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  1. Make me (Oooh) coming next week!

    When did they say it though? They record their shows so we can listen to it again.
  2. The hair is a bit too long but it's SO MUCH BETTER than the curly waves.
  3. Can we already stop being so fucking delusiona

    He obviously deleted it because he saw it was getting attention. If it was just another random song he would have kept it up. most people aren't saying team britney deleted it
  4. Can we already stop being so fucking delusiona

    It was deleted from Facebook though...
  5. Bradley Stern confirms G-Eazyney.

    He's still trash and his lyrics are disgusting tbh I really don't understand how people see him as some kind of legend or something
  6. Bradley Stern confirms G-Eazyney.

    "These fuckin brats can't sing and Britney's garbage What's this bitch retarded? Gimme back my sixteen dollars" Yeah you're right he's great
  7. Bradley Stern confirms G-Eazyney.

    He's trash tbh
  8. Bradley Stern confirms G-Eazyney.

    I'm trying to be positive but I don't like it. White male rappers just annoy me, I hope it isn't TOO vulgar for the lead single.
  9. THANK YOU OMG Although I wouldn't post this on the main page or else it might get flagged and banned :/
  10. When will the show start?

    Luckily Britney will probably be pretty early on the red carpet because she'll have to get ready. She's usually one of the last!
  11. Make Me (Ooh) Is Going To Leak!

    I've been thinking this as well. An early leak is EXTREMELY likely.
  12. Why Is Britney's Cd Named Anti?

    she probably just burned it to a disc
  13. By the way, I don't think Britney is actually IN court. The whole point of a deposition is that it's out of court (well, that's what Wikipedia says ) .
  14. I never really understand why we freak out at the songs being registered. I remember loads being registered and rumoured pre-Britney Jean and none of them ever came to light.....