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  1. Information About Take The Bait?

    Didn't the lyrics leak a few years ago? At the same time as Abroad which turned out to be true so I guess these are right I got the bait to catch ya, i`m the big fish in the pond And i`m fishing with a pole, they call me silvers john long If that don`t excite ya and i`m talkin way too much Dial nemo and you`re single danja, britney and the clutch I see you fishing and you`re wishin that i`d Just take the bait You think the girls up in this club are all like Fish in a tank Keep throwin line out after line but One by one they all sink You`re off the hook But your body i like And i think i think I might bite Give it to me straight don`t make me wonder wonder Now look me in my eye tell me there`s no other Better reel me in don`t let the line break I might take the bait tonight Might take the bait tonight Oh i-i Might take the bait tonight Oh i-i Better reel me in don`t let the line break I might take the bait tonight I just might take the bait tonight Reach out and grab me you can have me If you wait long enough I`ll just make circle around you if i don`t See what i want Most girls take anything you throw them But i`m calling your bluff I`m off the hook But i`m worth the wait If you want me that`s what it takes You caught me boy and i`m a keeper You play this right you just might keep her Ain`t you getting tired of the fishing You just don`t know what you been missing Here it goes Let me know
  2. Most heartbreaking lyrics from Brit

    All of the unreleased DWAD songs Weakness, My Love Was Always There, You Were My Home...