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  3. Thank you all for the welcome. I just need a place where I can see what is happening with Brit in peace; Social media sites are absolutely terrible right now. People say things, but have no idea the consequences of their words, nor do they care.
  4. The slower and sane pace is a welcome change for me! Some other sites are quite toxic!!
  5. Yes welcome, unfortunately, it can be pretty dead in here but at least this forum isn’t bonkers.
  6. Took the words right out of my mind, nothing to add
  7. Welcome! It might be a little slower paced over here, but at least we all use our brains and think rationally.
  8. Just became a member of this site; seems like there are sane Britney fans here. I am depressed to even sign-in on certain social media right now! Ugh, I hope this summers down soon.
  9. I know it’s scary, at this point they’re the ones who need meds and a mental health facility, plus if these claims are all false, they’re making all of us fans look like insane idiots.
  10. The "freebritney movement" is a runaway train at this point, it's disturbing, to say the least. I don't think anything will convince them they're wrong, not even if Britney came out and said she was fine. They'd make up something else about her being forced to say that. Your stan chart had me laughing.
  11. They are literally out of their minds. The shit they're making up is far more sinister than anything these "sources" have revealed. The fact that they're so caught up in their own conspiracies is fucking alarming.
  12. Good lord y’all, so now fans are referring to all the c-ship schedule stuff that is made public, they’re talking about something regarding insurance and now fans are thinking the team is trying to kill her, Reynolds must be raking in the dough, cuz there’s clearly a lot of tin foil hats being made, lol
  13. No problem man, someone's gotta calm all these crazy fans down. It's still out of control though. Like just a moment ago on Facebook I saw a post where Jamie Lynn wished her brother a happy birthday. Guess what kind of comments I found?
  14. Last week
  15. honestly with me being paranoid and anxious with my anxiety I'm so glad y'all are here to keep me all level-headed because I don't know what to believe and what not to believe. I get the parts about meds. I've been bounced from one to another my whole life until they figured out it was a thyroid problem and not just me behaving badly. On top of that, they had to give me multiple doses of my thyroid medication, my cymbalta, my adderal, and I still don't have anything for my knees which are literally broken. It was a mess when they took my Valium away. Now I'm on Adderall. That's gonna be fun. We should make a stan chart. Baby Stan Not a Fan not yet a stan Etc. Handy flowchart for questions "When should I @ Sam Lufti on Twitter?" Never. He doesn't exist. He is the devil.
  16. A lot of these motherfuckers are just reacting therefore not using their heads but with is, you’d think every fan would know better but I guess not.
  17. No offense taken Just thought I'd remind everyone here that there are also responsible young people out there
  18. Oh definitely and I am sorry if I offended you by saying they are too young to know. You bothered to educate yourself on the matter and that's what the difference is between the irresponsible fans that think reaching out to Sam lutfi is a good idea and the ones who know better.
  19. Age is not a good reason not to know. It's all available online if you Google what he did. I'm only 19 so I didn't read about the stuff back when it actually happened but oh boy, is there a lot to find out if you bother searching. So yeah, they're just way too irresponsible
  20. Omg... how the fuck does one think of such an idea? I seriously can't imagine the thought process that went through that fan's head
  21. I know it’s insane, fortunately, most of Exhell is chastising this fan, he is the very last thing we need .
  22. I swear those fans have to either be new or too young to know what a literal piece of shit Sam lutfi is. Everything could come out that this is 100% truth and Sam is still a bigger piece of shit than her team combined. This is why I feared the hashtag/movement. Britney fans on social media are too young/irresponsible to start a "movement" like this. It's a straight up disaster.
  23. Can u believe some idiot fan actually reached out to Sam fucking Lutfi for his opinion on this whole situation!!! He’s a big part of the reason she’s in this c-ship to begin with!!! While I don’t think it’s bad that the media/people now have theirs eyes on this situation JUST IN CASE but now someone is trying to drag in the most toxic person she’s ever had in her life...I just can’t with some of these fans!!!
  24. I just have to say it's so refreshing to come here and see people using their brains and thinking logically, not running around like maniacs with their heads chopped off.
