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  2. I will always love her as a blonde, and I like this blonde. It's not so bleached out, it suits her and she looks great! Love the caption, girlfriend ain't playing anymore.
  3. She got bored of the dark hair so quickly Same! <3
  4. Wish she’d of kept it longer but she still looks good and I love how she’s coming for the inevitable hair/makeup hater comments in the caption, lol
  5. I already miss the dark hair, I wish she'd have kept it longer. Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  6. Yesterday
  7. :jumps and starts performing Toxic on the sand:
  8. I have the baby one more time picture vinyl limited edition oops, Britney, and in the zone all $40 a piece but is negotiable also selling the baby one more time funko pop and slave for you funko pop for $20 each everything hasnt been opened yet.
  9. Last week
  10. That place is simply breathtaking..
  11. Beautiful photo and I love her personal captions ♥️
  12. This is true, but I was mainly noting that albums #2-4 are still available at all. BOMT hasn't been brought back after its first two releases sold out. I'm surprised that the others haven't sold out in their second runs. Also, BO took longer than I thought it would to sell out.
  13. This is true but they still have only done BOMT twice as far as I remember, the 5k limited pink and the second clear. As for Blackout being sold out right now, if anyone hasn't preordered yet keep checking back because I thought I missed ITZ because it said sold out but I checked back later in the day (the day it was released) and was able to secure a copy.
  14. The other album's colored versions are sold out. They ones you see there are clear vinyl version. All were limited to 5,000 copies just like Blackout and they're all sold out now, including Blackout
  15. Interesting, indeed ... the quality on the leaked tracks was pretty top notch, too. I did eventually realize it was uploaded as a podcast and I was so confused.
  16. Omg. even I think that an injunction is bullshit. Most of the time permanent injunctions aren't granted and nine out of 10 cases get thrown out so I would love to see how they attempt to get that approved....
  17. What's weird is that the same thing happened with a Charli XCX album, XCX world. It was uploaded to spotify by fans (as a podcast) and taken down later on. Interesting....
  18. It's beautiful and I wish I wasn't broke
  19. amen. its been more than 10 years
  20. Interesting that, so far, BOMT is the only one they did the two stealth releases of and haven't restocked. Albums #2-4 are still on there with no mention of the "5,000 copies only" like BOMT and Blackout.
  21. If anybody can - rip her albums to 96khz/24bit? Í would be happy. They have always in the studio 24bit source audio, so they must gave to these LPs the best sound quality!
  22. You can now pre-order the Blackout vinyl from Urban Outfitters https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-blackout-limited-lp2
  23. Must be an old one since she's blonde here but brunette in the other.
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