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  1. This year's mainstream pop music has been really boring, no one really delivered a strong album, so I bet the awards will be just as dull
  2. I see nothing but the truth on this thread
  3. Britney and her team finding out that touring instead of being in Vegas helps with sales
  4. Nah, we get random information like this from time to time and then nothing happens. I'm gonna trust my common sense and assume that at least until next year we won't hear anything new from her
  5. This is a SIWAK appreciation thread and I will fight whoever dares to insult this flawless masterpiece Nah, seriously, over the years I've seen so much hate for this song and I really don't understand the reason why because it's always been one of my favourite tracks of the album. I don't know, it just sounds like a dubstep version of an OIDIA-era song, very sweet and soft but with an edgy touch! I felt so blessed the first time I listened to it
  6. I don't care about the controversy, the dramas, the meltdowns and everything, to me Make Me will always be one of her best lead singles ever. The only thing that makes me mad is how much potential it had, if they hadn't fucked up it would've done soooooo well
  7. Ah, the yearly superbowl rumor is finally back, the world is at peace now
  8. The Roof and My All are some of my all time favourite songs, they're like a religious experience
  9. Yeah, the same happened to me, I became a fan in 2010 so it was my first era aswell That's why I only have good memories although most of the fandom would like to forget about that year
  10. I'm sure @HeadstrongWolf is going to agree with me. I randomly remembered that she performed DLMBTLTK on the Femme Fatale tour so of course I had to re-watch it for the first time in years and wow, this performance is just perfect! The live vocals over the pre-recorded track, the fact that she performed it for the first time in 10 years, Adrien Galo's hotness, her swinging way before Sia... Everything is just perfect. She really blessed us that time
  11. I don't know what to say, it's too hard to choose
  12. She has done so well in this tour, I'm so happy! Also, the fact that this is just half of her full potential... imagine if she got better choreography and decided to give her all
  13. BoA is a queen and no one should disrespect her
  14. Everyone thought she would flop after being stuck in Vegas for years (which is kinda understandable) but she is proving everyone wrong, she can still move big audiences and dominate the world when she wants to