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Showing content with the highest reputation on 01/11/2014 in all areas

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    Celebuzz Stanning hard for our queen In case you didn’t already know this… We’re a little obsessed with Britney Spears here at the Celebuzz HQ. We’re so thrilled with her recent fashion decision at the People’s Choice Awards. She looked classy, chic and perfectly put together (for the first time in a while). Since we loved it so much, we want to show YOU how to get a similar look for a lot less... So first of all, what is it about this look we love so much? Let me break it down for you: The color combination. The gorgeous gunmetal embroidery immediately adds a fancy touch to the subtle nude color of the dress. And I absolutely love the illusion sleeve!! It adds some sexiness to a more conservative style. The nude shoes. If I can advise you (fashionably speaking) to do one thing in life, it would be to invest in a good pair of nude heels. Why? Two reasons: 1) Nude heels elongate your legs and 2) They match with everything. Plain and simple. The tousled hair. Since the dress has so much detail, I love that Britney went for tousled strands instead of something super fancy. I could also see a messy top-knot looking amazing as well! Here's the only downfall... Britney spent over $9,000 on her ensemble. YIKES! The Dress: Mikael D , $5,325 (sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus ). The Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti , $695. The Jewelry: Broken English rings, about $1000 each. Don't let that price fool you though... Through a lot of research and diving into some of my favorite brands, I was able to find a similar look that’s just as gorgeous for a LOT less. Check it out: Where to buy: The Dress: River Island, $90. The Shoes: Steve Madden , $50. The Rings: TopShop for Nordstrom , $25.
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    Britney's Vegas Residency Paved the way to many stars Like katy perry & Leona Lewis who like the idea of the residency and now the Jacksons are the latest to join The Jacksons have inked a residency deal with Planet Hollywood that will see them perform 40 concerts, promoters for the show announced on Thursday. The group was tapped as the next act to anchor the hotel's "RockTellz & CockTails†concert series. They are scheduled to make their debut Feb. 20. RockTellz & CockTails is pegged as a “high-energy, one-of-a-kind live show†built around a concert and “intimate, personal stories." It sounds like “VH1 Storytellers†tailored for very seasoned acts. The Jacksons will rotate with Meat Loaf, who debuted last fall and returns in February. Britney Revealed Earlier That Her favourite Part Of The Show Was Paying Tribute To Michael Jackson If u r interested to find more about the Jacksons residency then check Here
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    ikr!! i heard that shakira will be back on the voice season 6?i wonder will she sing this song with rihanna on the voice?that'd be amazing!
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    Awesome ..Can't believe we're so close to get it..I've been waiting for such a long time OMG
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    lol i already liked this song by listening to the snippet..
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    i would love that! did you hear the snippet of can't remember to forget you?i like it!can't wait to listen to the whole song
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    Yes, I read that, Til It's Gone in Europe and Alien in Australia :shakclap:
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    this thread is a bow down thread for you to bow down to the things she has done over the years! the thread is now yours flawfree chicks!
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    That's how my 8 year old self felt when I saw BOMT for the first time
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    I don't really have GIFs or any cool stuff But I'm bowing down to everything she's done this year, everything she's achieved, all the effort she's put forward and I'm bowing down to how happy she seems to be! As a fan, I like when she puts out music, videos, performances... but more than anything I love when she's in a good place. She deserves happiness so that's what I'll bow down to