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  2. I can’t with the fans acting like this is an all new personality, she has always been goofy, the GP I can understand them thinking it’s weird but fans should know better. Part of me feels like Sam has to play by Team CON rules in order to see her, so that’s why he can’t be shouting Free Britney, for all we know, he could be encouraging her to fight when they are together, fans need to stop speaking as if their with her behind closed doors and witness everything. But we’ll see whether Sam is the real deal or not if this cship ever comes to an end.
  3. They're too busy complaining about how Sam "isn't helping her" and "making her look crazy" as if this hasn't been Britney's exact personality her entire life, nor is her entire life revolving around the conservatorship.
  4. Funny video and I’m sure this is giving the fans who constantly complain saying she has raccoon eyes a heart attack, lol
  5. I will not believe for one second that in 2008 he was trying to control her. He was trying to save her life, he got jaded along the way, but the initial goal was never, in my opinion, about control. I also don't believe for one second she was "forced" to do anything in 2008. The story about a distraction in the studio that Larry saw potential for a record is believable and makes sense. Britney didn't start recording Circus because she was thinking about a comeback. She did it to distract herself. A form of therapy, because music and expressing herself through that is 100% therapeutic. But Larry saw the money, potential and Circus turned into her "comeback" before she was truly ready.
  6. Because it starts to be the same like in the past - her father doing everything for keep her under his control, that's the point and she found again her strength for this battle. That contrast between then and now ....I believe she does, but how many songs were released? Don't tell you believe in everything what you read in CD booklet? In pre-2008 stuff i felt lots of her own ideas and creativity. But let's think about it - first in 2008 she had "breakdown" (but if she knew that someone could take her children away, she had different stuff for thinking and doing, instead of let her life away from music industry with her children, they forced her for making new music, shoot documentary for showing how "desperate" is she that time and get more money from fans.
  7. Why are you bringing up shit from 2008 and trying to make it relevant now? We all know Britney was against her father then, we also know she wasn't in her right state of mind then too, and that "lawyer" was not in her best interest either and working for LUTFI. Britney has written plenty of songs since 2007, Britney has sung plenty of songs that you can feel her in since then too. Britney has not written plenty of songs in 1998-2007 and has sung plenty of songs that don't feel like her in that time frame too. Stop trying to make her situation worse than it is, especially when things are finally starting to look up.
  8. @heather it was whole shitty from the beginning from Jamies side. Some little steps to ruin Britneys chance to have normal life. Then they raped her artist image and music career how they wanted and not Britney. That's why we have not any book and not any song written from Britney. As music artist she drowned down with these hyens behind who eats her money. I feel BIG difference between 1998-2007 vs 2008-2013 albums. She sung it (and some parts probably enjoyed), but there was not her own touch.
  9. I’m honestly not that worried, like that one document said, the world is watching and I think they know by now that fans aren’t giving up, so it’s gonna be much harder for them to get away with the shady shit like they could in the past. Plus, one probate attorney named Lisa, says the judges tend to side with the court appointed attorneys and now that Britney’s is finally working for her and seems to be doing a pretty damn good job, I think going forward more rulings will be in Britney’s favor, she already got a slight win with the judge deciding to tentatively deny Jamie’s request to seal documents. So I don’t think fans have to feel so doom and gloom anymore but also keep in mind, this isn’t gonna be an over night thing, this fight will be lengthy, so patience is a must.
  10. http://www.mtv.com/news/1580917/britney-spears-lawyer-ejected-from-courtroom-after-judge-doesnt-recognize-him-as-her-counsel/ The battle over Britney Spears' affairs heated up in court on Monday (February 4) as her father and his lawyers faced off against a new attorney who claimed to have been hired by the singer this weekend. The lawyer wanted to fire the singer's father as conservator of her estate, though the court ultimately did not recognize him as her counsel...that Britney has a "very strong desire" for her father, Jamie Spears, not to be the conservator of her estate, as was decided as a temporary measure on Friday. ●●● I just hope for this time will works for Britney at all and this shit will be done ever.
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  13. Anyone who doesn't think it's Britney need to log off and step away from the conspiracy theories TBH!
  14. I can't at people saying that's not Britney... c'mon, look at her arms, her body, her signature adidas sneakers!
  15. A gimnastic girl.. I would need 100 years to be able to do it
  16. What I like about these hearings is that they cannot edit or manipulate what Britney says like they do on her interviews and social media.
  17. Oh they just keep shooting themselves in the foot, it’s beautiful, lol, and it is sooo deserved. They can’t possibly think this shit makes them look good?? Each move they make shows their intentions more and more and turns more people against them.
  18. I completely agree! The fact that he hasn't been paid since August but is still actively working for Britney shows me that he can be trusted. Team Con got away with stuff for so long, it's all finally coming back to bite them in the ass and I, for one, am glad to see this karma at work and see them fucking up left and right as they scramble to keep this sham going. I agree, it makes the most sense for everything to be done in November at once and at least in the meantime Wallet is nowhere near her estate.
  19. Beat me to it, lol, I’m glad the judge approved the request not to seal even if just tentative, it’s still score 1 for Brit. But the non payment as soon as he starts doing his job, oh how very convenient and I’m glad Lynne pointed that out herself. That act alone shows what Jamie/Lou are all about, they are despicable, the judge had better see that shady move for what it is. I’m glad he’s still working for/with Brit despite not getting paid, that does make him look good IMO. As for the postponement, it does make sense to do it in one hearing.
  20. According to the Britneysgram girls, Britney's request to not have things sealed has been tentatively granted, the issues regarding Wallet and Bessemer Trust have been moved to November, and Ingham revealed that Tri Star has not been paying him since August 20th! Apparently Lynne's lawyer brought up how convenient it is that as soon as Ingham starts working for Britney and not the Conservatorship his payments stopped! Jamie and Lou are just making things worse for themselves!
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  22. I know, I’m at the point that I really don’t care what made him flip, the fact he flipped and is going all out for her is what matters. Yeah, I think tomorrow, a decision is supposed to be made regarding Bessemer, hopefully it’s approved.
  23. It's just so nice to see this guy finally working for Britney and not the money! I think there's a hearing tomorrow regarding Britney's wishes, so let's all hope for some positive news to come from that.
  24. Some people are going crazy in the comment section because she said RED in capital letters, so that means she is in danger. Guuuurl, she's dancing in her underwear in her living room
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