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  2. ??? Not to be that person... But to be that person... Does this mean anything? Is she just googling and posting? Is she hinting at something? Is this a shot at someone? Is she trying to have a genius video where she explains a song she wrote? We may never know....
  3. Yesterday
  4. These made me smile, she looks so happy!
  5. You read an article so it MUST be true! Did you not listen to Britney when she spoke about how the paparazzi photos didn't show what she actually looked like aka were edited? But, no, lets believe an article on the internet and the paparazzi over BRITNEY, HERSELF. Like I said, girl, bye.
  6. I read one article and there was photo from her side and the same from paparazzi side and you can see how her body were different. Im saying she is nice how is she.
  7. Im saying there is no reason why she would have photoshop her pics for insta.
  8. I thought the exact same thing! Boy, she is so down to earth..one of the many reasons why I love her
  9. Last week
  10. Love that bikini, she’s so cute and boy look at the water, it’s the complete opposite of the jersey shore where I’m gonna be in two weeks, lol
  11. She totally is relateable, that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about her. As for her post, sucks she’s gotta go back, she has seemed so happy on this vacay.
  12. I love that Britney goes to Turks and Caicos for vacation and buys some hats and nailpolish as souvenirs. Relatable.
  13. She's totally living and enjoying and appreciating life more and surrounding herself with good people, especially her family! I love this and it's my everyday oxygen
  14. That bikini is super cute, but can someone teach her how to video edit. These tiny ass videos ain't it. Her "rising in the am of the morning" made me chuckle. Adorable.
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