder track. Mainly because that just sounds really innovative and different for Britney, and while I like Iggy and think she's interesting. I know that track will probably be kind of generic, but hey who knows!
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    Jesus, I love this gif so much she's such a cutie here omg
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    Oh @@Yatz you are so cute for doing this :cutelaugh: Britney is the sweetest
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    awwwwww Thanks for making this thread
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    Flawless fan! You saved your sister from Beyawnce Have fun in Vegas baby
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    I hope you have fun and I hope Britney make some changes on the show
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    aaw!!!! don't you wanna hug her???!! She is cute Even when she is talking about Jt aaw!! When she knows she killed it!! cute too! and the latest expression of Cuteney Gotta love this Adorable human being!!!
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    05/11 work bitch full BTI gimme more 29/10 3 perfume 11/10 https://www.youtube.com/user/fivebyfivefvs/videos
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    The fucking truth has been spoken
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    Ooh really? I didn't know that Her team don't give a simple fuck about us so I doubt we will ever get music video to My Only Wish tbh
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    Please, don't call me gurl next time, I don't like this term of endearment. And lol at the BTI music video but you know why we got an anime instead of an actual video, right? (2007) Also, why not? I mean, if she loves us as she claims and if her team respects us, it's really simple, just RCA need to approve the idea and bam. It will be really cool and Britney never did a video like that, so it'd be something brand new, artsy fartsy with muted colours and very faded, funky, urban and cool, ya know.
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    I'm so in for this!! I'd love that
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    Definitely Moroder, she gets her own single in it and I also think it will slay, I keep having this feeling it will be something like break the ice, club friendly with hot vocals, im so excited for it
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    Gurl, we didn't get standard music video to one of her singles (Break The Ice) and you are expecting her team to release a clip to the Christmas song from 2000
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    Is that even a question? Of course!!!
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    I'm excited for both because it's all Britney related
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    that would be so cute and wonderful treat for fans, but it won't happen
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    I got Lucky "Though you are very bubbly on the outside, and appear very happy, oftentimes your mind and heart says otherwise. Despite what people may think of you, not everything is perfect in your life. But that doesn't mean you're always so. You just seem to be misunderstood sometimes. But it's okay cause we know you're a star."
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    Hey Everyone, So we all know all 8 of Britney's tour/residencies are flawless so Im making Appreciation threads for each one of them starting with my fave DWAD Performance Highlights: and OIDIA but I can only post 2 videos , so look at this flawless gif: Standout Costumes (All of them but the best of those flawless costumes ) : It's sad she only wore that bra on 2 shows, but the longer denim version is also flawless I the arm glove BTW there is no gold one it was just a rumor in some videos it looked gold because of lighting It also had a flawless setlist only performing 3 non-singles that happened to be fan faves, so yay for us, and in a way the GP could relate since most songs were singles. Quotes: Acomplishments: The tour was also the highest grossing female tour of 2002 Emmy for best direction in 2002 New songs (DWAD exclusives: Mystic Man: Weakness: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkmdu7_britney-spears-weakness-i-m-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman-mandalay-bay-dwad-tour_music My love Was Always There: You Were My Home: *this is based on my opinion, what do you think is the best from DWAD Full Show: Fun Facts: 1. "Ooh I Did It Again" was live and Britney only said it in the HBO special. 2. A lot of the costumes were borrowed, and were removed after a couple of shows. 3. Five new songs were performed on the second leg, most commonly "Mystic Man" 4. There is an orange version of the I'm a Slave 4 U costume. 5. The diamond BOMT bra was only used in 3 shows (Las Vegas (Nov 17,18) and Utah (Nov 13)) Explanation: It was "borrowed" from Victoria's secret 6. When Britney was inside the water screen water only sorrounded her, she didn't get wet until she went through it to start BOMT. 7. All remixes were made by Wade Robson, who was tour director, and choreographer 8.During "What It's Like to Be Me" in the HBO special Britney tripped, it was cut with a crowd scene in the DVD. 9. In "Anticipating" Justin was the afro guy in some shows, rumor has it he would appear in the HBO special, but couldn't because of contract disputes. 10.The tour started before the album was released, and at that time there was no leak like there is today, so all of the songs (apart of those belonging from the album "Baby One More Time" & "Oops I Did It Again" and obviously "I'm A Slave 4 U" which was launched as a single in September) were a surprise even for the fans, who had the opportunity to listen to those tracks for the first time directly live before they could buy the album!!! At least for the first two or three dates, then the album was released. 11.the original start of the tour had been set for the 26th of October in Miami, but unfortunately Britney had a flu, so they postponed the opening on the 31st of October in Washington D.C., but Britney still wasn't feeling well so the tour started the 1st of November from Columbus. 12.The rehearsals from the Tokyo Dome have been fully recorded but only a small part has appeared on youtube... 13.Britney unfortunately slipped and fell while performing Baby One More Time in Tokyo... 