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  1. Damn man, I've just noticed I've been spelling Conscious wrong. I'm no better than Michelle Bell. lmao It's getting renamed in my iTunes to Conscience now tbh.. I'm sure that's the title it was supposed to have like you say.
  2. Yeah, my personal theory is it was recorded during the In The Zone era. I don't think it would have been recorded before the album. She was probably experimenting with new stuff like most artists do during the era cycle. We'll never know for sure I guess. Doesn't really matter now I just want the rest of the demos! lol
  3. Yeah, I guess she just lumps them all into the same time period now. There's not long between any of them really. They seem to all be recorded within a 2 year time span before Blackout sessions started.
  4. Interesting.. I assume LWTN is included on her demo album too unless there's 1 more we don't know about. (Which would be better for us!) 4 down, 3 to go.
  5. I never said any of them were from anything tbh you just assumed I what I meant. I don't care what they're from. I'm trying to figure out what's left for her to leak from the evidence. Odds are she has Ouch & Peep Show on there as they were leaked by her. LWTN I'm not too sure about. Was it even leaked by her originally? So Take Off & Like I'm Fallin should be left by logic unless I'm forgetting any other unreleased tracks they worked on. Hence the thread.
  6. Erm, If you took the time to rip ML&H from her tumblr you would realise that's track 1 on it. Conscience is track 7. So all of them are probably on there.
  7. I think it includes: 1. Money Love & Happiness 2. Look Who's Talking Now 3. Take Off 4. Ouch 5. Peep Show 6. Like I'm Fallin 7. Conscience Do we know of any other Michelle Bell written tracks that are unleaked?
  8. Awesome! I've been looking for "Work Bitch" & "Slave 4 U" in particular.
  9. Here is my vids from the September 10th show! http://youtu.be/La3XlgsTacA I was right at the front of the stage on the left! (Sorry about the audio!)
  10. main page

    lmfao i can't stop laughing.
  11. main page

    Not Britney fishing for dick pics.
  12. Piece Of Me ...Cause I'm attending. Otherwise EP.
  13. Ah cool cool, thanks for the info! Can't wait to go. Seeing the show in Sept!
  14. Awesome! I will go see it. Do they have the Dirrty outfit Xtina wore at all? I know that was on show at 1 of them.