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  1. I can't believe that he's so young! But it seems like he's treating her like a princess
  2. One is imported from Japan and the other one is from Hong Kong
  3. https://www.wowhd.se/glory-asian-tour-edition/889854483821
  4. At least it's better than Make Me
  5. I don't like it
  6. Hi all of you sexy mother ffers Please help me and my friend https://www.gofundme.com/3qjdm-meet-and-greet-britney-spears
  7. Cause you can't have birds poop on you or spill food when the sun is out
  8. December 16th
  9. My best friend lives in LA, that's why
  10. I'm traveling to Los Angeles in December and I would like to go to a few "britney related" places, but I have no idea about anything. Can you name a few places and upload pictures to help me??
  11. I remember reading about someone who met Fe in the lobby and got a free backstage tour some time ago... How do you do get that???
  12. 1. Fantasy 2. Island Fantasy 3. Believe 4. Cosmic Radiance 5. Circus Fantasy maybe? Idk 6. Right now I love Private Show! But my all time favorite is Midnight Fantasy
  13. I've been saving for years... Unfortunately I didn't have enough for a m&g... But it's fine, I met her during the femme fatale tour! But in December I will travel from Sweden to Las Vegas and see Britneys show... I'm so excited!!
  14. Why couldn't they just have used these vocals on pom?!
  15. Yeah, but would be fun to know what she's up to today!