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  1. RT @ericktheshah: https://t.co/Lo6Z5UjwAa

  2. RT @SophiaHeffron13: Britney Spears. Sweet Dreams ('Circus Tour' interlude). 2009. https://t.co/akUl19TwPL

  3. RT @DrugForumsBest: To this day ten years later whenever I caramelize onions faint scents of crack waft over from the oven. Fun times.

  4. How’d I leave my bloody fuckin Newport’s at home 🙄🙄🙄

  5. RT @charlie_savage: For surveillance specialists: there are some notable nuggets in newly available ODNI answers to SSCI on 702, including:…

  6. Obama is supposed to be a private citizen now but he’s meeting with foreign leaders and influencing world politics? https://t.co/YsRhWzhhde

  7. RT @ABC: Sen. Al Franken on sexual misconduct allegations: "I have to regain the trust of people I've let down...I am going to continue fig…

  8. RT @realDonaldTrump: Two great people! https://t.co/5cVnMhnmuH

  9. RT @SimonMaloy: the H. R. stands for "He's Resistance" https://t.co/zDiiGhzhoe https://t.co/tVBMZk0vuk

  10. RT @bestsofbritney: britney spears getting ready for her wedding 👰🏻 (2004) https://t.co/bwDNwdMSXl

  11. A sick vindictive man https://t.co/3nOp5g85Gi

  12. RT @MarkSimoneNY: Turns out FBI Director Comey had his finger on the scale. He altered the wording to help Hillary avoid criminal charges:…

  13. RT @Source_Britney: #JustDance : @britneyspears working with a french choregrapher @DelphineLem for a new song on Just Dance 2019 👀👸🏼💃🎶🇫🇷 h…

  14. RT @drawandstrike: 60) is about to be rolled up. Dozens of people are going to prison. And you know most of the names.

  15. RT @MikeTokes: BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s 2011 State Department hand-picked George Papadopoulos, who lied to Feds about his dealings with…