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  1. Oh My GODNEY! We are LOVING that local stores are now starting to sell ICONIC shirts of our queen, and the best part is they are affordable for EVERYONE! Target recently just released an exclusive “Britney” t-shirt for $12.99. You can buy by clicking here. View the full article
  2. We all know how much she loves and cares for her kids! Britney Spears Says Being a Single Mom Can Be a 'Challenge,' But 'My Kids Come First, Always' IMAGE GROUP LA/DISNEY CHANNEL VIA GETTY Though she’s “Godney” to some, when it comes to her two preteen boys, pop princess Britney Spears is just Mom – and that’s how she likes it. “My kids come first, always,” Spears tells PEOPLE while opening up about her brand-new fragrance, VIP Private Show. “There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom and watching my sons grow into young men.” Adds the star of Jayden James, 10, and Sean Preston, 11, “I am so lucky that I get to experience all of life’s adventures with them.” Spears, 35, shares the boys with ex-husband Kevin Federline, from whom she split in 2007. Federline and Spears have amicably co-parented for years, but the singer tells PEOPLE that “the balance between work and my personal life can be a challenge” as a single mom. “I always do my best to plan my schedule around my family whenever possible,” she says. Spears is enjoying every moment she has with Preston and Jayden, sharing, “I love watching them play sports and just running around with them.” “We have a lot of fun together,” the proud mom says. “We love having a beach day together.” And she’s focused on raising respectful young men. As the “Slumber Party” songstress tells PEOPLE, “I have always taught them that beauty comes from within.” Source: http://people.com/babies/britney-spears-talks-being-single-mom-to-sons/
  3. Justin Tranter recently spoke to “Out Magazine” about working with the Legendary Britney Spears. Check out what he had to say about our queen below: CL: It is crazy. [Laughs] Of all the pop stars you’ve written with, who has surprised you the most? JT: There are my idols that I’ve gotten to work with, like you and Gwen Stefani and Glen Ballard. Those moments were like, everything you hoped would happen actually happened. You were in my house chain-smoking on my busted couch, writing the coolest lyrics I’d ever heard in 10 seconds. That lives up. Or the second Gwen steps up to the microphone, it’s that iconic voice only she has. But Britney [Spears] really surprised me. Britney had some really cool fucked-up ideas for songs. For one of the songs that ended up on [Glory], “Just Like Me,” she was like, “What if we write a song where I’m so excited to go and meet with my man and I walk in and he’s hooking up with a girl who looks just like me?” I was like, “OK, Britney Spears. I’ll write that song with you. Let’s fucking do this.” CL: [Laughs] That’s so cool. JT: Her voice is so iconic, I already knew that was going to happen, but no one ever talks about Britney coming in with crazy lyrical concepts for a song. ICONIC!!!! View the full article
  4. And once again the rumor of Britney Spears performing at the super bowl are shut down! During the 2017 VenuesNow conference, MAC president Marcie Allen asked Justin Toman, Pepsi’s Senior Director of Marketing, which artist is would be playing at next years show. His response: “I can tell you it’s not Britney. That rumor happens at this time every year” Thanks for clearing this up for us! We all were looking forward to this iconic performance but hopefully one day it will happen. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet folks, even if it comes from an “official account”. View the full article
  5. The Queen of Pop landed at number 39 on Billboards “Top 50 Money Makers”! 39. Britney Spears Spears’ Las Vegas residency helped push her live take-home pay to $9.5 million, while new album Glory contributed to $1.2 million in royalties, with 529 million combined on-demand streams and 250,000 album sales total across her catalog. LAST YEAR: 22 Awesome news!!! We are always proud of you Britney!!! Source View the full article
  6. New Britney merchandise has come in!!!!! Check out all the new items Britney just recently put in her store: These items are AMAZING!!!!! Click here to purchase your items!!! View the full article
  7. Lucky Britney Army Fan, Joel Lim, got to meet the Queen of Pop during her small tour. Joel spoke to ZYRUP about his experience meeting Britney and also how he got to meet Britney. Check out the interview below: ZYRUP: First things first. How did you manage to score the opportunity to meet Britney Spears? Joel: I was in an Uber and it happened to be tuned in to Kiss92, which was the official radio station for the concert. The DJ spoke about a competition they were organizing and how the winner gets to win some pretty outrageous prizes, including a meet-and-greet with Britney herself. When I heard that, my heart skipped a beat and before you can say “Radar horse porn!” I was sending in my application. I guess you can say it’s meant to be, because look where we are now, right? What did you do to win the competition? I had to perform in front of a crowd in Orchard, which was absolutely terrifying! But I really, really wanted to win so there was no time to be paiseh lah! I did a performance of ‘Circus’ and referenced some of her iconic moments. I probably will never do anything like that ever again, but I had fun! Tell us how you got ready on the day of the concert. One of