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Showing most liked content on 08/20/2014 in all areas

  1. 4 points
    This just shows how amazing, and beautiful our queen Britney is. A while back a boy named Cory started a fundraiser for him to meet Britney Spears. Cory has a very bad illness and does not have that much longer to live. His dying wish was to meet Britney Spears. They family started a fundraiser and raised quite of bit of money for him. The army found out that Cory met the queen last night but also we found out that britney flew the whole family down to see the show and to met her! Tears are coming down my eyes while typing this. How amazing is our girl Britney. That she flew the whole family down there. She really is a beautiful angel. Check out the photos from last night and also the tweet that says britney flew them to see her show. https://twitter.com/skittle1185/status/502011172728500224 Read it on our mainsite!
  2. 4 points
    2:42 u could see a little rip and if you watch her you could see her hand trying to hide it and her face after it rips poor britney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j25nsXFfuFs&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA
  3. 4 points
    I love circusney, but don't go ahead a claim she fluid all the time becuase she was not, yes she had wonderful days, but other days she wasn't into it. I prefer POM because she is actually doing more and not just shaking and walking, yes the energy and fluidity were awesome, and I wish we had more in POM, but when it comes to dancing, I definitely prefer her now. She has gotten much better.
  4. 4 points
    LMAO Jessica has fans!??!!??!!??? :jackk: I'm being truly honest now.
  5. 4 points
    If you read the article, it shades Britney though And calls Gaga and Beyonce deities cause they can scream and have a seizure onstage
  6. 3 points
    So I'm blasting every Britney album in order. Y'all wanna work with me, don't ya! Now get to work bitch!
  7. 3 points
  8. 3 points
    can we get over the fact who did what to get him there and focus on the fact that he got his wish? K thanks
  9. 3 points
    yeah! i mean im ok with madonna and MJ but the rest is just WTF! Britney should be 3 and 4! come on! TAYLOR is more iconic than OOPS????? LMAO
  10. 3 points
    Although, I'm in an office space with two other people, who don't mind at all that I blast Britney's music and that I sing along. Best coworkers ever. Flawless people, they know to appreciate the Queen
  11. 3 points
    Wait, so are they mad at Brit for Adam not mentioning Jessica? Childish. :fuck: >>>>>
  12. 3 points
    guys im finally at my hotel.. I Just want to say that it was crazy!!!!!!! Britney is a Doll!! vut seriously she is so skinny and beautiful!!!! seriously I cant explain with words my knees are shaking haha Best experience of my life!! I dont know what your comments are but she was with so much energy and she dances so Beautiful haha seriously she is so Beautiful the way she walks and talk and everything she does.. My cousin loved the show and she was so surprised .. she was like -she doesn't sing live but she knows how to put on a good show.. she loved the outfit changes and that everything was so fast haha..
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    Hope everyone is excited for Brit's show tonight! Starting the thread early so we can all talk about it. Coverage by MasterXPosed. Setlist. 1. Work Bitch (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 2.Womanizer (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 3.3 (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 4.Everytime (Link 1) (Link 2) 5.Baby One More Time (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 6.Oops I Did It Again (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 7.Me Against The Music (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 8.Gimme More (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 9.Break The Ice (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 10.Piece Of Me (Link 1) (Link 2)(Full) 11.Boys (Link 1) 12.Perfume (Link 1) 13.Slave 4 U (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 14.Freakshow (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 15.Do Somethin (Full) 16.Circus (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 17.I Wanna Go (Link 1) (Link 2) (Full) 18.Lucky (Link 1) (Full) 19.Toxic (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Full) 20.Stronger (Link 1) (Link 2) 21.(You Drive Me) Crazy (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) Encore 22. Till The World Ends (Link 1) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7i8up52XTlgdgTRbaUzliWZhnXGNvzPo Video Playlist PICTURES IN THE GALLERY HERE! Pics from tonight's show First meet & greet Read our previous coverage on the 16th here
  18. 2 points
    I went to see Britney twice last week! On the 15th I was in the left pit! It was amazing! I got there at 1:30 in the afternoon and was the fourth person in line and 2nd for the left side. I was able to get the spot I wanted in the corner right up against the stage and the catwalk. ! This was one of the best days of my life! It was so fun waiting in line with other fans. We talked about Britney all day. I got to meet Felicia and we got to see Britney’s dad a few times but he didn’t come over and talk to us! If you are doing general admission for one of her upcoming shows you should know that getting in line early doesn’t guarantee you a good spot in the pit! A group of guys who waited in line for two hours cut everyone but me and the guy in front of me. These people who got in line around three and were third and fourth for the left side didn’t even get front row because they were cut by so many people. After we formed the second line I told security that these people were cutting and I was afraid they were going to try and cut me on the way into the pit. The security guy promised me he wouldn’t let that happen because he was going to walk the whole line down into the pit and not let anyone run or cut. If they tried he said they would be thrown out. Of course when he started walking us down this group of guys ran for it and he didn’t stop them so I ran too and got my spot. I didn’t take many pictures or videos because I wanted to enjoy the show but I thought Britney did great and was very into the show. I could tell she still loves performing. It was so nice to see her smile and she looked like a Barbie. Here is one of my videos I took. It doesn’t have any zoom on so if you have general admission to an upcoming show this is how close you can get! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PHgVYRdma8 On the 16th I was sitting in section 103 row G. It was an amazing seat but I think every seat would be a good one. The theater is so small in person. If you have the chance to go to more than one show I would do the general admission one night because you get to be so close and have a seat the next because it is a much better show when you can see everything. I missed a lot of detail the first night because I was so close and focused only on Britney. You also don’t get the feel of the screens being wrapped around the room when you are in the pit. Britney did great this night too. Her friend that post pictures of her on instagram was the freakshow guy this night and you could tell Britney had a lot of fun having her friend on stage. It was neat because a few minutes before the show Jamie and Bryan walked Lynne to her seat a few rows in front of me. Lynne was wearing a beautiful dress! I waved at Bryan and he waved back at me! The night before Lynne was there with the kids and was dancing with them a little before the show started at a VIP table. It was so much fun to see! Jayden was tearing the place up even with his cast on! He must take after his mom! I thought it was strange because on the second night the show started early. As soon as the countdown hit 7 minutes left the show started. Also at the end of the show instead of getting back in the giant orb she just left the stage. Does this happen a lot? The next day I went to the Britney store again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything I wanted to buy and standing by the counter was Jamie! He was talking to one of the workers and I asked another worker if they thought he would mind taking a picture with me. They went and asked and he said yes! I tried to talk to him a little but I could tell he didn’t really want anyone else in the store to recognize him so he didn’t talk much. He just said he is glad I liked the show and thanked me for coming to Vegas just to see Britney. I had so much fun! I can’t believe some of the pictures I got of Britney!
