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    A place where she can reconnect herself with the GP and find her inner piece (or inner artist)
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    I must be honest, it will be the less interesting of the whole project because perhaps it\'s the most studied and cured by Jive Records. - The pictures used for 3 covers in this era (Jhon Regal) "Oops! ... I Did It Again album & single, and Lucky are from the same photoshoot. In fact, the photos were taken on the same day, only in different locations and clothes. - When Your Eyes Say It was supposed to be the fourth single, and it seems that there is a USA promo acetate with a white cover with the album version of the track. It was also attested that Britney did shoot the video for this song because Jive wanted to release it as the fifth single, but the video have never been released because of the poor sales of "Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know" and the imminent arrival of "Im Slave 4 U" as a new single. - The album was supposed to be called at first Britney Spears, then Sunflower but at the end they chose for Oops!...I Did Again” like the first single. it was also rumerd to be called Platinum 2000.. (yikes) - "Oops!...I Did Again" single is the cd with the most editions, between promotional and official, in Britney’s whole discography. - They Almost used this picture for the album cover - "(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction" was supposed to be used as a promotional single, but things changed rapidly since it was considered one of the worst cover in pop history by the critics. - The album entered in the Guinness World Records for the largest sales in the first week of release in the history of music. - In Italy they forgot to print the name “Britney Spears” on the cover of the single "Stronger". - The man talking in the song "Oops!...I Did It Again" is Max Martin. - The project of Oops i did it again started just few months after Baby One More Time.. Success, it was recorded between early 1999 - early 2000 - The other girl at the phone conversations at the end of some tracks is Felicia - You Got It All (bonus track) in fact this song was one of the first songs that britney ever recorded with Jive, some say it was the first thing she recorded when she first came into the studio Also: A song called "Asking For Trouble" was supposed to be on Oops, but it didn\'t make it apparently.
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    I was so slayed when I read the title cause I thought it was on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and then I opened the thread and found out it was only on the Billboard Trending Songs
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    How cute is she? Who could have guessed that this girl was going to change my life and still slay me after 16 years.... and now i love her more than ever she is the most amazing person alive and cant ask for any more in an idol... fuck the haters and just look at this amazing girl and what she has done and still does and just appreciate all of it, gaaw i love her
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    It means that she just wants a place to earn her money for a bit of time, where she stays there instead of contantly moving so her family can be closer to her as well as her kids, which mean the world to her. And I accept that.
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    Personally, I could see Britney focusing more on family and quietly leaving the industry, but not in 2016. I could see her finishing Vegas in 2016 - 2018, and then starting on her final album. I can see it being adult contemporary pop with honest lyrics maybe a tour again and a greatest hits album. Then she moves back to the south and has a new life with David and her kids! I just want a Super Bowl performance PLEASE.
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    Yaaaaay thank you bb You deserve one for being a flawless member too and also @@CIRCUS he's the original top poster tbh Yes It always makes me emotional when I remember the first day I listened to Godney. I cant imagine what my life would have become when I didnt discover that pop masterpiece Thank you very much Thank you bb There r so many BArmy struggling to get piece of Britney tbh Thank you darl You deserve one thread like this tbh Awww thank you bb yes baby. True tea
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    I mean fucking look at this: I knew she was fit and all, but I actually NEVER thought she was this toned and flat. Her body (with no fucking delusion and you know it) looks just like circusney's one or even better. The waist, everything.... I'm speechless. This is definitely the best candid of the year. I couldn't be more proud of Godney right now, and she just inspired me to get in shape. I'm definitely spreading these pics to all my friends for them to see the true hotness of Godney's body. It's better than it was when she filmed Work Bitch omfg I love you Britney, SO much.
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    Cuz yew feel lyke paradise and i need a vacation tonite.
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    I'm sorry but I disagree. She's shown us she can still sing, FIRST in BJ, album which you can CLEARLY tell it's Britney's voice and nobody else's. Yes, they can easily autotune (or whatever you wanna call the voice processing method used), but it'd sound way more robotic than it does in songs, like, for example, Hold On Tight. Femme Fatale too, but I'm not talking about it as much since it was a party/dance album. Then, we got several videos from the Femme Fatale tour of her singing LIVE. I know she used pre-recording a lot in the tour but some performances were live aka Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know. + Britney singing Happy Birthday to LA Reid less than 2 years ago (her voice sounded a bit shaky but tbh, it was most likely because she was nervous.) We've had tons of PROOF.
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    I Am Brinty Joan: The Show A brand new Nekci Menij Show spin-off about Brinty Spreas' very cool life.
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    15 years and 2 kids later, this star proves why she's abs-olutely the queen of the crop top! Britney Spears has been rockin’ crop top since way back when they were just called belly shirts! Seriously, just gimme gimme more of the Princess of Pop’s abs! Check Out 15 Years of Queen Brit’s Belly! http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/britney-spears-taut-tummy-throughout-the-years-40487/photos/britney-spears-abs-47073
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    "E" news was talking about Britney Spears yesterday of how hot and how happy she has been looking lately. The clip features Britney spears at the Cheesecake factory with David on June 13th. Check out the clip below! This clip is everything!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB95qfQhkjI Thanks Josie Jean for finding this Read the full story here
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    I thought she looked good at the VMAs that year, not Slaveney but still sexy Oh and Britney has never ever been "fat" as some stupid people say. A tad thick and untoned (or pregnant lol), but never fat.
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    mte, everyone is always trying to analyze things to death. there is no bigger meaning other than britney is finally doing something she's been wanting to do for years and finding a perfect balance between her family and her job.