the prizes was actually a staycation at The Quincy Hotel on the day of the show, so my friend Valerie and I had a little Britney-themed pre-game session. Oh, and we were driven to the concert venue in a limousine as well, which was pretty you know, cool, as Britney would say. We were blasting her greatest hits in the ride, of course. It was just perfect. We’ve heard how Britney’s security team is pretty hardcore. Is that true? No s**t! It’s Britney freaking Spears we’re talking about here! She’s a living legend, so it’s understandable. Two members from Britney’s security team gave us a briefing when we were first brought backstage. They were rather intimidating. They told us that Britney is a really shy person–as if we fans didn’t already know that. We were also told to try our best to appear calm, and to keep the interaction brief. You actually appeared on Britney’s Instagram! How did you react when you found out? This was at 4am and out of nowhere my phone started going crazy. I was like, oh crap, what happened?! Then I found out that she posted a video of our interaction on Instagram. I started making this really weird noise and jumping around the room. In hindsight, it was not my most glamorous moment. You seemed pretty chill in the video when actually meeting her, though. Looks can be deceiving, man. The video makes the whole situation look a lot less intimidating than it was. When I walked in and saw a massive group of people that probably included her managers, assistants and bodyguards, I was shookt. Everyone had cameras and portable lights pointed at us. You don’t get to see what’s behind the camera, but it was a circus. I was so, so nervous. Britney said you made her nervous! I know. It was mutual. She did also say we were nice. I’m going to add that to my Instagram bio! You hugged Britney Spears. There must be a lot of fans out there who probably hate you for that. The fans have actually been really nice about it! Britney fans are great. However, I do need to clarify something about the hug. In the video you can see that I had a slight moment of hesitation. Her security team specifically said to not “go at her” during the briefing, and of course they were standing right there keeping a watchful eye on us. I didn’t want any trouble for me, you know? Kiasi, mah! So I made sure to ask her first if I could give her a hug, and thankfully she said “Yes!”, which you can hear in the video. The interaction was not awkward at all. In fact, she was really sweet. It sucks that people think the contrary. I hope this clears up the air! What was the experience like? There was a lot of waiting at first. We had to turn in our phones and belongings at a holding room. We spoke to one of the security team members for a little bit during the wait. He revealed that the fans from the Philippines were the most enthusiastic, while the Thai fans were the most awestruck. There was this massive curtain at the end of the hallway and I knew right away that Britney was behind it, judging from the number of security personnel stationed there. Once Britney was ready, they gave me my cue. I walked behind it, and there she was waiting in the corner! She was so much taller than I thought she would be, especially since people have been talking about how tiny she was in person. She looked really good, like straight out of 2001. I’m talking peak-Britney. The make-up, the long blonde hair, the midriff-baring top, the jeans (which are very, very cool because they’re faded) and the abs. The abs! She was drop dead beautiful (feat. Sabi)! What did you say to her? Dude, I’m such a loser because I was rehearsing all these things I was going to say to her. Release a third single from Glory! Do the Super Bowl! The fans want a men’s fragrance! But once I was right there in front of the real Britney Spears, I just blanked out. Didn’t know what to say except “Hello!” At least I got the hug. Sorry, Britney Army, my bad! Speaking of perfumes, Britney has a billion-dollar perfume empire, so we have to ask – which perfume did she wear? Oh, she smelled so good! I wasn’t able to recognize the perfume, but I would describe it as a sweet, floral scent. In fact, long after meeting her, I could still catch a whiff of her perfume on my shirt. I was like, yesssss Brit, mark your territory! You know, like in the song. It is said that we should never meet our heroes in person. Do you think meeting Britney has changed the way you perceive her? Are you kidding me? You have to understand how Britney fans are. We have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I really think that there’s no other fan base that is more loyal. If anything, I’m an even bigger fan now. So yeah, good question, but the only thing that will be changing is my profile picture on Facebook. View the full article
  8. Britney Army!!! It’s time to get your voting hats on and Vote for our Queen Britney!! Billboard created a poll asking “Who Should Perform in this years 2018 Super Bowl halftime Show! It’s Britney BITCH and we WANT her to perform for the 2018 Super Bowl! Click here to vote!! View the full article
  9. Queen B was spotted today in LA leaving a dance studio! Check out the pictures below: Looking good Britney!!!! Glad to see you are home safe and sound View the full article
