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  1. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    Yeah i understand why you think that. And i agree, but, it probably has to do with the vocal track. Remember the onyx hotel problem? When her vocal track was not playing.
  2. Soundboard audio of Britney: Live in Concert

    He's yelling so the instruments start in time and at the right moment so it stays in sync with the vocal track. There's an iem recording from madonna's rebel heart tour and on that recording there's even a guy saying every first word of every sentence so that madonna would'nt forget the lyrics. Sorry for the bad english... :')
  3. A Ton of June 5th B-Days

    Thanks ???
  4. Glory CD on UK amazon

    In Belgium and The Netherlands it is availlable for pre order on Bol.Com
  5. have you pre ordred

    I pre orderd the digital version and the hardcopy one
  6. Fake Fantasy Twist?

    I have the same one ! Bought it in a perfume store in barcelona, so dont think its fake. Also in the airport its also the same version wehave. Its not fake i think
  7. Madonna's New Album Leaked = Kinda Crappy

    I love it ! Much better then mdna
  8. Ur plan is freakin amazing! I would change one thing! Just when her performance is over at the vmas they should release the album right away on itunes! And then she should attend every event a celebrity could possibly attend! She should do a million interviews on tv and magazines!She would slay.
  9. Read This!

    😑😑😑Its a username tbh --'
  10. Read This!

    Listen to this! I work in a boutique! And like everyday more then 10 people ask me what perfume im using and that its really good and then i proudly say " Britney Spears Radiance" !!!!! Then they ask where to buy it !!!
  11. House Of Blues Tour!

    I was watching some videos and her dancing during slave was sooooo good can't believe it was 2007 then
  12. Books About Britney

    Could you give it to me also?pretty please
  13. Favorite Tour Since The Comeback?

    dont shoot me but i love ff :$