  19. 2 points
    http://www.vox.com/2014/8/19/5998353/ariana-grande-female-pop-stars-dancing It talks about how popstars today are really basic in there performances compared to Britney prime and how the music industry struggles to find a girl as good as her and also mentions how Britney current eras like blackout and Britney jean have influenced today pop girls but in a negative way
  20. 2 points
    Brittards can't accept opinions other than their own I could care less about dislikes I'm not being paid or anything to be here lol I came here to speak my mind and support my idol that I have been supporting since 1999 most likely longer than his/her ass
  21. 2 points
    If you watch enough Vegas videos, you can tell her vibe here is different than the previous shows this leg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW28_hNga1g&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECSDVOJodVs&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA&index=7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnTJY3appq8&index=8&list=UU46GZrTjYMaI-ualnbkX4EA The ending of Work Bitch. Someone gif that moment pls Her little dances are so cute, too
  22. 2 points
    At least she's famous, sings heavenly and doesn't make floppy threads in Universe
  23. 2 points
  24. 2 points
    lmfao sorry i did not mean to! and i meant meltdown in a good way! like OMG SHE ADDED SOMETHING NEW!!!
  25. 2 points
    I think she's just so anxious of people judging her every move and how they thrashed her in the past. It freezes her.
  26. 2 points
    i know thats what i was wondering!! but we did have the meltdowns of her adding a new choreography to bom!!
  27. 2 points
    I feel that too, her rehearsal was SO ENERGETIC , she is literally an energyball while rehearsing but when she goes to that stage it's normal , I guess it's a confidence issue , or stage paranoia , but she didn't have that in Circus or Onyx , but tbh she still slays lives
  28. 2 points
  29. 2 points
    Queen just saving the world and African children i've seen a lot of them and britney's is the best by far! love the FUCK at the end
  30. 2 points
    britneys challenge is the only one I've seen (well and adam's too, and kevin richadson too) i don't care about other celebs and her is the funniest and i like that she did it in her pool the Queen didn't waste water
  31. 2 points
    It always has been like that. I watched every single videos of WB since the 3rd leg because i add them on my threads, and it always has been like that.
  32. 2 points
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnTJY3appq8 At 2:30, for example, you can clearly hear her voice Another video from a different angle http://instagram.com/p/r6BtJHtesm/
  33. 2 points
    4/16 is a bit better, I think she's a count early here But I fucking love her look at 0:35, she's like "take this bleachonce "
  34. 2 points
    What's sad is fans expecting things from Britney that she has never delievered in the past. If you don't like the performer she is, that's fine you're allowed. But don't make it HER fault. Just move on to someone that gives you what you want instead of trying to make Britney fit that expectation and then getting upset with her because she doesn't.
  35. 2 points
    HOW DARE YOU Phonography is a pure perfection from Circus.
  36. 2 points
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W736mhd9YM You can see all the lights and everything! Makes me wanna party right now
  37. 2 points
    love them selfies and OMG I really love your eyes
  38. 2 points
    2008: Out for a walk outside her house in Beverly Hills At Conway Studios in Los Angeles 2009: Leaving the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, Canada The Circus Starring: Britney Spears Tour - American Leg Part 2 - Hamilton, Canada The Circus Starring: Britney Spears Tour - American Leg Part 2 - Hamilton, Canada (Fan Pictures)
  39. 2 points
    You're getting more hotter every time you post a new pic.
  40. 2 points
    I don't really know what to think about this song. It's alright, I guess.
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  42. 2 points
    Gothic breakdown part 1 Gohtic breakdown part 2
  43. 2 points
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
    you flops the queen ain't got trouble with that
  46. 2 points
    I hope everything posts okay! I dont have pictures of the BOMT Vinyl 7 BOMT tour book, as I left them at work. (Theyll be home tomorrow, my hands were too full leaving xD)
  47. 2 points
  48. 2 points
  49. 2 points
    I'm gonna name my kids Florals, Angelica, Camellia and Ambrosia now.
  50. 2 points