  10. The Queen of Charity keeps on giving….. Later this month, the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation will open its brand-new Britney Spears Campus, a 16,000 square-foot facility combining more than 45 pediatric and adult services, which is incredible news! This building is made possible after Britney raised $1 million with donations from her “Piece of Me” show ticket sales. Britney also had major donors included Zappos, Live Nation, Caesars Entertainment and more to help make this charity possible. Britney spoke to people magazine and stated: “There are many things I’ve done in my career that I am proud of, but none more than this,” says Spears, 35, in a statement. “The fact that I was able to use my celebrity status to raise the money to build this incredible facility to help sick children and their families when they need it the most not only brings many tears to my eyes, but really brings tremendous meaning to this amazing journey that I have been on.” “My aunt Sandra died of cancer and I know the devastating effects that this terrible disease brings upon its victims and their loved ones, but when it happens to innocent young children, there’s literally nothing I can think of worse than that. I’m just glad that I can help in some small way. I want to thank the NCCF for the amazing work they do on a daily basis and I look forward to being there to officially open the Britney Spears Campus of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation in the fall,” continues the mom of two. Britney has a heart of gold!! View the full article
  11. Urban Outfitters just announced their exclusive iconic Britney Spears tee via twitter! It’s a ‘90s throwback Britney Spears t-shirt, exclusively available at Urban Outfitters! Heavyweight cotton is cut in a standard fit featuring a Baby One More Time photo graphic at the front, complete with a banded crew neck. Check out their tweet below: Take. Our. Money. Now. Click here to purchase your iconic tee shirt! View the full article
  12. The Queen Of Pop and her amazing dancers performed to a crowd of over 55,000 fans in Tel Avi today! This incredible accomplishment puts Britney Spears as one of the biggest female artists to perform to a HUGE crowd in Tel Aviv Israel. Check out all pictures and videos from todays show below: INCREDIBLE!! What an AMAZING accomplishment!! Congratulations to Britney and her dancers on a very successful tour! It’s Britney Bitch. View the full article
  13. Queen B was spotted doing some last minute shopping and also spotted coming out of a tanning salon in Tel Aviv. Check out all the pictures below: A couple of more hours until Britney hits the stage in Israel!! Who is ready?!??!! View the full article
  14. The Queen of pop arrived at her hotel in Israel last night. Check out pictures from last night and also of her this morning on her hotel balcony: Britney performs Monday (Tomorrow) July 2nd! Who is ready????!? View the full article
  15. Our queen did some sightseeing in Jerusalem and visited the Jerusalem wall. She was there with her whole entourage dressed very casually on a hot afternoon. View the full article
  16. It’s Britney BITCH! Britney Spears spoke with Singapore radio station Kiss92 a few days ago. The Queen of pop spoke about how much she loves her fans, the last song she would ever perform, what she would do if the world ended and also what ethnic foods she likes. Check out the interview below: What an AWESOME interview!! We love you Britney!!! View the full article
  17. Did you hear that falsetto? AND THOSE BELTS? I can't believe I'm slayed because of a Happy Birthday performance but that's exactly what's happening
  18. Imagine seeing Britney Spears at the gym, well this lucky fan did! Check out a fan seeing our very own Queen getting to work bitch at the gym today: What would you do if you saw the Queen working out?!?!? View the full article
  19. Christmas has come early for the Britney Army! Check out these new “Oops!…I did it again” outtakes! STUNNING!!!!!!! View the full article
  20. When it comes to the Britney Army you never know what to expect, because we are just so fucking flawless! Our Israeli Britney Army fans Britney’s have created a Flashmob in honor of our Queens oversea tour. Check out the incredible flashmob below: AMAZING JOB!! We sure hope Britney sees this View the full article
  21. Hello all, We wanted to post an apology for the lack of updates. A lot has happened in our team the past few weeks and we kinda forgot the site. This happened because most of us got new jobs or other transitions in life. We are working right now on getting new posts out there plus a complete redesign of our site and gallery. For our forum we are also working on new stuff. Thank you all for still visiting our precious site. Greetings from, Absolute Britney Staff View the full article
  22. The cat is out of the bag – but it is still hush about the exact reasons for it’s surprise appearance! Britney’s ever so awesome dancers have been teasing us with these epic pics on the set of her latest project.. Come on B! Hit us with another GLORY-ous video! We are ready! View the full article
  23. The Download Link & The Mixcloud Link Are Down Below This Is An Updated Version Of My Megamix Of Britney Spears Piece Of Me Las Vegas Show. This Version Contains "Make Me" & " Do You Wanna Come Over?" I Don't Own Any Music Used In This Mix. All Rights Go To Britney Spears / RCA Records And The Creators Of The Studio Versions. I Used Virtual DJ To Mix This Together. Mixcloud (Listen) Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/BritneyFanMixes/britney-spears-piece-of-me-20-full-show-2016-updated-studio-version-megamix/ Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8v... ?I Hope You Enjoy This Megamix?