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  2. Cool, I've saved you on my spotify account
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  4. Could it be a track just for Pepsi?
  5. @JoshLee yassssssssssssssssssssssssss you go boo!!
  7. @Turn Ya Head @Faith @mernaprimadonna Also @britneyscircu501 you weren't a member here yet, but I welcome you to check it out if you'd like!
  8. Bitch I was just about to tag you, but I had to figure out how to do those stars
  9. @HannahLou @PieceOfCake @jσηαs ℓαмвєrт @endadollar
  10. If y'all remember last year I released my album Cross Out! Well to celebrate it being 1 year, I released it on streaming and downloading services! Download and Stream, just click the service and it should take you there! iTunes Spotify Tidal Amazon CD Baby Store It's also on other streaming services, but I posted the most used ones! If you would like to download you can, if not that's cool, but just thought I'd share!
  11. At The End Of The Video That Pepsi Posted Source: https://www.facebook.com/pepsimexico/videos/605069363223816/UzpfSTU5OTQzNTE3OToxMDE1NjM2MTgzNTEwNTE4MA/ This Version Of The Video Is A Few Seconds Longer
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  14. People know she doesn't sing live, they know she doesn't dance like she used to, and they know she doesn't look like she did in her prime. But they still pay top money to see her in concert and I don't see absolutely anyone complaining about the show. Only haters and journalists that don't really understand what a Britney show is about. The show had a rough start in 2013 (choreography, energy, outfits, wigs...), but she's come a long way since then.
  15. No, I didn't call your threads spam. Lol. If you actually read my messages on WhatApp, you would know I was refering to BSMedia sharing his stuff here in multiple threads. And I don't want to forget you, cuz you're my friend. I told you I was offline cuz I have personal stuff to deal with.
  16. I'm controling myself, I'm just done with you. First you called my threads SPAM, then if I send you my personal texts what I wrote, you said something like "I have better stuff for doing now". Plus that fact you are ignoring me and i will now wait for your answer one week. Why should I have? Rather I forget you ever and me and you will be happy. Bye.
  17. She improved a long time ago and I thought the dancing complaints were over. Some things never change
  18. OK, yes I know - for years I hated when people self-promoted either reaction videos or covers but I'm now becoming one of those losers lol... Since Britneyworld is slightly dormant until we get this elusive 'Apple Pie', I thought I'd go back in time for a sec.. Remember that awful Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer?? I did a little commentary about the 'I'd shoot Britney' thing because I felt like ranting. WHO says something like that (besides a nobody)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyCvmH8ee9w
  19. @☆☆☆MikeCZ☆☆☆ Control yourself Mike. I don't know why you called me fake ass bitch, when I'm simply off-line from social media. I thought you were my friend, but I was wrong. Can't send messages so I'll say it right here.
  20. Except some like BA/BMS/Seal/trip/I have ALL stems incl Up n Down stems
  21. I've heard "accoustic" versions of selfish and couple others
  22. I have: Multitracks: Break the ice Till the world ends Hold it against me I Wanna Go How I Roll (Drop Dead) Beautiful Big Fat Bass Trouble For Me Criminal He about to lose me Scary Till the world ends Twister Remix Alien (Britney's Demo) Alien (Britneys Demo) V2 Work Bitch Perfume (Dreaming Mix) Acapella Up n' Down (4 Background Vocals Up n' Down Ad Libs Has anyone got Passenger (Stems/Multitrack/Recording Session) Brightest Morning Star (Stems/Multitrack) Body Ache (Acapella) Inside Out (Stems/Multitrack) Seal It With A Kiss (Stems/Multitrack) Trip To Your Heart (Stems/Multitrack) Gasoline (Stems/Multitrack) Up n' Down (Stems/Multitrack) Selfish (Stems/Multitrack) Dont Keep Me Waiting (Stems/Multitrack) To Trade
  23. It's advertised as a unisex perfume so I'm going to buy it anyway. I am wondering if she will release another one that tastes more like a cologne if there's a new one/edition.
  24. Neon section needs something like this. a lil "club/urban" as britney would say me against the music section needs something like this (remove the jacket when she goes behind those walls for no reason: the slave 4 u section needs something like this circus section needs to be scrapped or reworked as a whole. jungle section needs somethign like this with more green tones its uch a callback to her garden onyx hotel look if you think about it as far as the work bitch and baby one more time sectiosn they just need the original revamp outfits in my opinion
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