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B Army
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  1. Besides Britney...

    Madonna Lana Del Rey Coldplay Beast Shinhwa Lady Gaga
  2. Heartbreak songs

    also Fix You by Coldplay :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:
  3. What is your type of a guy/women ?

    Someone who looks mature, not too muscular but looks manly & has nice skin. He needs to be hardworking, kind & have a sense of humor. kinda like Eric Mun
  4. Heartbreak songs

    Everytime Too Little Too Late The Power of Goodbye :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:
  5. Mario and Britney...

    he showed his ass in nip/tuck
  6. Mario and Britney...

    That fucking body tho, I don't blame a girl for wanting the cock his ass is so beautiful too, like.. it's perfect
  7. Spinney slayed my unworthy life tbh :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:
  8. What songs are you listening to?!

    I'm obsessed with this song from Shinhwa. Eric's rap is so seductive, & Hyesung & Dongwan's vocals >>>
  9. Idk, it seems like they parted on good terms & both are probably relieved to be out of the relationship. Britney seems so much happier now, & I don't even want to mention the other Jason, he is such a little bitch.
  10. She's killing it. Even my sister(who doesn't hate britney, but she gets annoyed when I mention ha) was stanning so hard today for her performances, she say she nailed the WB performance.
  11. Hate

    I'm sorry baby. & I hate people that hate on asian men, don't be rude.