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  3. #BritneyArmy! The legendary miss Britney Spears posted a new amazing mashup of her iconic hit song “Toxic” and Dua Lipa’s new hit song “Physical” on her Instagram story! Shortly afterwards, Dua Lipa reposted it on her Instagram story! Check out the mashup and Instagram Story updates below: We are completely and utterly slayed! We need that Britney Spears and Dua Lipa collab asap! Maybe a Dua Lipa Physical collab remix and Don’t Start Now remix featuring Britney Spears? Dua Lipa also jammed to her favorite Britney track “I’m A Slave 4 U” and “My Prerogative” on BBC Radio 1 a few weeks ago; read more about it here. Check out Dua Lipa’s music video for Physical: Check out her new hit single “Don’t Start Now”: Dua Lipa’s new album “Future Nostalgia” will be out April 3rd! Dua Lipa has always been a huge fan of Britney Spears; check out her talking about how much she loves Britney Spears in a #MostRequestedLive Ask Anything Chat with Romeo from a couple of years ago (Click Here) Check out the new #Toxic remix here! We stan! View the full article
  4. #BritneyArmy! Fitness trainer and model boyfriend Sam Asghari posted a new selfie with Britney Spears this past week on his Instagram page! Read what he had to say here: We are so sad to hear this news! We wish you a speedy recovery, Britney! We love you queen! View the full article
  5. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. toni_howarth (42)
  6. Awesome. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about here.
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  8. Hello everybody, it's been long time since I made one group for Britney fans, then for some past problems with one person (with who I thought all drama is gone, but seems to be not from Xs side) I must delete that group. So here is new one, everyone with love in Britney and other music is welcomed, not judged. Dont forget share this link with people you know. https://chat.whatsapp.com/KnGOEYfOBE44EknZLMBhSP Michael.
  9. Yeah, that's what I suspected. It's the only thing that would make sense.
  10. They have moved to revlon so the line is not discontinued but only put out by revlon now. My local reseller confirmed it. case closed
  11. As a default I don't trust anything from exhale without undeniable proof. It makes no sense to discontinue one of their biggest sellers while simultaneously releasing a new fragrance unless they're moving to a different company.
  12. I’m really wondering if the Elizabeth Arden rep meant that certain ones are being discontinued, not the whole line. I read the original comment and they didn’t make the distinction, but I can’t fathom them just dropping her lines. Her perfumes are still a billion dollar business for them (in a time when most other celeb fragrances are tanking).
  13. I’m sure companies are writing off the free Britney movement as just some psycho conspiracy theorists even majority of media is writing it off as that, so I doubt that’s the reason. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ain’t getting paid, just like Jamie tried to do with Brand Sense.
  14. Well here in the US she’s been a top seller in celeb fragrances since Curious, so it’s a lil shocking they’d discontinue.
  15. Honesty Britney fantasy and midnight are still about in n. Ireland Britney has had about over 40 different perfumes she has about 2 new ones a year they never stand the the test of time and because she's not a big star people don't think to buy her perfume i don't see them getting rid of fantasy it's been going for 15 years witch is amazing
  16. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Slayney Spears (25)
  17. You would check out mine country eshops, maybe we have here still this.
  18. That's interesting. I'm not sure about why they would end Mariah unless it was seeing poor sales. I wouldn't blame them for wanting to walk away from Britney now since its getting hot in the press with #freebritney movement. Its not great from a PR perspective to keep working with her if she's on hiatus and going through the legal maneuverings of her conservatorship. If this is true maybe they'll revisit her line somewhere in the future if and once everything settles.
  19. Well yes but saying its permanent is more or less semantics. The article says she's under the c-ship indefinitely so essentially it's a lifetime arraignment BUT since she can petition the court at anytime its not really permanent. But I guess that's how all these arraignments work idk. Depressing. It doesn't have to be this way.
  20. Someone on Exhell posted that they called Eilizabeth Arden’s number to inquire about the perfumes cuz they’ve been really hard to find and that the person from EA said that Brit’s perfumes along with Mariah Carey have been discontinued as of 2020!! This better be bullshit, Fantasy and Midnifht Fantasy are still my signature scents!!!
  21. It can take up to several months depending on the severity, but it's a common break for dancers and typically always heals well and they can go on to dance again so I'm sure she'll be fine.
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