  25. I have to be honest, the only thing I really find problematic since that podcast came out is the part regarding meds. Obviously, we don’t know her exact condition and we don’t know what meds shes on, but the one thing that psych meds have in common is, if you stop taking them, if you fuck around with the doses on your own, it can have a bad effect and I’m speaking from personal experience. Finding the right meds and dosage can be a lengthy process and if u start feeling better on whatever your on, you have to keep taking them or you’ll backslide or if you feel like shit on what your on, u need to voice that to your doctor so they can try to find something else for you to try or they have you alter the dosage. Unlike myself, she has kids, so I can understand why her stopping her meds or refusing to try new ones would be worrying to her family. Even fans were noticing and saying that she has seemed off since last year. That’s why I’m so conflicted regarding this and hesitant to join this movement. We are NOT behind the scenes, so for all we know, this very well could be for her own good. And yeah, Heather, security was def. there, if their not in the car, I think they follow in another one, so that's def bullshit.
  26. #FreeBritney: The Story Behind the Hashtag That Went Viral After Britney Spears Entered a Treatment Facility By Desiree Murphy‍ 11:10 AM PDT, April 18, 2019 Fans are worried about Britney Spears. Over the past few days, #FreeBritney has been trending on social media after allegations were made in a "special emergency episode" of the fan podcast Britney's Gram that the 37-year-old singer is being held against her will. Now, ET's breaking down what led to the creation of the hashtag, and why her fans are so concerned. ET learned in early April that Britney had checked herself into a health facility to deal with the tremendous stress she's been having over her father, Jamie Spears', current health crisis. The check-in came just a few weeks after she put her career on an indefinite hiatus, postponing her album and putting her Britney: Domination show at Park Theater at the Park MGM resort in Las Vegas on hold before it even began. "I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family," Britney said in a statement at the time. "We have a very special relationship and I want to be with my family at this time just like they have always been there for me." "Thank you to all my fans for your continued love and support during this time," she continued. "I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and I look forward to the time when I can be back on stage performing for all of you." Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, comedians and creators of the Britney's Gram podcast, revealed on Tuesday that they received "an anonymous tip from a credible source" alleging that Britney entered the health facility against her will. Around the 8:22 mark of the podcast episode, Babs and Tess play back a voicemail that is allegedly from a paralegal who used to work for an attorney that was involved in Britney's conservatorship. "Hi there. I cannot disclose who I am. I just heard the latest episode and you guys are on to something," the unidentified person on tape claims. "What is happening is disturbing, to say the least. Basically, Britney was in rehearsals for Domination. It came to Jamie's attention that Britney was not taking her medication as prescribed. She was missing a lot of doses and just full-on not taking them." "So they got her to the doctor and the doctor said, 'OK, if you don't want these medications, let's get you on a new one.' She refused to take the new one," the person's claims continue. "Jamie said, 'Either you take this medication or the show's off, and I'm pulling my support and you can't do it.' Britney did not follow Jamie's instructions, so he was true to his word -- he pulled the show, he verbatim said, 'Blame it on my illness.' ... Britney has been in the mental facility since mid-January. There is no timeline, there is no end date particularly in sight for this stay at this mental facility to end. She did not want to go. ... From what I understand, this is not a decision she made, at all." Britney's father has been her conservator since 2008. He became her sole conservator this year after attorney Andrew Wallet abruptly resigned in March. When under a conservatorship, a judge appoints a responsible person or organization to act as the legal guardian. They make the decisions on everything from finances to personal decisions, like whether Britney can get married. Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, who divorced from Jamie in 2002, has fueled the fire even more by liking Instagram comments from fans who believe the singer is being held against her will and urging others to listen to the podcast. "I really hope you are supporting Britney in trying to end [her] conservatorship," one of the comments Lynne liked read. "I really hope your ailing ex-husband isn't keeping your daughter somewhere against her will." Singer Eve also wore a "#FreeBritney" T-shirt during her appearance on The Talk on Wednesday. "I am wearing this shirt because we all love her," she explained. "I've always been a Britney fan and I want her to be getting the help she's getting, but not under duress." "We don't know anything, but hopefully this is putting the right eyeballs on it if, god forbid, anything wrong is happening," she added. Co-host Sharon Osbourne also weighed in, saying, "When there's a lot of money involved, nothing would surprise me." "I know nothing, but nothing would surprise me," she continued. "It's time for her to have a life. And maybe her dad can find a job." Twitter Ads info and privacy There is no corroboration that Britney went against her will or is being held in the facility. In fact, ET learned that the singer briefly left her treatment facility last week to get her hair done at a salon in Los Angeles. She is still in treatment. ET has reached out to Britney's team for comment. Hear more on the Spears family in the video below. https://www.etonline.com/freebritney-the-story-behind-the-hashtag-that-went-viral-after-britney-spears-entered-a-treatment
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