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    I mean fucking look at this: I knew she was fit and all, but I actually NEVER thought she was this toned and flat. Her body (with no fucking delusion and you know it) looks just like circusney's one or even better. The waist, everything.... I'm speechless. This is definitely the best candid of the year. I couldn't be more proud of Godney right now, and she just inspired me to get in shape. I'm definitely spreading these pics to all my friends for them to see the true hotness of Godney's body. It's better than it was when she filmed Work Bitch omfg I love you Britney, SO much.
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    Cuz yew feel lyke paradise and i need a vacation tonite.
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    I'm sorry but I disagree. She's shown us she can still sing, FIRST in BJ, album which you can CLEARLY tell it's Britney's voice and nobody else's. Yes, they can easily autotune (or whatever you wanna call the voice processing method used), but it'd sound way more robotic than it does in songs, like, for example, Hold On Tight. Femme Fatale too, but I'm not talking about it as much since it was a party/dance album. Then, we got several videos from the Femme Fatale tour of her singing LIVE. I know she used pre-recording a lot in the tour but some performances were live aka Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know. + Britney singing Happy Birthday to LA Reid less than 2 years ago (her voice sounded a bit shaky but tbh, it was most likely because she was nervous.) We've had tons of PROOF.
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    That is up there as one of the stupidest comments I've ever read on a Britney forum...ever.
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    Britters ditches labels altogether, makes a fan-fucking-tastic indie album/mixtape that's EP'd by Diplo and supported by Flume/Pretty Lights/GRiZ that blows everyone outta the water, shits on your fave's careers, continues to give zero fucks A PENNY FOR YOUR THOTS (googled "penny for your thots" and i couldn't resist ) Here Comes Da Smasha (ft. M.I.A) Weavesnatcha In Dis Bitch H.B.I.C (ft. Iggy Azalea) Stay Pressed Take A Seat Me>>>>>>>Ur Faves Slay Bitch Slay (ft. GRiZ) Call Me Neyde Python Icon I've Got The Urge (to Herbal) [ft. Snoop Dogg] [/thread]
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    This is a stupid ass thread; this is not exhale if you are going to bash Britney go there. I don't even know why u believe u should need answers. Britney doesn't owe u anything & if she doesn't want to give proof thats her decision and judging her decisions is rude. Who are you to ask people for proof; u don't own her. Also If u do not like knowing weather she can sing or not, go be a fan of someone else frankly you're a bad fan if u can call yourself a fan. U prob made a thread just so it could be a hit :dealwitit:
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    That totally would have matched my bedroom back then. My five year old self would have slept on it
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    "I'm miss American dream since I was seventeen/ Don't matter if I step on the scene or sneak away into the Phillipenes/ They still gon' put pictures of my derriere in the magazine/ You want a piece of me?" "All eye on me in the center of the ring just like a circus." "Feels like the crowd is saying... gimme gimme more gimme gimme gimme more" "Everybody's talking all that stuff about me/ Why won't they just let me live?" "There was a time I was one of a kind." "Mr. Photographer/I think I'm ready for my close-up (Tonight)/ Make sure you catch me from my good side (Pick one!)/ These other (HA) just wanna be me/ Is that money in your pocket?/ Or you happy to see me?" "Love me/ Hate me/ Say what you want about me/ But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy" Bitches stay pressed over the queen and she knows it.
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    I didn't think her marriage to Kevin was going to last, but I enjoyed seeing her happy. I remember waiting for the baby clothing line she mentioned in the Matt Lauer interview (What ever happened to that anyway?) But the kids at school were so mean and said brutal things. Actually after the driving with the baby on the lap and nearly falling while holding SP incidents, this one girl in my class would NOT shut the fuck up and quit shit talking (I was like the only stan in the whole school and everybody knew that) eventually she was starting to get worse so i stomped on her foot really hard and the bitch started crying. I still regret nothing
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    well...getting naked! Whether she's steaming it up in the tub, sauna, or shower (...I'm sensing a theme here) Bare Britney is HOT HOT HOT! Which sizzling video of our Godly temptress lights your blood on fire? Tell me your personal fave in the poll and cmnts!
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    I agree with this. I like that Britney's team abandoned Britney Jean after how poorly "Perfume" did. I do like some songs ("Alien" being one of them) so there is that. This release has been plagued with so much negativity it's hard to ignore and there's been more questions then answers. Starting anew with her next album would be the best option and it needs to be killer in every sense of the word to wipe off the stench that is BJ. So help me God if will.i.am is on her next album...
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    I do remember Britney saying something way before the Album came out that it was going to be scaled back. More acoustic then her previous Albums. It was also supposed to have a little from each era in it which I didn't see as well.
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    She looked fantastic! I know if Jason's hand had slipped or there wasn't enough steam it would've been like HELLOOO Britney lol
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    I know true love exists. My grandparents have been together for 40+ years. She took him back after he cheated, and he never did again, even though to this day, she still doesn't let him touch her. (For a guy to stay with a woman who doesn't give him sex for 30 years and not cheat once... that's love, y'all.) He stayed with her after she got a hysterectomy and she's been his own personal nurse for the past five years. Their love isn't perfect or storybook love, but it's definitely real and it's totally true. Before I knew about their troubled past, I honestly thought that I wanted what they have. Now that I know what they've been through together, I know I want a love that resilient, that powerful. I know I'll never get it, though. As common as it seemed to be years ago, true love seems as elusive as being as famous as Britney for most people. So to answer your question... I believe in it. But do I believe I can have it, or even deserve it? That would take too much soul searching to answer right now. Safe to say, it's not as easy as movies make it seem.
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    I love both but when I found you > now that I found you