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  1. Is there a clean edit of the song?

    thank you!!!
  2. Is there a clean edit of the song?

    i work in retail. unfortunately its not very appropriate to have songs with curse words and thank you! anything will be great
  3. i really want to promo the song at work tomorrow can anyone please make a quick edit and take 'shit' out
  4. Happy Birthday ashley!

  5. it was terrible. not even worth watching they spent hours talking about the breakdown and then spent like less than 5 minutes on the comeback
  6. reelz now never heard of it until today
  7. sorry if this is AP but has anyone seen this? any good? i just came across it randomly and tmrw seems to be the last airing of it here's a trailer for it
  8. Pretty Girls Could Leak At Any Moment

    i really hope not but people already have it. radio already has it. so yeah it may leak
  9. the guy seems to work for kiss fm (its in his bio)
  10. this is such a great idea
  11. Let You Thoughts On Pretty Girls Here

    ngl with iggy and little mix involved my excitement dropped. everything just sounds so messy and after the disaster that was BJ i was expecting something else like seriously she's fucking britney spears and she's taking songs from an unknown girl band im just gonna hope and pray the end result will be good
  12. Gimme More Full Vma Rehearsal

    it is literally the same expect she has better clothes here so the rumors about her heel breaking and whatnot can finally die
  13. notice everyone there is from the digital era. britney is not from that era
  14. she needs to stop talking about it britney and her team will say something when they feel the time is right