14.In 2002 Pharrell Williams joined Britney on stage at Atlantic City and they performed Boys (Co-Ed Remix) together, and Britney was ON FIRE during the dance break 15.The 14th of June 2002, the show in Lubbock, Texas, was hit by a major power outage blackout after the second song, causing the cancellation of the rest of the show. 16.The 20th of July 2002 Britney performed the whole concert in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with a short black wig 17.Tokyo and Mexico City were chosen to record what would be the documentary "Stages". The conference room offered in Japan appear with extra material in the Japanese edition of the documentary. (These two cities opened and closed the second and final leg of the tour): 18.The tour was originally scheduled to be a world tour with concerts in Europe, Asia and South America (In fact, all the promotional posters and the merchandising of the tour that were sold still were appeared with the writing "world tour"), but for some reason which is not yet entirely clear the tour ended up to be a North American tour with a date in Japan and two (well... one and a half LOL) in Mexico 19.It was also planned a promotional tour in Europe and South America, just before the official start of the tour, in September & October 2001, with appearances in Ireland, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Brazil and Argentina, but it was cancelled in the wake of the attacks on the United States. Britney, that was on the last flight to leave America for Australia before the attacks took place revealed in an Australian press conference: "After much thought and deliberation it is with great regret that I have decided to cancel my planned European and Latin American promotion trips". She flew out to Sydney from New York on early morning of the 11th of September 2001 and was only told of the attacks in America when she landed. All the flights to and from the United States were suspended for two weeks just after the attacks and Britney britney got stuck in Australia. "We are currently unable to get flight back to the United States, so we plan to stay in Australia until this is possible, I can't wait to return to be with my family" Britney said. And this did also affected her appearances in America. 20. Her stage was based on both Janet and N'sync stages. It's shape also resembles a musical note 21. The fireworks that shoot out of Britney's dancers in "Lonely", and Jon Voight's story telling were only used on the HBO special performance (Las Vegas November 17) 22. There were multiple don't let me Be the One to Know Dresses 23. The original "boys" top was white before becoming black and then ditching the suspenders, There were also red and black suspenders (Note Can't add more pics ) 24. The second leg had a slight variation of the Oops/Crazy top Thanks for Helping: Term Of Endearment Corona Ashley Benson Dark Night X-Ander UPDATE: Please Vote for the Next Appreciation Thread Write the tour you want in the comments YALL
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    People aren't really buying albums anymore though. I think that's why billboard changed the rule. And maybe they did some math and figured out that 1500 streams might be the monetary equivalent of an album sale. Maybe soon they'll stop counting album sales and move more towards streams, single downloads, vevo views etc. They gotta go where everyone is consuming the music and since they can't count torrents or other illegal downloads they figured streams was the next best yardstick to measure by. Just my best guest but anyway if anyone here is concerned for Britney's #s then just stream and buy her albums like crazy.
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    I was apart of it you know my hiam backdrop was featured in it, it was unexpected that they used it i worked hard on it and it mde its first appearance
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    We love our members on our forum so much that we always want our members to be shown a big spotlight on our mainpage because there is no I in the britney army. One of our many flawless members got to me our queen Britney spears and she would like to share her experience with you guys 02/12/14. A dream come true. Meeting Britney Spears has been number one on my bucket list for years. I am truly happy and love how sweet, polite, cute, and humble she was. She is so beautiful and tiny, it felt surreal to finally meet her. I didn't feel rushed at all. I got to shake hands with her, introduce myself, and tell her what I really wanted to tell her. She listened and was very nice to me. I was very nervous at first, but we had her lovely friend & assistant Fe there to give us tips and advice about meeting Britney and to calm our nerves. When my turn came and I walked up to the meet & greet area and I saw Britney, I wasn't as nervous and it went much better than I expected. My legs were still shaking a little bit, but I handled it surprisingly well and was in control. Britney was very welcoming and not intimidating at all. I said "hey Britney" and she reached her hand out to me to shake mine and we shook hands. She said it's nice to see me and I told her "My name is Marina, and I just wanted to tell you that your music helped me get through nursing school and I have been a huge fan of yours." She smiled and thanked me and said it's cool that I went to nursing school. She was so polite. Then I asked her if we can make the heart with our hands for the picture and she was really cool with it. My first thought when I saw her was that she is gorgeous and her hair and make-up were so pretty. She is very beautiful and so small in person, she's tiny. Luckily, I wore flats and she wore heels so I didn't end up looking taller than her in our picture. It was such a great experience, one that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Her team was very nice and everyone was very welcoming. I saw her manager, Larry, backstage a couple times and he waved to us and said hello. The Piece of Me show started not too long after the meet and greet and it was amazing. I was front row & center and enjoyed the entire show. I was dancing and having a good time singing along to all of Britney's hits. One of the best days ever. xoxo Marina Thanks for sharing Marina she also goes by Nostalgia on our forum! Read it on our mainsite!
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    This is really bad, we must protect the children (to me a 14 yr old is a child)
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    Max Martin + Godney = Good Music, I can feel it already
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    while I would loved for her to perform Gimme More & Break The Ice for Circus Tour, I enjoyed those numbers. What made no sense was to perform Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand (though I enjoyed them as well)
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    What does that have to do with anything? She has feelings and they get hurt, would you like me to call you a fat pig troll? I bet not, neither does she Stop being this hateful
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    Haha!! yeah I liked Jessica too!
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    I wanted to post that one but I picked the other one because her outfit looked like something Primeney would wear. But yes, the one you posted is so beyond flawless. God! I LOVE Janet and Michael and I love their dance moves. <3
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    Oh babe trust me, the 20's are the best, I was a fug fat fuck during my teen ages, from 20 onwards I became so hot no guy can resist me (well I did work on it too lol, i lost weight and started gym and got all muscular ) so enjoy the best ages I've been told 30's are even better for a man lets hope so
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    I tweeted her telling that we know the tweet was old and laughing about the people that were bashing her, just to let her know not every britney fan was a freak, she didn't answer tho, and she kept on answering the other bashing tweets, so it seems like she is enjoying it
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    Nice pics! One thing I first noticed though was very pretty dress tho!
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