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    If you read the article, it shades Britney though And calls Gaga and Beyonce deities cause they can scream and have a seizure onstage
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    guys im finally at my hotel.. I Just want to say that it was crazy!!!!!!! Britney is a Doll!! vut seriously she is so skinny and beautiful!!!! seriously I cant explain with words my knees are shaking haha Best experience of my life!! I dont know what your comments are but she was with so much energy and she dances so Beautiful haha seriously she is so Beautiful the way she walks and talk and everything she does.. My cousin loved the show and she was so surprised .. she was like -she doesn't sing live but she knows how to put on a good show.. she loved the outfit changes and that everything was so fast haha..
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    Hope everyone is excited for Brit's show tonight! Starting the thread early so we can all talk about it. Coverage by MasterXPosed. Setlist. 1. Work Bitch (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 2.Womanizer (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 3.3 (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 4.Everytime (Link 1) (Link 2) 5.Baby One More Time (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 6.Oops I Did It Again (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 7.Me Against The Music (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 8.Gimme More (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 9.Break The Ice (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 10.Piece Of Me (Link 1) (Link 2)(Full) 11.Boys (Link 1) 12.Perfume (Link 1) 13.Slave 4 U (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 14.Freakshow (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 15.Do Somethin (Full) 16.Circus (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 17.I Wanna Go (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 18.Lucky (Link 1) (Full) 19.Toxic (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 20.Stronger (Link 1) (Link 2) 21.(You Drive Me) Crazy (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) Encore 22. Till The World Ends (Link 1) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7i8up52XTlgdgTRbaUzliWZhnXGNvzPo Video Playlist PICTURES IN THE GALLERY HERE! Pics from tonight's show First meet & greet Read our previous coverage on the 16th here
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    http://www.vox.com/2014/8/19/5998353/ariana-grande-female-pop-stars-dancing It talks about how popstars today are really basic in there performances compared to Britney prime and how the music industry struggles to find a girl as good as her and also mentions how Britney current eras like blackout and Britney jean have influenced today pop girls but in a negative way
  9. 2 points
    If you watch enough Vegas videos, you can tell her vibe here is different than the previous shows this leg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW28_hNga1g&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECSDVOJodVs&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA&index=7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnTJY3appq8&index=8&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA The ending of Work Bitch. Someone gif that moment pls Her little dances are so cute, too
  10. 2 points
    What's sad is fans expecting things from Britney that she has never delievered in the past. If you don't like the performer she is, that's fine you're allowed. But don't make it HER fault. Just move on to someone that gives you what you want instead of trying to make Britney fit that expectation and then getting upset with her because she doesn't.
  11. 2 points
    HOW DARE YOU Phonography is a pure perfection from Circus.
  12. 2 points
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W736mhd9YM You can see all the lights and everything! Makes me wanna party right now
  13. 2 points
    love them selfies and OMG I really love your eyes
  14. 2 points
    2008: Out for a walk outside her house in Beverly Hills At Conway Studios in Los Angeles 2009: Leaving the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, Canada The Circus Starring: Britney Spears Tour - American Leg Part 2 - Hamilton, Canada The Circus Starring: Britney Spears Tour - American Leg Part 2 - Hamilton, Canada (Fan Pictures)
  15. 2 points
    You're getting more hotter every time you post a new pic.
  16. 2 points
    I don't really know what to think about this song. It's alright, I guess.
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  18. 2 points
    Gothic breakdown part 1 Gohtic breakdown part 2
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  21. 2 points
    you flops the queen ain't got trouble with that
  22. 2 points
    I hope everything posts okay! I dont have pictures of the BOMT Vinyl 7 BOMT tour book, as I left them at work. (Theyll be home tomorrow, my hands were too full leaving xD)
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  24. 2 points
    I'm gonna name my kids Florals, Angelica, Camellia and Ambrosia now.
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