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  1. TBGO not final mix

    ouhhhg just remember that you are one of the reasons i leaved this forum anyway they are online now and just posted some packs in other forum lets see how much time take's univase to get them
  2. TBGO not final mix

    better.... and better... ay ay! is so much better.... yo se que estas intentando ser educado, pero no seas cortes... Patience, darling, wait for the nightDarkness comes and STEMS comes alive... Cause we got them stems hanging Hanging from the ceiling low cuz dunno if im dancing and i got what you need, or they are just like me, all i know is that is hard to forget ya but my still my moodring is missing maybe the liar wasnt real after all, but this is just an invitation to whats cumming soon... (not on this forum tho)
  3. TBGO not final mix

    https://mega.nz/#!AIM1CbTS!o4ibjmdHNXGGFOOCElfTRwvYbu-2II_Q84S0THWHctg ya welcome also piece of me instumental (Made By stems not official sounds kinda flat cuz is not mastered correctly or some stems are missing dunno) https://mega.nz/#!0ZkxFC6R!Bq-4QtXkhlllW4P9GWuyJWKkkebNSmkk8lFKkpbykD4 and do ya wanna cum over 192khz 24bit master for vinyl edition (dunno where diz shit came from thats the "info" i got) https://mega.nz/#!MBVRCRQD!1iAPju35PsPNQRLGpXD-UY1WdTJ6Qa3BiyG3KSx0dfE re-uploading love me down and MATM stems they where on reddit already but they got deleted
  4. One question about FTBOMBH 1999 version...

    the same person who made the main mix, they usually make several versions like: album version, radio edit (shortened) clean (same as album but no explicit lyrics) clean radio edit, etc... sometimes they don't use all the mixes and we only get the main aka album version, so yup i don't see anything strange in this
  5. One question about FTBOMBH 1999 version...

    just get the radio edit on the single...
  6. March 25th B-Days!!!

    thanks! i haven't been active here cuz i loose passion about univase, but still i know theres flawlesss people here like you so is good to know you are doing great and still happy here
  7. yup, tidal, hdtracks, 7digital and some other lossless sources
  8. yup those lyrics leaked years ago and there was in the awsome unplugged mix
  9. Why does Katy Perry talk so much shit?

    i wish britney sleeps with dr luke again tbh we need a new smasha
  10. thats because it was intended that way so she could sing live just kiddin, yup everything was awesome just the choreo was lame
  11. i think she confuses months with weeks cuz as far i remember the video was shoot on october
  12. Early #TBT to 2007: Gimme More Shoes

    those were good times
  13. is that the i heart radio outfit? can't wait to hear the new version is gonna slay
  14. Britney Apple Music Festival (REACTION)

    i think i fall in love with chu
  15. This is the worst photoshoot ever!!!

    youngney + old slut makeup = fail how could somebody do green light to that?