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    Alien is my fucking favorite song from BJ britney make it a single it will smash!!!!!!! Btw here's the number one for those of you that were expecting a number 1 dis era
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    Not fun. If this turn into Exhell 2.0 I'm leaving.
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    Why do people care about such insignificant things? You give out about the GP bitching about her, but her own "fans" bitching about the size of her fucking neck? Give me a break.
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    What's up with the negative threads all of a sudden? Y'all can go back to Exhell and leave this nice place where people are positive and fun
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    Spread tha word !!!!!!! Seriously, OP, how can you call yourself a fan when you doubt her vocal abilities like that? Sorry, TL;DR, too busy believing in my Queen.
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    That Britney smile is worth more than all accessories on earth put together.
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    Nothing more to add to this flawless answer!!! Keep doubting Britney and creating drama...PLEASE...If that means that more songs from Britney Jean would go to no1 on Billboard Trending Songs then I'm ok with this because Britney has nothing to lose!!!
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    Negative or positive publicity, the results are the same!!! More promo for Britney AND her music!!!
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    That is up there as one of the stupidest comments I've ever read on a Britney forum...ever.
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    Britters ditches labels altogether, makes a fan-fucking-tastic indie album/mixtape that's EP'd by Diplo and supported by Flume/Pretty Lights/GRiZ that blows everyone outta the water, shits on your fave's careers, continues to give zero fucks A PENNY FOR YOUR THOTS (googled "penny for your thots" and i couldn't resist ) Here Comes Da Smasha (ft. M.I.A) Weavesnatcha In Dis Bitch H.B.I.C (ft. Iggy Azalea) Stay Pressed Take A Seat Me>>>>>>>Ur Faves Slay Bitch Slay (ft. GRiZ) Call Me Neyde Python Icon I've Got The Urge (to Herbal) [ft. Snoop Dogg] [/thread]
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    This is a stupid ass thread; this is not exhale if you are going to bash Britney go there. I don't even know why u believe u should need answers. Britney doesn't owe u anything & if she doesn't want to give proof thats her decision and judging her decisions is rude. Who are you to ask people for proof; u don't own her. Also If u do not like knowing weather she can sing or not, go be a fan of someone else frankly you're a bad fan if u can call yourself a fan. U prob made a thread just so it could be a hit :dealwitit:
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    That totally would have matched my bedroom back then. My five year old self would have slept on it
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    "I'm miss American dream since I was seventeen/ Don't matter if I step on the scene or sneak away into the Phillipenes/ They still gon' put pictures of my derriere in the magazine/ You want a piece of me?" "All eye on me in the center of the ring just like a circus." "Feels like the crowd is saying... gimme gimme more gimme gimme gimme more" "Everybody's talking all that stuff about me/ Why won't they just let me live?" "There was a time I was one of a kind." "Mr. Photographer/I think I'm ready for my close-up (Tonight)/ Make sure you catch me from my good side (Pick one!)/ These other (HA) just wanna be me/ Is that money in your pocket?/ Or you happy to see me?" "Love me/ Hate me/ Say what you want about me/ But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy" Bitches stay pressed over the queen and she knows it.
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    I didn't think her marriage to Kevin was going to last, but I enjoyed seeing her happy. I remember waiting for the baby clothing line she mentioned in the Matt Lauer interview (What ever happened to that anyway?) But the kids at school were so mean and said brutal things. Actually after the driving with the baby on the lap and nearly falling while holding SP incidents, this one girl in my class would NOT shut the fuck up and quit shit talking (I was like the only stan in the whole school and everybody knew that) eventually she was starting to get worse so i stomped on her foot really hard and the bitch started crying. I still regret nothing
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    I feel like no one remembers to use it
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    She´s just PERFECT Love the video, and she looks so cute when she walks HER SMILE IS EVERYTHING!
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    I agree. She's not anywhere near her peak. Circus was the closest post-breakdown. Britney will have to come out with another ITZ, BO, or Britney type album, sing live at least sometimes, and dance way better to get to that level again. She has to want to be in the spotlight again.
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    :kiss: it makes me laugh erry time this gif oh my god what is air
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    I do agree to an extent that Britney has lost a lot of the vocal abilities that she used to possess. But I still think she can sing, and I do think that the Alien demo is more of a bad take than anything else. But I don't agree with anything else you said. Britney does have a recording studio at her house, it's been documented in a handful of interviews she's done. And just because we don't have candids of Britney going to the studio doesn't mean she's not going there. I'm sure there are tons of times Britney has left her house or somewhere else and has gone completely unnoticed. The paparazzi don't clamor her as much as they used to. But I believe she can still sing because if she couldn't, then why else would producers praise her? William Orbit, Sia, and will.i.am have all praised Britney this era on how great of a singer she is. I don't think they would say this if she wasn't. Also, if she has no vocal abilities left at all, then on all of the songs on Britney Jean she would sound like a robot. I M O her vocals sound very raw on songs like Perfume, Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star, and even Passenger (whatever parts Britney sings). TL;DR: We really don't know if Britney can still sing or not, but there is enough evidence pointing towards Britney still having a relatively good voice.
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    if yall cant laugh at perez getting his ass beat then you r takin life too seriously
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    There would be no britney army left as we would all be deceased from flawlessness overdose
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    You're really pretty let me tell you
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    :excited: yaaaaass you're gonna love it I heard I've always loved watching superhero movies and anything superhero related too. I was blown away at how good this show really is cuz I didn't expect much from it. I've never really seen a quality superhero tv series like this before and watched Circus
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