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  1. I don't see this happening, sorry. I don't think Daddy Spears is restricting/banning her from doing stuff. At least not as much as he used to when she was not mentally stable.
  2. Britney falls in this list

    Promo is a hell issue. Idk why celebrity teams just ignore doing it. People put so much effort in recording, producing, releasing etc. Glory should've sold +millions if it had a proper promo. Such a shame.
  3. Britney falls in this list

    Sonne, Mein Herz Brennt, Reise Reise, Morgenstern, Du Riechst So Gut (I had a heartattack writing the song name), Mein Teil, Alter Mann... So many beautiful songs. AND THIS GUY.... HAWT!
  4. Britney falls in this list

    OMG Rammstein!! Are they still together? I was soooo in love with the drummer hahahaha he was so hot when he was young!! I have no idea what they talk about since I have no idea about German but I loooove their songs. I have like the weirdest Spotify playlist. Britney, Rammstein, Vremya & Steklo, Die Antwoord.... Glad I'm not the only one.
  5. Britney falls in this list

    Well I was veeeery excited when Justin Timberlake announced that he would release a new album and now I'm super disappointed. I was waiting for something like the 20/20 album. I have hope for Britney especially after Glory. I wish they did better promo coz she literally slayed it. I'm looking forward to B10. Christina Aguilera said she was recording so... IDK I'm a huge fan of POP so anything POP has my interest.
  6. Describe Your Mood with a Britney Song

    I might be the only person who actually likes this song.
  7. Britney and Sam Broke Up???

  8. So When We Gonna Bash JT & His Super Bowl Performance?

    @mernaprimadonna well same honey but we have YouTube, hello????
  9. So When We Gonna Bash JT & His Super Bowl Performance?

    IKR!!! I felt those "EY"s like seriously what the hell??!?!?!? That guy used to wear Tom Ford head to toe and throw shades at our queen but who believes to this today?? MOTW = Worst album ever, he needs to be inspired by Britney obviously to write songs like Amnesia again SB = Fiasco especially that Prince thing was definitely unnecessary, costumes were awful, we barely could hear him, but his stage presence was cool Wondering how his ticket sales are gonna be since his dates are super close with Britney's and Britney already sold out. Bad karma chasing this bitch, and he definitely didn't get his swagger back
  10. New Instagram Post (February 5th)

    Her body looks HAWT!!
  11. So When We Gonna Bash JT & His Super Bowl Performance?

    #Britney4SuperBowl2019 #Britney4President
  12. Let's talk about how fun it was to watch him singing "Sexyback" with his deer-printed shirt...