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  4. btw- I've already ate ass of one nice muscled guy and believe me it was hot af
  5. Love how she smiles with the red dress :)
  6. I did it with Rihanna's "Fool In Love" track where I tried to remove album track what I hear from that guys headphones, just I made mono track slow-down volume to the same like in that video and then removed with program and result is good
  7. You understand it wrong. It was just about her mouth is just busy with something more interesting rn. No more so don't cry for this low level joke.
  8. I have head ache of this then. Listen it for once per year is ok.
  9. Looking good, esp. the first outfit, it’s so her!!
  10. It's "thinking". And Heather is right on this one. You are rude af, bitch. Calm your ass a little! And you don't seem adult a bit, you're childish as anybody else. I haven't seen anyone so brainless around here as much as you are.
  11. You're right, I could. she keeps telling us she's going to have a mixtape separate from her album and I'm hoping this track will be on it considering we only have it in SoundCloud quality. Same with another track called sweet 16.
  12. Listen, I've played your game long enough and now I'm fed up with your straight stupid, disgusting, vile behavior. You're not funny, you're not cute, you're a garbage bag. What Britney and Sam do is THEIR business and it's not mine, yours, or anyone elses to speculate about. Do you not have your own life to worry about that you have to wonder what Britney does in the bedroom? Stop degrading women by talking about their private sexual behavior. She's not your sex doll to imagine in whatever scenarios come to your mind. We are in an adult age, so act like one and treat the woman with the respect she deserves.
  13. You can try to remove the layer with original track tho
  14. Your comment is just blank tho. We are in adult age, so don't tell are you still think Britney is just drinking with sam in a bed?
  15. I mean... how can you get tired of two epic pop anthems, betch?
  16. It's not funny it's disgusting and you and everyone else that makes these degrading comments towards Britney are garbage bags. And don't you EVER change my posts again, especially to agree with your vile comments.
  17. I wouldn't expect any new stuff this year. Especially with the whole c-ship hearing thing going on, career definitely won't be top priority for Britney. I wouldn't get my hopes up for early 2020 either, at least for anything significant
  18. Wow how degrading to Britney. You're trash.
  19. Her mouth is actually full of Sam's ***
  20. I don't expect anything from Britney this year. Regardless of how much stuff she could have possibly recorded and done right now, her personal life is no where near in the condition it needs to be in for a successful era for Britney. She needs time to heal.
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