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  1. Faves: Work Bitch, Til It's Gone, Brightest Morning Star, Passenger, Now That I Found You Least faves: It Should Be Easy, Perfume (original), Tik Tik Boom
  2. FF vs Circus vs BJ

    Flawless Fatale >>>>>>>>>> Circus and Britney Jean combined Circus and Britney Jean are pretty good albums, I like them around the same but FF is a masterpiece, my fave album
  3. What is your favourite Britney song that never became a single? Mine is Cinderella :bigsmile:
  4. Audience Unanimous. It's A Monster Hit.

    Queen :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:
  5. What songs are you listening to?!

    I'm listening to the A Year Without Rain album atm
  6. Hate

    Miley Cyrus
  7. Britney will be attending to the PCA

    Omg yes! I'm sure she will look amazing