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  1. how much time does the show take?

    Are you talking about the whole show, including the opening act, or just Britney's performance? Because POM only lasts for an hour and a half
  2. Scammer Alert

    On a more serious note, it seems like there are a lot of shady people out there. I think it's kinda dumb that they trick people like that just to get an instrumental or whatever, I don't know
  3. Scammer Alert

    The trading universe is a mystery to me, but I live for the fact that it's a never-ending source of drama
  4. Britney and Sam Broke Up???

    I'm not really sure about this, but I remember people pointing out that she didn't follow him a while ago
  5. it's Valet Girls, bitch

    Oh my god, a legend is back, this place feels blessed again
  6. Who else misses queen Jocasta?

    @JocastaIsYoMama was part of this forum's golden age and this place hasn't been the same since members like them left. I don't know, I was just feeling nostalgic today and I needed to make this thread
  7. POM on tour

    A tour but it's gonna be a recycled version of POM once again
  8. I actually don't mind, I mean, this year it looks like she's gonna be doing shows overseas and everything, and a new residency means a completely new show, besides, seeing how comfortable she is in Vegas I think this is a predictable decision, I'm expecting this to be true. I just hope that the residency doesn't interfere with the promotion of her new music again and that it doesn't last 4 years like POM did.

    That's why her vocal folds stay hydrated and she always sounds so good! The secret has finally been revealed
  10. Check out this tweet by Vulture

    I like Poison, but I just wish she would've performed Sleepover or Deceiver, I'm still mad that her latest album Splendor didn't get all the promo it deserved
  11. Thank god she slayed the Rocking Eve performance, it was great I have to say it, I'm impressed, they got everything together! Her styling, the outfits and the angles were very good, and she made an effort to execute the choreographies properly and show confidence and fierceness! That's how she should always do it
  12. It's not that exciting if we consider the fact that this just means that POM will not die and she'll keep performing the same show, but it's cool for all those fans who will get to see her
  13. Oh no no no, I didn't mean to imply that your comment was directed to me, I was SO misleading, I'm so sorry I just thought that your post was the perfect excuse for me to explain myself, that's why I quoted you! I was also speaking in general