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  1. Today
  2. i know ...I KNOW Also its good chance for get to know her from new fans I can imagine one leg what is something like DWAD tour, thats not about basic dancing, But about acoustics, and talk to her fans, introduce her music band, just give to them something from herself..
  3. After the fallout with lachappelle, i dont think her team nor randee had enough time or budget to re-do the shoot unfortunately. Its more than just make up and hair, they needed to get new outfits scout a location and secure the crew plus and then edit. The "shoot" for the Glory isnt horrible, they should have chosen a better shot for the cover. I just hope for the next album she does something else. The Britney shoot was great cuz it was experimental, maybe something along those lines.
  4. Love the new theme! On topic: it's hard to say Vegas is so close to me. I could go everybody other weekend if I as rich. But Vegas makes her lazy. Touring the the world has many benefits. Outside, global exposure and more successful tour grosses. I prefer supporting an album with a tour than a greatest hits show.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I can't at people who still think Vegas is a bad idea meanwhile SO MANY artists want to have residencies now that BRITNEY showed them how lucrative it is. The new show will definitely be completely different from piece of me, but I won't count on the setlist being drastically different. There will be new stuff without a doubt but things like baby, toxic, slave, etc will definitely still be there too.
  7. If you check Glory cover in "UHQ" in 7200x7200 resolution in 100% zoom size, you can see how pic is so blur af and how is it basic upscaled screenshoot.
  8. Of course one leg = one world tour. And imagine how every year she come with new concept and new stuff
  9. The residency is easier for her and her family.
  10. It sounds more interesting than stay at one place and no one from "standart" people can't see her
  11. I know, But it was 10yrs ago. Her latest album flopped down. Its like everyone come to Vegas for bad sales. Britney is there so long.
  12. I don't think it's the ones who flop, but the ones who have a legacy and iconic eras. Gwen brought Harajuku culture from Japan to USA, and invented what would be the future Lady Gaga style in Sweet Escape era.
  13. I buy from iTunes, just simply because I like buying music
  14. .......................she's literally doing her residency at planet Hollywood
  15. looks better than everything what Randee did for Glory photos. this, And UHQ in 7200x7200 is so LQ. I think they have 4K video version.
  16. Shania probably has even more than 40kk million.
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