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  1. What the fuck is going on
  2. Britney is Working With A French Choreographer For Just Dance 2019?!!!

    Doesn't this just mean that she's creating the choreography that will appear in that game? I don't think she's actually working WITH Britney, she's just creating a choreography for a Britney song that will appear in that game.
  3. Pretty much I mean, it's cool to see videos like this one, but it's been a while since the last time the show was actually exciting, you know?
  4. It's the first time she slays this choreography like this, I'm kinda impressed She's just so good when she wants to!
  5. Your thoughts about this picture?

    What has this forum turned into?
  6. About Bney's virginity...

    Ok but that was not my point
  7. About Bney's virginity...

    A woke king I completely agree with you though, like, when Justin revealed that he had had sex with her the scandal was that Britney wasn't a virgin, you know? No one gave a shit about Justin not being a virgin either. That's sexism at its best, women are expected to stay "pure" in order to be fully valuable but men can do whatever they like, it's so unfair and it disgustes me that so many people haven't realised that yet.
  8. Maybe it's for you very long time, but...

    When we are young we change and evolve at a very fast pace, it's completely normal. Besides, your comparison is not fair because you're showing a picture of Britney Jean Spears, the person, and a picture of Britney Spears, the performer, and Britney herself has always made a distinction between the two.
  9. What Would Happen?

    She'd be pissed but at the same time she'd be happy because she can leave earlier

    Queen of the internet P O P P Y I'm Poppy
  11. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    Can you imagine?
  12. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    Get ready for her surprise performance of Jingle Bells
  13. New Instagram Post!!! (Sept.26th)

    She's feeling herself! I'm glad she's this confident and doesn't listen to the people who criticize the way she looks
  14. New Instagram Post (Sept.25th)

    Invented being beautiful
  15. Why Is No One Talking About the Unreleased Glory Song?

    It's not really unreleased if BP Rania already released it The song is great and it fits Glory's vibe perfectly, wish she would've recorded it! It's such a shame this group is one big mess though