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  1. New Instagram Post (December 2nd) #HappyBirthdayBritneySpears

    She sounds really good, she shouldn't have speeded it!
  2. Britney's Best Non-POM Performance of 2016

    LMAO! I just feel like she was very into it, and looked less nervous, I just love Make Me on the Jonathan Ross Show
  3. that and those little steps she takes to get in place, after any dance step, it looks a little unproffesional.
  4. Realistic expectations I have for the summer tour

    Hell no! they did in the apple music festival, and at one point we could barely see Britney, but yes , I just hope she changes all her outfits and finally get new ones
  5. Tell here one positive thing about the worst Britney song in your opinion!!!

    THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one
  6. I'm Dying Over This xD

    they made an actual song, and it's on spotify! OMG this is so funny
  7. POM DVD

    Isn't the DVD already comfirmed by planet hollywood or something like that? I think they confirmed it to a fan over twitter
  8. Question about Slumber Party on Spotify

    O M G! holy cow that was so simple, it makes so much sense, lmao, thank you so much, never tought of it.
  9. Question about Slumber Party on Spotify

    my issue is that no matter what version I try to play, it's always the solo version
  10. Question about Slumber Party on Spotify

    LMAO! , I'll try, and yeah , I try to suppport Britney but I'm a little broke lmao, thank you
  11. So ever since the song came out, I haven't been able to listen to it on spotify, Is anyone else having this problem? It says "- Tinashe" right there, but it's Britney's solo version, somebody gave me a link to the song, and I had no problem listening to the single version on the web player, I even added the song to my playlist from there, but if I try to listen to it on the spotify software or the app, It doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix that? thank you
  12. Something I noticed in Slumber Party

    yeah, I noticed that too, also and the las chorus of the song, there are new Britney vocals, "we use our bodies to make our own videos", but they're not on the video, also , why isn't anyone driving the car at the begging!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! lmao
  13. Britney better dance her ass off, cause Tinashe it's one of the best dancer out there and could easily out shine her, looks amazing
  14. iHeart Music Festival

    She looked completely amazing, like breath taking, and she did what I wanted her to do, perform without any props, however, the performance was barely good, I was honestly dissapointed, she wasn't even giving her 100%, there are better POM performances, but yeah, at least she looked amazing.
  15. OMG! not this being better than the MM video MY GOD! The 1999 VMA's Baby One More Time, Locker The 2000 VMA's Oops, Nude Suit The 2001 VMA's Slave Snake The 2003 VMA's Like a Virgin, Veil and Pearl Necklace The 2007 VMA's Gimme More ICONIC It's Britney Bitch! I hyperventilated a bit