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  1. RT @britneycharts: TOXIC has now over 300 Million views on VEVO Britney’ second video as lead artist to reach this mark https://t.co/Q6vM4…

  2. RT @GodneyIsBritney: Britney Spears is the model these Victoria Secret Girls inspired to be https://t.co/sZC5v9uCq3

  3. RT @brokeangeI: when i’m passing by a group of people and hear the word “skinny” https://t.co/kuJT21lgyD

  4. Omg he’s.checking Kylies’ 00 book

  5. RT @alen_rtl: 🤣🤣 https://t.co/RjymHrb3FV

  6. RT @RuPaul: Wig? https://t.co/s8XZlm0opw

  7. 2 years ago I was witnessing the Rebel Heart tour in Barcelona for the first time. It had such a… https://t.co/2apJEuNjd8

  8. RT @willtbh: Tiffany Pollard. https://t.co/QfJrjkbpNF

  9. @richardnieto_ DMs sweetie!!

  10. @britneyspears tits tho

  11. @HotAsIce93 @_Chris1991_ Yeah!! it’s the perfect size, great camera, face id is easier than Touch ID..

  12. @ALE_MARIN No plus they only ship to US

  13. weon no se por que los hombres sienten que tienen derecho a opinar en lo que uno gasta o no gasta que wea

  14. RT @BLACKOUTSLAVE: Nobody does a hairflip like Britney. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. https://t.co/dIJQrtBOQT