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  1. Love Me Down (Alt Edit V2, remade with Stems) - A stem edit was going around in LQ, I grabbed the stems, boom, remade in HQ.

    Alien (Demo vs Album) - A simple edit I made when the album version leaked.

    Mood Ring (Vaporwave Remix) - A... Different take on Mood Ring. I'm really proud of this.

    Conscience (Peep Show) - A concept brought up one day. I like it. Dunno why

    911 (Remastered Explicit Version) - "When you *** all over me" + additional mastering by... Someone I forgot honestly.

    Body Ache (Alex/Wolf Edit) - A collaborative effort with Alex 11309 (Are they still active?) I mostly mastered it but edited a few kicks and snares.

  2. I'm just posting a few things I can't find easily on the net. 


    Ke$ha - Animal (ALAC)


    Paulina Rubio - Brava! (AAC)


    Ke$ha - I Am the Dance Commander (ALAC)


    Eiffel 65 - Europop (AAC)


    Mars Argo - Linden Place (MP3)

    Taio Cruz - Rokstarr (MP3)


    Mars Argo - Technology is a Dead Bird (MP3)


    Annie - Anniemal (MP3)




    PASSWORD for rar files:




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