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  1. Kelly Clarkson saved pop music 2k17
  2. It's been over since December 2016
  3. This forum is also a complete mess sometimes tho
  4. Queen of subtle hints
  5. And honestly it kinda slays. It's true that she's had many POM shows which were better than this and some performances were lackluster (I see you failed backflip in TOMH), but for the most part it's really enjoyable to watch the whole show in HD (may I say that the camera angles were beautiful) and she also seemed in a great mood, she was constantly smiling! I don't know, it's just so nice to watch
  6. And it actually looks kinda nice
  7. She said "What's up Vegas" live, but then, "How you guys feeling" was prerecorded
  8. Yasssss, stronger than yesterday no one can defeat her come through queen
  9. New and improved I'm saying thank you very much. Living legend. You can look but don't touch
  10. Oh wow, congratulations! I'm already used to wearing glasses, but sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable, so I'm sure it's a big improvement
  11. I sure did
  12. I know that DLMBTLTK technically isn't a full live performance, but at least in this video it's very clear when you can hear her singing and when it's just the prerecorded track, and she sings more than half of the song so there's that. Anyway, choose wisely and most importantly, enjoy Whitney Spears' immaculate vocals
  13. Ok, I searched for some pictures and they DEFINITELY look alike
  14. During the BOMT era and before that she was SO similar to Marilyn, as you said, even her mannerisms were really similar!
  15. Glory definitely deserves some justice, it's her best album in forever! Thinking of an acoustic performance of Just Like Me, a medley of Coupure Électrique and Mood Ring and the choreography that Love Me Down could have just makes me shake