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  2. Your own #1 birthday since 2007! You must enjoy it 13x more
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  4. She looks amazing, so happy she gets to spend her birthday doing whatever the fuck she wants!!
  5. I can't deal with so many people not understanding nuances and humor. Not everything on the internet needs to be taken seriously! But I agree, it's refreshing to have her speak so honestly and openly again She's gonna help so many people not feel ashamed anymore.
  6. I’ve missed the skits but I absolutely can not with the amount of people not getting this skit, like have they been hibernating in a cave the past like year and a half and haven’t experienced life under covid, lol, and I love how open she’s being, even discussing meds, so raw and real, it’s like a breath of fresh air.
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  8. That's not being a bad fan. We all have/had different times and eras to fall in love with Britney and really get to know her music. And yes, hopefully she surprises us with a new single or album soon I Will Be There too
  9. Thinkin About You have good vocals and adlibs
  10. I've been a fan since 1998 and owned every album from ITZ onwards. Today I heard Soda Pop for the first time and her vocals blew me away NGL. I hope Beltney comes back soon. I miss her vocals.
  11. Thanks! It actually looks better than I expected! Appreciate it!
  12. Don't forget - it's "By Demand" before you cringe: reface-2021-11-26-11-33-47.mp4 reface-2021-11-26-11-32-14.mp4 reface-2021-11-26-11-30-16.mp4
  13. You're talented for sure but maybe something less scary next time. Could you put Currentney's face onto Circusney dancing please? I want to see sharp moves like it's 2008
  14. I've used photo from 1999 Btw-super creepy? What about this one then? reface-2021-11-26-09-37-38.mp4
  15. That's super creepy sorry not sorry
  16. What do you think of it? reface-2021-11-25-10-00-01.mp4
  17. Britney was rocking ‘Baby one more time…’ style miniskirt with red boots that gives ‘Oops…I did it again’ kinda vibes! View the full article
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  19. Almost half of Britney Jean tracks (I would only save Work Bitch, Alien, Don't Cry, Passenger and Hold On Tite). A few from Femme Fatale could also go, as well as Pretty Girls (sorry, Iggy). Circus has some forgettable filler tracks, but they are harmless and sometimes fun to listen to (Rock Me In, Mmm Papi, Rock Boy). I would remove My Baby because it doesn't really make sense in that album and they included it for obvious reasons. But I choose to believe she wrote it and it was special for her, so let's just skip it.
  20. I only agree with Chillin with Myah, It Should Be Flop, Ear Ache, I Wanna Fed Me Up With this Song, and Make Me Change My Music Video Please. I'd add Boys (Co-Ed Remix), Showdown, Piece of Me, Radar, Rock Me In, Seal it With a Kiss, Glitchlien, Do You Wanna Come Over, Slumber Party, Change Your Mind.
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